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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Theme Night for 2017 Fall League

Sept 26, 27, (28) - My First Karaoke Songs - sing the very first two karaoke songs that you ever did.  If they truly are your first two, then you should probably know them inside out!

Oct 3,4, (5) - Eighteen Again - easy enough.  Go back to when you were 18 years old.....what did you like to listen to? Give us two songs from around that time and you'll make me a happy man.

Oct 10, 11, (12) - Jesse Jane - on this night you're getting two theme nights thrown at you!  This is our tribute to country music, but I also want the fellows to sing country girl songs, while the ladies get to do cowboy tunes.  Definitely, dress the part!

Oct 17, 18, (19) - Comedy Club - We've done this theme before and it's always a hoot!  Simply pick a couple of the funniest songs that you know and perform them!  Remember, humour like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don't think you're going to get graded on "how funny" your song is, only how well it's sang.

Oct 24, 25, (26) - Dead Man Rocking - with all the entertainers we've lost over the past few years, this one should be easy!  Sing anything by a deceased performer.  Pretty basic.

Oct 31, Nov 1, (2) - NO LEAGUE - you've got a week off to prepare for the last few weeks of league.

Nov 7, 8, (9) - Duets - This is another theme night that we've done in the past with great success.  I want you to bring along a friend to sing duets with.  It can be someone from another league night, or it could be your little brother, it doesn't matter to me.  However, I'm limiting every "friend" to 2 songs per night.  So, if you're helping out on numerous nights, two songs per night is your limit.

Nov 14, 15, (16) - Party Time - Remember the bush parties when you were growing up?  Dig back into your memories and find those two songs that you enjoyed hearing the most back then.  

Nov 21, 22, (23) - Peacock Feathers - It's time to show off!  What songs do you know that you absolutely NAIL!?  I want to hear them loud and proud!

Nov 28, (30) - Semi Finals and Finals - Sing your best song.  This league I'm going to allow you to repeat a song that you've previously doneSo, it will indeed be your best song! 

the 30th.
Thursday Fall League Participants

Micheal Wade
Veronica Swirsky
Debbie Gibbons
Erica King
Reanne Gareau
Amanda Holder
Megan Shmigelski
Chris Shmigelski
Joel Leathem
Tia Boddy
Danyal Gibson
Tena Slind
Colin Cote
Bruce Brodie
Sylvia Charles
Tim Grummett