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Karaoke DJ Schedule

​November 15 Cam
November 16 Cam
November 17 Cam
November 18 Jae Lynn
November 19 no karaoke
November 20 Cam
November 21 Cam
November 22 Cam
November 23 Cam
November 24 Cam
November 25 Jae Lynn
November 26 no karaoke
November 27 Cam
November 28 Cam
November 29 Cam
November 30 Cam
December 1 Cam
December 2 Jae Lynn
December 3 no karaoke
December 4 Cam
December 5 Cam
December 6 Cam
December 7 Cam
December 8 Cam
December 9 Jae Lynn
December 10 no karaoke
December 11 Cam
December 12 Cam
December 13 Cam
December 14 Cam
December 15 Cam
December 16 no karaoke
December 17 Cam
December 18 Cam
December 19 Cam
December 20 Cam
December 21 Cam
December 22 no karaoke
December 23 Cam
December 24 closed
December 25 closed
December 26 Cam
December 27 Cam
December 28 Jae
December 29 no karaoke
December 30 Cam
December 31 Cam
January 1 closed
January 2 Cam
January 3 Cam
January 4 Jae
January 5 no karaoke
January 6 Lauren
January 7 Lauren
January 8 Lauren
January 9 Lauren
January 10 Jae
January 11 Jae
January 12 no karaoke
January 13 Cam
January 14 Cam
January 15 Cam
January 16 Cam
January 17 Cam
January 18 Jae
January 19 no karaoke
January 20 Cam
January 21 Cam
January 22 Cam
January 23 Cam
January 24 Cam
January 25 Jae
January 26 no karaoke
January 27 Cam
January 28 Cam
January 29 Cam
January 30 Cam
January 31 Cam

#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan
New additions to our song list

Danza Kuduro - Dan Omar
Hitchin a Ride - Vanity Fare
Despacito - Luis Fonsi
Vivir Mi Vida - Marc Anthony
Yo Vivire - Celia Cruz
La Vida Es Un Carnaval - Celia Cruz
Amor Prohibido - Selena
Como La Flor - Selena
Corazon Espinado - Santana
Praying - Ke$ha
Heroes - David Bowie
Fancy - Iggy Azalea
Issues - Julia Michaels
Gods and Monsters - Lana Del Rey
Drinkin Problem - Midland
Dry Your Eyes - The Streets
Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey
This Town - Niall Horan
Blackbird - Sarah McLachlan
This Night - Billy Joel

Fall League Theme Nights 2017 

Nov 21, 22, 23 - Peacock Feathers - It's time to show off!  What songs do you know that you absolutely NAIL!?  I want to hear them loud and proud!

Nov 28, 30 - Semi Finals and Finals - Sing your best song.  This league I'm going to allow you to repeat a song that you've previously done.  So, it will indeed be your best song!  
Tuesday Party time Results

​Ramona Logan
Lori Kennedy
Kim Wall
Becky Bousquet
Gary McKinlay tied with
Denis McBain
Jocelyn Braun
Fred Weeks
Tammy Berger tied with
Juanita Vogelgesang
Amanda Holder
Christine King
Shirley Lennox
Scott Trimble
Travis Abbott
Nikita Skarpinsky
Adam Willett
Fall League Sponsors

Cam Zoller
Erica King Stylist
Lynnette Bates and Watkins Products
Kim Wall with Tupperware
Carla Enquist with Value Village
Stacy Sigfusson with Synergy Strength and Conditioning
Brianna Stirton with Life Leadership
Veronica Swirsky
Brigit Willfong with Head To Tail Pet Spa
Heidi Hurley with Sensy
Ramona Logan
Maurice Hilderman with Sentinel Financial
The Standup Diaries (Trevor Dean)
Hilary Hlagy
Marcie Wallman
Brittney Fulton Photography
Kent Harris
Joel Murphy Enterprises
James and Tasha Cooper with Presto's Treasures
What is a Karaoke League? Crackers Karaoke League is a fun social gathering that implements the idea that just standing in one spot singing, isn't enough. It is designed to provide an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance to the singer, in which they can expand their performance skills and basically become a well rounded entertainer, with other like-minded individuals. Singers are encouraged to dress up in costume or stage clothes, sing with passion and expression.

Once a week, (depending on what night you're in our league) you'll sing two songs in front of two judges (who are from a previous karaoke league night). Sticking with the theme of the evening, you'll give them/us your best version of the songs you are attempting. You'll be judged, rated, ranked and applauded. Singers are marked on vocal abilities as well as expression, with a couple extra points per song for props and costumes. Depending on how many people are singing on your night will determine how many points you get. If you end up in 3rd place on your evening, you'll get three points. If you wind up in 17th place, you'll get 17 points. The scoring is like golf in which the smaller the number the better the result. While all league nights are first and foremost about fun, we do have a few evenings scattered throughout the league that are ONLY about fun, no competitive aspect at all. On these nights, you'll simply have to attend to receive first place points. Singers are allowed two absences over the course of the league which are to be used in case something else comes up such as illness and you simply can't attend. Any more than two nights and you are disqualified from the semi final/final (however, you may continue coming to league nights and participate). Singing begins at 9pm and continues until the last singer has sang two songs. Although it is not required that you stay until the end of the evening, it is really the respectful thing to do. Let's face it, they stayed to listen to you, why not do the same? The Top 3 finishers on their respective nights will get a bye into the final. The remaining singers will sing in the semi finals and which the top 11 will also get an invite into the final. Only 1 song will be needed if you make it to the semi finals, or finals.
Judges Schedule

