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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
Nightly Karaoke League Results

Overall League Results
Weekly League Slideshows.
Sentimental Journey

Nicole Mathison tied with
Erica Hartman
*Tammy Berger
Sarah Dorward
James Cooper
Becky Campbell
Denis McBain
*Lori Kennedy
Larry Lennox tied with
Traci Morrow
Cecile McCutcheon
Jay Lutz
Juanita Vogelgesang
Shirley Lennox tied with
Fred Weeks
Christine King
*Colten Paul
*****Brianna Stirton
Sentimental Journey

*Kim Wall
Kyle Sevigny
Veronica Swirsky tied
Tim Grummett tied
*Jeremy Kuin
Micheal Wade tied
Debbie Gibbons
Jocelyne Braun
Cat Muir
Amanda Holder
Megan Shmigelski tied
Scott Trimble
Matt Kuin tied
Chris Shmigelski
**Danyal Gibson tied
Gary McKinlay
*Arron Roth
**Ramona Logan

Sentimental Journey

Mayce Achtemichuk tied 
Bex Murphy
*Amanda Detillieux
Owen Wisner tied with
*Marco Yauck
Tara Enns
Brigit Willfong
*Sylvia Charles
Brittney Fulton
Mark Lopez
Andrew Lessmeister tied
*Tim Hawryluk
Angel Wall
Tracey Abbott
Bruce Brodie
******Kristy Klassen
*****Danielle Beal
**Jordan Bean

** denotes disqualification from final
**** denotes disqualification from next league
Bex Murphy 14 pts
Tara Enns 16 pts
Owen Wisner 25 pts 
Mayce Achtemichuk 29 pts     *Amanda Detillieux 30 pts      Brigit Willfong 34 pts
Tracey Abbott 39 
*Sylvia Charles 39 pts
Brittney Fulton 41 pts
*Marco Yauck 52 pts
Andrew Lessmeister 54 pts
Mark Lopez 55 pts
Angel Wall 61 pts
*Tim Hawryluk 64 pts
Bruce Brodie 72 pts
****Danielle Beal 101 pts
**Jordan Bean 120 pts
*****Kristy Klassen 120 pts

