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Karaoke DJ Schedule

February 21 Cam
February 22 Cam
February 23 Cam
February 24 DJ Happy Meal
February 25 no karaoke
February 26 Cam
February 27 Cam
February 28 Cam
March 1 Cam
March 2 Cam
March 3 Jae Lynn
March 4 no karaoke 
March 5 Cam
March 6 Cam
March 7 Cam
March 8 Cam
March 9 Cam
March 10 Jae Lynn
March 11 no karaoke
March 12 Cam
March 13 Cam
March 14 Cam
March 15 Cam
March 16 Cam
March 17 Jae Lynn
March 18 no karaoke 
March 19 Cam
March 20 Cam
March 21 Cam
March 22 Cam
March 23 Cam
March 24 Jae Lynn
March 25 no karaoke
March 26 Cam
March 27 Cam
March 28 Cam
March 29 Cam
March 30 Cam
March 31 Jae
April 1 no karaoke
April 2 Cam
April 3 Cam
April 4 Cam
April 5 Cam
April 6 Cam
April 7 Jae
April 8 no karaoke
April 9 Cam
April 10 Cam
April 11 Cam
April 12 Cam
April 13 Cam
April 14 Jae
April 15 no karaoke
April 16 Cam
April 17 Cam
April 18 Cam
April 19 Cam
April 20 Cam
April 21 Jae
April 22 no karaoke
April 23 Cam
April 24 Cam
April 25 Cam
April 26 Cam
April 27 Cam
April 28 Jae
#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan
New additions to our song list

Bailando - Enrique Iglesias
Do it Like a Dude - Jessie J
Outside - Staind
Family Tradition - Hank Williams Jr
Kiss an Angel Good Morning - Charlie Pride
Brand New Key - Melanie
One Love - Bob Marley
Molly Malone - The Dubliners
Rocky Road to Dublin - The Dubliners
The Black Velvet Band - The Dubliners
Sausalito Summer Nights - Diesel
Past the Point of Rescue - Hal Ketchum
I Am Made of You - Alice Cooper
 Makin Love - Kiss
I Did it For Love - Harlequin
Telegram - Nazareth
Back on the Road - REO Speedwagon
Clones - Alice Cooper
Disposable Teens - Marilyn Manson

What is a Karaoke League? Crackers Karaoke League is a fun social gathering that implements the idea that just standing in one spot singing, isn't enough. It is designed to provide an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance to the singer, in which they can expand their performance skills and basically become a well rounded entertainer, with other like-minded individuals. Singers are encouraged to dress up in costume or stage clothes, sing with passion and expression.

Once a week, (depending on what night you're in our league) you'll sing two songs in front of two judges (who are from a previous karaoke league night). Sticking with the theme of the evening, you'll give them/us your best version of the songs you are attempting. You'll be judged, rated, ranked and applauded. Singers are marked on vocal abilities as well as expression, with a couple extra points per song for props and costumes. Depending on how many people are singing on your night will determine how many points you get. If you end up in 3rd place on your evening, you'll get three points. If you wind up in 17th place, you'll get 17 points. The scoring is like golf in which the smaller the number the better the result. While all league nights are first and foremost about fun, we do have a few evenings scattered throughout the league that are ONLY about fun, no competitive aspect at all. On these nights, you'll simply have to attend to receive first place points. Singers are allowed two absences over the course of the league which are to be used in case something else comes up such as illness and you simply can't attend. Any more than two nights and you are disqualified from the semi final/final (however, you may continue coming to league nights and participate). Singing begins at 9pm and continues until the last singer has sang two songs. Although it is not required that you stay until the end of the evening, it is really the respectful thing to do. Let's face it, they stayed to listen to you, why not do the same? The Top 3 finishers on their respective nights will get a bye into the final. The remaining singers will sing in the semi finals and which the top 11 will also get an invite into the final. Only 1 song will be needed if you make it to the semi finals, or finals.
To Access our Song Database, download the Crackers Restaurant App!
Roulette Results

1. Christine King tied with
2. Owen Wisner

February 27,28 & March 1 - no league this week

March 6,7,8 - The Voice - this week is all about voice and nothing else.  No costumes, no dancing, no big productions because the judges will only be able to hear you and not see you!  Hopefully, I'll have some partition rigged up by then that will segregate the judges from the singers.

