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Karaoke DJ Schedule
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May 18 Cam
May 19 Cam
May 20 Jae
May 21 no karaoke
May 22 Cam
May 23 Cam
May 24 Cam
May 25 Cam
May 26 Cam
May 27 Joe
May 28 no karaoke
May 29 Cam
May 30 Cam
May 31 Cam
June 1 Cam
June 2 Cam
June 3 Jae Lynn
June 4 no karaoke
June 5 Cam
June 6 Cam
June 7 Cam
June 8 Cam
June 9 Cam
June 10 Jae Lynn
June 11 no karaoke
June 12 Jae Lynn
June 13 Jae Lynn
June 14 Jay Lynn
June 15 Jay Lynn
June 16 Jay Lynn
June 17 Jae Lynn
June 18 no karaoke
June 19 Cam
June 20 Cam
June 21 Cam
June 22 Cam
June 23 Cam
June 24 Jae Lynn
June 25 no karaoke
June 26 Cam
June 27 Cam
June 28 Cam
June 29 Cam
June 30 Cam
July 1 Jae Lynn
July 2 no karaoke 
July 3 Cam
July 4 Cam
July 5 Cam
July 6 Cam
July 7 Cam
July 8 Jae Lynn
July 9 no karaoke
July 10 Cam
July 11 Cam
July 12 Cam
July 13 Jae Lynn
July 14 Cam
July 15 Jae Lynn
July 16 no karaoke
July 17 Cam
July 18 Cam
July 19 Cam
July 20 Cam
July 21 Cam
July 22 Jae Lynn
July 23 no karaoke
July 24 Cam
July 25 Cam
July 26 Cam
July 27 Cam
July 28 Cam
July 29 Jae Lynn
July 30 no karaoke
July 31 Cam
August 1 Cam
August 2 Cam
August 3 Cam
August 4 Cam
August 5 Jae Lynn
August 6 no karoake
August 7 Cam
August 8 Cam
August 9 Cam
August 10 Cam
August 11 Cam
August 12 Jae Lynn
August 13 no karaoke
August 14 Cam
August 15 Cam
August 16 Cam
August 17 Cam
August 18 Jae Lynn
August 19 Jae Lynn
August 20 no karaoke
August 21 Cam
August 22 Cam
August 23 Cam
August 24 Cam
August 25 Cam
August 26 Jae Lynn
August 27 no karaoke
August 28 Cam
August 29 Cam
August 30 Cam
August 31 Cam
September 1 Jae Lynn
September 2 Jae Lynn
September 3 no karaoke

#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Karaoke League Waiting List 2017

Brianna Stirton​
Megan Shmigelski
Chris Shmigelski
Jordan Bean
Amanda Detillieux
Melissa De Roo
Sylvia Charles
Brad Davies
Shirley Lennox
Adam Willett
Tuesday Roulette results

Aaron Hertes tied with guest singer
Lauren May

Spring League Boot Camp Theme Nights

May 30, 31, June 1 - My Musical Hero - two songs from your favorite singer/performer or band.  Make sure you dress the part!

June 6 - semi final - the people who finish 1st or 2nd on their respective nights will get a bye into the final.  So, the remaining people will all get together and sing their favorite song, (make sure you haven't sang it during league yet!....unless it was in roulette).  Of all the remaining singers, only 9 will go on to sing in the final that will be held on June 8.

June 8 - Finals- the top two point getters from each night (tues, wed, thurs) will participate in the final as well as 9 people who won in the wild card semi final.  So, there will be a total of 15 singers singing one song each.  It is on this night that we will be handing out all the trophies and prizes for the entire league.  So, even if you aren't singing on this night, please show a little league spirit and come out and support your fellow singers.
New additions to our song list
Baby, Let's Lay Down and Dance - Garth Brooks
In Spite of Ourselves - John Prine
100 Days 100 Nights - Sharon Jones
Come Rain or Come Shine - Billie Holiday
Nice Work If You Can Get It - Ella Fitzgerald
Reelin in the Years - Steely Dan
Love Me Now - John Legend
Just Like Fire - Pink
Afire Love - Ed Sheeran
Wake Up Call - Maroon 5
You Are Loved - Josh Groban
Cat People - David Bowie
Come Dancing - The Kinks
Love the Way You Lie pt 2 - Rihanna
Maniac - Michael Sembello
Saturday Night - Bay City Rollers
Million Reasons - Lady Gaga
Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
Good Directions - Billy Currington
Get Lucky - Halestorm
Charlie Brown - The Coasters
Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash
She's Out of My Life - Josh Groban
I Can't Make You Love Me - Adele
Baby It's Cold Outside - Idina Menzel
Jeans On - David Dundas
Daddy Lessons - Beyonce
Follow Me Down - The Pretty Reckless
Judges Schedule Spring League

May 30 - Micheal Wade, Veronica Swirsky
May 31 - Ramona Logan, Jocelyne Braun
June 1 - Lauren May, Stacy Sigfusson
June 6 - Amanda Detillieux, Jordan Bean, Melissa De Roo
June 8 - Amanda Detillieux Jordan Bean, Melissa De Roo
Spring League Sponsors

Cam Zoller
Marcie Wyatt
Joel and Bex Murphy
Synergy Strength and Conditioning
Kent Harris
Kim Wall
Veronica Swirsky and Spa Academy
Brittney Fulton and BBphotography
Ramona Logan
Micheal Wade
James and Tasha Cooper with Presto's Treasures
Brigit Willfong with Head to Tail Pet Spa
Anthony and Tara Enns with U Weight Loss
Maurice Hilderman with Sentinel Financial
Tuesday Overall Standings

Ramona Logan 6 pts
Kim Wall 9 pts
Becky Bousquet 10 pts
Aaron Hertes 12 pts
Tammy Berger 13 pts
Amanda Holder 22 pts
Gary McKinlay 22 pts
Christine King 29 pts
Lori Kennedy 35 pts
Denis McBain 37 pts
Colin Cote 37 pts
Jocelyne Braun 46 pts
Fred Weeks 48 pts
Scott Trimble 58 pts
*Alanis Noon 60 pts

* disqualified from league finals
No write up for roulette night as usual.  Just a thanks to our two guest judges Shirley Lennox and Barb McKinlay who picked out their favorite two performances.  It's always a little fun, a little exhilarating and often frightening to do what everyone did last night, so my hat is off to you all.