James Cooper 17 pts
Sarah Dorward 19 pts
Erica Hartman 22 pts
Becky Campbell 25 pts
Traci Morrow 34 pts
Cecile McCutcheon 38 pts
Nicole Mathison 39 pts
Larry Lennox 44 pts
*Tammy Berger 47 pts
*Colten Paul 48 pts
*Lori Kennedy 49 pts
Denis McBain 50 pts
Christine King 61 pts
*Jay Lutz 64 pts
Shirley Lennox 72 pts
Juanita Vogelgesang 74 pts
Fred Weeks 75 pts
*****Brianna Stirton 101 pts
Tim Grummett 17 pts
Veronica Swirsky 22 pts *Kim Wall 33 pts
Micheal Wade 34 pts
Debbie Gibbons 40 pts
*Jeremy Kuin 40 pts
Kyle Sevigny 40 pts
Cat Muir 42 pts
Jocelyne Braun 47 pts
**Ramona Logan 48 pts
Megan Shmigelski 52 pts
Amanda Holder 57 pts
Chris Shmigelski 58 pts
Scott Trimble 63 pts
Gary McKinlay 64 pts
Matt Kuin 72 pts
*Arron Roth 84 pts
**Danyal Gibson 89 pts
You all had a much better night of singing than you did last week!  Good job all of you!  Not much to critique but instead, praise.  That's so much easier to do for me! Tied for first last night was Nicole and Erica.  Excellent job ladies and I was glad that you got the recognition you both deserved.  Nicole, your vocals were perfect, on both songs.  Your expression or for a better word, feeling was gut wrenching especially on the Ed Sheeran number. My eyes were tearing up.  Just goes to show everyone that you can still sit in a chair and pour out your heart without having to do backflips.  Erica, very creative and entertaining.  Kudos to the supporting cast on Be Our Guest.  That really looked cool.  Beauty and the Beast was great too!  Tammy, you sang superbly and your feeling was fabulous.  This definitely was your kind of theme night.  Sarah, the little actress in you comes out every week and I'm going to be missing it dearly next league :( James, vocals were perfect, as usual.  Your expression is always entertaining, good work.  Christine, you went with a couple songs that obviously touched your heart.  Thank you for visibly sharing those emotions with us during Because of You.  It's tough to maintain composure when a zillion feelings and thoughts are coursing through you.  Fred, vocals were pretty good this week.  The looks/costumes were great!  Expression on Always on My Mind was good but I thought you could have amped it up for Elvis a little more than you did.  There are some  accentuated notes in that version of My Way in which Elvis really plays it up.  He gave us some classic moves in that song.  Shirley, you looked good, your vocals were more expressive and lively than I'm used to hearing from you AND your movements were even better this week than last.  Slow and steady....and a little better is what we're striving for. Nice work.  Juanita, vocals were nice on both songs and you were very entertaining to watch as well.  Mission accomplished!  Jay, I thought you did as well last night as you did last week.  You sang really great, weren't a screen slave, and you had good expression throughout. (Jay never reads this stuff anyways.)  Cecile, I liked the looks you gave us for both songs. I personally enjoyed You Say more than I liked Girl on Fire, but I did think that they were both delivered really nicely and sang fantastically.  Neither song was better than the other in my opinion.  You do have to lower your gaze a little more than you do.  Sing down to those little people sitting in front of you.  Stare then in the eyes and make them notice you.  Traci, simply a beautiful vocal job on the Norah Jones tune.....wow.  Those first few words that you sang, I just melted.  It was like finding a comfortable place to sit after a hard day of being on your feet.  Just totally peaceful.  Crash was entertaining.....and potentially destructive.  Larry, the Dance was good, Anymore was great.  Maybe it's because I like that tune better, but to me you were really getting into that song a little more than you did with Garth.  Anyways, that's my perspective right or wrong as it may be.  Lori, expression marks were good but your vocals could have been a little more powerful especially on the Glass Tiger song.  Your Song was all around great.  Get that foot healed up soon.  Spring is coming and I challenge you to a sprint down Pinehouse Drive. lol.  Denis, vocals and timing on Enormous Penis were great.  Expression and entertainment value on both of your songs was fantastic.  Little rough vocally on Bark at the Moon but your show made up for the vocal shortcomings.  Becky, Make Me Wanna Die and I Stand Alone were performed with power, vengeance, anger and a number of other fantastic feelings.  Vocals weren't a hundred percent but the manner in which you delivered them was.  Everyone could take a lesson from you when it comes to making eye contact.  You regularly stare down the judges and keep them honest when you're performing for them.  I love it!  Gary and Micheal, it was a much tougher week to judge than last week.  There were a lot more great vocal performances this week and the entertainment value was noticeably higher too.  Remember, if you want to be in the Spring League and you already know of your intentions, please let me know one way or the other.  It makes the planning that much easier for me and I've only got a month to do it as opposed to two months.  If I've missed anyone in this critique, please let me know.  
Bex and Mayce locked in a first place tie!  Mayce, two very spirited emotion filled songs from you last night.  I think you might have found the top of your range last night during Father, wow!  It's one thing hitting those notes, its another sustaining them for any period of time.  Simply fantastic.  Bex, While 3 Libras was good, it was Invisible that garnered you the top marks. I see some perfect 10's on the score sheet for that one.  Great singing!  Amanda, the vocals weren't quite a 100% tonight but the show certainly was.  I can always count on you to supply us with visual pageantry on every song you do.  Well done Amanda. Owen, nice bold, thick sounding vocals from you.  You definitely know where to sing from.....deep down in your diaphragm!  Both Raise Me Up and Keeper of the Stars sounded complete.  There wasn't a thing more that you could do with those songs.  Marco, you have surprized me with each passing week.  You are quite the entertainer and I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you in Leagues down the road.  Bruce, once again the timing bug came up to bite you on Clair, a very nice song I might add.  With My Way, I thought that maybe the costume would give you some magical Elvis powers, but it didn't.  Wearing an Elvis costume and not making it move, is sacrilege buddy.  Tracey, your one mistake was recording yourself on the cellphone.  You spent more time singing to the phone than you did to the judges.  (that is a comment that I'm reading, so I'm not making this up.)  Sorry was a much better song for you in that respect.  You didn't focus on singing to that phone.  Angel, vocals were pretty good on both songs, but you did start out a bit ho hum on Real Fine Place to Start.  You were definitely more alive with your performance on Human.  