November 21 Tim Grummett & Sylvia Charles
November 22 Scott Trimble & Jocelyne Braun
November 23 Andrew Lessmeister & Brett Abdai
November 28
November 30

Winter League Waiting List

Erin Lozowchuk
Megan Isbister
Melissa Thomas
Blair Grylls
Jeremy Kuin
Kristin Brezinsky
Angel Wall
Nicholas Fudger
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Tuesday Overall Results

​Ramona Logan 11 pts
Becky Bousquet 21 pts
Lori Kennedy 21 pts
Kim Wall 22 pts
Gary McKinlay 32 pts
Denis McBain 49 pts
*Tammy Berger 50 pts
Travis Abbott 56 pts
*Jocelyne Braun 64 pts
**Amanda Holder 67 pts
*Fred Weeks 69 pts
Shirley Lennox 69 pts
*Christine King 72 pts
**Juanita Vogelgesang 75 pts
**Scott Trimble 87 pts
****Nikita Skarpinksy 103 pts
*****Adam Willett 115 pts

*** disqualified in red font
Who do you want to judge league finals?Former Karaoke participants
People from outside the league
Well, it was a close one last night!  Lots of great performances and really, the first six or seven people all legitimately had a shot at number one.  But, once all the numbers had been counted, Ramona just barely came out on top.  Nice performances on Hit Me with your Best Shot and Pour Some Sugar on Me.  Great use of props and nice costumes as well.  Lori, not too shabby at all last night!  You picked two upbeat songs and then matched them with the energy you put into your show.  Both Real Canadians and Fox on the Run were great song choices for you.  Kim, you gave us Go For a Soda and Welcome to the Jungle.  Both of your songs were delivered well and the vocals were almost bang on throughout both.  Becky, Shoop was good, Bitch was great.  There was just a little more put into that second song of yours.  Maybe it was because you had the pole position by starting first, that's a tough place to start for some reason.  Gary, nice costumes, nice expression, nice singing, nice work.  Really good performances from you this week my friend.  Great song choices that I thoroughly remembered and enjoyed.  I wonder if we were  ever at the same bush parties?!  Denis, you were the only person that received a 10 from me for expression and that was for Cotton Eyed Joe.  I thought that was probably the best I've heard that tune done, ever at Crackers.  Not to diss anybody else but, your timing was pretty close to perfect on those fast words that you were delivering.  Having Becky up there was a nice touch too.  Peaches was another good choice for you, but it didn't have the pizzazz that Cotton Eyed Joe had.  Travis, you had some pitch issues this week that I haven't heard from you in quite some time.  Firework and Raise Your Glass probably weren't the best song choices for your voice.  Just a little too high in spots.  However, I admire your courage in attempting to sing tunes by Katy Perry and Pink.  Scott, you went with Black and Black Water.  You also had some pitch problems with both of your songs.  However, your movement and expression when you deliver your songs has really come a long way in the few years that you've done karaoke.  You seem to be more relaxed and focused, which is great.  Shirley, 8 Days a Week and Tequila Sunrise.  Nice outfit, you almost smiled a few times while you were singing too!  All I'm going to say is, practice practice practice.  You are doing a lot better than I ever was after singing for what???? a year?!  Wow.  Good on you.  Christine, Don't Speak and Semi Charmed Life were sang wonderfully.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't sing.  You have a fabulous voice.  You just have to get a little more into your performances, that's all.  Amanda, Rock and Roll Girls was great.  I think you're the first person to sing that song since I bought it.  Hashpipe had some flat notes that didn't quite get up to the top floor where they were supposed to go.  In your defence, that is a very hard song to do.  Juanita, Livin on a Prayer and Blister in the Sun.  Bon Jovi was just a little high for you in places, but Blister was near  perfect in pitch and delivery.  Tammy, Home Sweet Home was vocally worth about a 9 last night.  Great job on that tune!  Fred, this was probably the best night that you've had in this league.  Both songs were sang on key and your expression was just awesome.  Great use of hands and facial gestures during both tunes.  Jocelyne, both Gypsy and Ready for love were fantastic.  You're adding more expression to your voice when you sing, meaning you are getting a little more dynamic at all the right times.  Thank you to Bruce for showing up to help with the judging last night.  I really hate to have to do it myself, just because I hear you guys all the time and sometimes I'm thinking wow!......this is their best song ever......but, how did it compare to the rest of the group?  That's where the problems lie with me judging.  So, I see that myself and Bruce were pretty close on this, so I must've done okay.