March 13,14,15 - TV, Musicals and Movies - Very easy.  Pick your favorite songs from your favorite big screen, little screen or stage show.  Pretty much every song in existence has wound up on one of those forms of media over the years so this shouldn't pose a problem for anybody.

March 20,21,22 - Duets - everybody picks two duets to sing.  NO SINGING PARTNERS FROM THE SAME NIGHT!  Meaning, you'll HAVE TO find someone either from outside the karaoke league or on another league night.  As of today (December 10) you'll have almost three and half months to figure this one out.  "my singing partner cancelled on me the last minute" isn't going to work this time around.  This theme night is all about participation and nothing else.  It's supposed to be a fun night, so let's not make it difficult.  First place marks for everyone following the rules and showing up.  Last place marks for the absentees and the ones who can't play by the rules.

March 27 - Semi Final - Everyone who hasn't missed more than 2 nights and has finished 4th or lower in the overall standings will qualify to sing on this evening.  Only 11 people will advance to the final and sing with the top 3 overall singers from each night who will get a bye on this evening.

March 29 - League Finals - Eleven people from the semi finals will join the top 3 overall singers from each league night to make a total of 20.  Over the past couple of leagues, there's been enough generosity from league sponsors to allow all singers on this evening to get a prize, unfortunately this isn't always a certainty.  Also on this evening, we hand out the trophies for top three on each league night, the spirit award, top rookie and most improved singer.  (in order to be considered for one of these trophies, attendance has to be pretty much spotless). 

I'd like to thank all of the people who answered Gary McKinlay's Facebook post and contributed to the theme night ideas.  I've written down some of the really good ones and I'll save them for the short spring league that we have in May/June.  (that one could be really crazy!)  One last thing, new karaoke leaguers would probably benefit from joining our Crackers Saskatoon! facebook group.  So, let's get on this and add a few of these new people, okay gang!?
Spring Waiting List

​Aaron Hertes
Mayce Achtemichuk
​Rea Gareau
Justin Baldhead
Lori Kennedy
Veronica Swirsky
Brad Davies
Owen Wisner
Gary McKinlay
Mark Lopez
Amanda Holder
Erica King
Danyal Gibson
Micheal Wade
Scott Trimble
Jocelyne Braun
Debbie Gibbons
Matt Kuin
Jeremy Kuin
Tia Boddy
Tim Hawryluk
Tim Grummett
Ramona Logan
Shirley Lennox
Angel Wall
Jacynthe Seguin
Judges Schedule

March 6 - Jeremy Kuin & Matthew Kuin
March 7 - CC Sheldon & Owen Wisner
March 8 - Jay Lutz & Bruce Brodie
March 13 - Danyal Gibson & Erica King
March 14 - Becky Bousquet & Tammy Berger
March 15 - Nicholas Fudger & Tara Enns
March 20 - Kim Wall & Nathan Saggs
March 21 - Gary McKinlay & Joanne Kerslake
March 22 - Lori Kennedy & Darren Zimmer
March 27 - TBA
March 29 - TBA
Cam Zoller
Veronica Swirsky
Megan & Chris Shmigelski
Trevor Dean & Lemon Tree Salon
Amanda Holder
Tia Boddy & Colby Gray
Tammy Berger & Tommy Guns Barbershop
Judy & Gary Karpinka
Brigit Willfong & Head to Tail Pet Spa
Maurice Hilderman with Sentinel Financial
Kent Harris
Lori Kennedy and Avon
Tim Grummett and Ramona Logan
Carla Enquist with Safeway/Sobeys
James and Tasha Cooper with Presto's Treasures
Brittney Fulton with BB Photography
Micheal Wade
Erica King
Marcie Wallman
Lynette Bates & Watkins Products
Overall League Results

Ramona Logan 6 pts
Becky Bousquet 6 pts
Tim Grummett 11 pts
Owen Wisner 12 pts
Tammy Berger 25 pts
Denis McBain 26 pts
Christine King 27 pts
Cc Sheldon 30 pts
Amanda Holder 32 pts
Lori Kennedy 33 pts
Shirley Lennox 34 pts
Lacey Baiton 35 pts
Kyle Sevigny 36 pts
Fred Weeks 36 pts
Gary McKinlay 37 pts

Spring League Begins May 1st!