One thing I might offer in the form of advice is, when you know that a high toned sustained note is coming up, take a much deeper breath before letting it out.  I'm hearing you hit those notes, but lack of wind is making them waver towards the end.  Just take a nice deep breath and then let it out.  Tim, nice sentiment for both songs, your wife would be proud.  I thought you gave a good effort on both performances and on any normal night, that may have been enough, but not last night.  Too many people performing above expectation.  Andrew, your songs are always the same kind of hypnotic tempo so it's really tough to get any good performance scores from the judges.  You are basically relying on the strength of your voice and that's really what carries you through week to week.  I realize that everyone has their own styles and ways of performing and if this is yours, go for it.  I would however incorporate a few more hand gestures in your songs, just to pretty things up a bit.  Mark, nice show on both of your songs.  When your vocals aren't 100%, you can always rely on that good stage presence.  Nice diaper lol. Brittney, perfect vocals as usual.  Nice expression too.  A few extra frills would have gotten you a few extra marks.  Sylvia, I know that the version of Lay Me Down wasn't the one that you thought it was so that may have played a role in the scoring of your first song.  Timing was just a little off and you were actually a bit too loud in the mic at times, during that song.  Both songs, you were oozing with emotion, so good.  Brigit, Lithium was powerful and well sang.  I think that going with a more upbeat song as a second choice, might have given you better expression points.  That's just a guess on my part as I look at the scoring. Tara, no more sharp  pointy objects!!  Good vocals on both Low and Breathe Me.  Expression marks on Breathe Me were of course, perfect.  (note to self......no more sentimental journeys...….)  Thank you to Jordan and Traci for doing a difficult and unenviable task last night.  The only thing more difficult than judging Wednesday night is possibly judging a final, the talent is so damn good!
Let me know if you're interested in continuing in the league.  I need a little more time to organize things and four weeks in between leagues won't do it.  So if you  want to continue into the Spring League, please email me or text me and let me know ASAP.  Muchas gracias.  Kim Wall, was top dog last night, so congrats Kim. That is quite a feat considering you were first out of the chute last night.  I wouldn't say that it was your most entertaining two performances ever, but it certainly was good and good enough for first.  Kyle, second week in a row with some pretty lofty marks!  Two smart song choices again this week and performed very nicely.  You showed us some great entertainment. Veronica, tied for third with Tim and Jeremy. Veronica, lots of emotion coming from you on songs.  You looked very nice as well!  Tim, you've still got that cold!  However, that can't ever keep a great performer down and that's what you are!  Jeremy, you seemed very enthusiastic during your performances.  Don't lose that, ever.  That's what makes you so interesting to watch!  Gary, you had some vocal struggles in the Best Was Yet to Come and then some timing issues on New York New York.  Kinda got behind at times in the song and then you actually got ahead of it at the end. I appreciate you going out and learning new "Gary" songs.  But, maybe you should go back to some tried and true Gary songs just to get that confidence back.  Danyal, nice to see you again this week.  Maybe just a little less focusing on the monitor would be in order.  I realize those were probably two very new songs for you and like Gary, I commend you for trying new material.  Chris, it's tough to race in from work, sing two songs and then have to race right back.  Good to You was a nice change from the usual stuff I hear you sing.  End of Heartache is the usual stuff, lol.  Although the Marianas Trench song was sang pretty good, I was watching to see how you'd perform it.  Those slow love songs are tough to deliver on when the tune isn't rocking. Matt, People are Crazy was the better of your two songs tonight.  Although I liked them both, you got the higher marks on the Billy Currington tune.  Nice to see you wearing some stage clothes!  It looked good.  Scott, Drugs Don't Work and Dust In The Wind were your song choices. I thought you did some interesting things on the Kansas tune. #1 you did some air violin during the lead instrumental and #2 you attempted, what I consider a very tough and challenging song.  Megan, Swing Life Away and Boom Boom Boom.  It was nice to see you get the Thursday crowd into the Venga Boys tune.  You had some nice vocals on your first song.  Amanda, once again there were some pitch issues but once again, you made up for them with entertaining enthusiasm!  Nice sign, nice dancing and good performances.  For some reason though, you always seem to get a little sharp on some notes.  Just a fraction higher than they should be.  Cat, great vocals on both songs.  Nothin to fix there!  Maybe a little more into the mic on those soft songs.  I find that when I'm doing a slow love song it's tough to be jumping around on stage giving a performance.  So, your vocals really have to rise to the occasion.  Make sure that they're right out there in front so people notice them.  You don't have to be bellowing in the microphone, but maybe just a little more power in those vocals.  That's my two bits.  Jocelyne, it's tough to sing with pneumonia or a cold or bronchitis or any other malady people may have.  So, good work on Cool Change most definitely.  I've always like the Little River Band and you made good work of them.  I Am I Said needed to be raised up atleast two keys.  It was way too low for you to sing.  Debbie, God Bless the Broken Road was your best song last night, by a wide margin I may add.  I'm just going off the score sheets.  I had someone chirping in my ear while you were singing the Rascal Flatts tune so I had a hard time paying full attention to you, my apologies.  Micheal, vocal marks were very high for both songs and performance was not so high.  It was nice to hear you do such a good job of that Eagles song.  I don't hear it that often and you did it fabulously. Arron, Dancing in the Moonlight was a good song choice for you.  More than a Feeling, should have been lowered at least an entire note or else, just left alone.  You seemed to just give up after you realized you couldn't hit that first high note.  I was happy that you sucked it up and finished it off strong.  Thank you Shirley and Brittney for judging last night.  Remember, if you want to continue with the Spring League beginning in May, I really need to know now.  I've got quite a list of people waiting to get in to take the spots of those not wanting to do this anymore.  So, if you're willing to give up your spot, please let me know.  If not, it's great to have you back!! ha ha