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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
Fall Karaoke League
Monday Results
​Congrats Mr Jordan Bean for giving us all some challenging vocals and some great performances!  aha is always tough to do, especially those highs in Take On Me.  Good work.  Melody, that damn Dance Monkey song finally paid off for you, lol.  You were entertaining and animated as usual.  Jesse, brilliant!  You have the chops to really do Muse, like nobody I've heard.  Tons of passion too!!  Lara, nice portrayal of Freddy Mercury!  Radio Gaga was your standout performance last night!  Charity, the judges really liked your production by the looks of things.  Skin was what pushed you into the top 5.  Remember though, it's not all about the "show".  However, in your case, you did pick two really slow tear jerkers and it did help you out to have something other than those songs on their own. Sometimes you can do a great performance in ten square feet.  So, don't be thinking that this is something you always have to do, to do well.  Rylee, I really do like that Neon Trees tune, Animal.  It was just a little out of your range.  You don't have to hurt yourself to sing those tunes, just lower the key and make it comfortable to sing.  Shauna, I liked the Lulu look.  Unfortunately, both your songs weren't that energetic or dynamic, especially with what some of the other folks were doing.  Angel, you weren't feeling it, I understand.  It's tough to perform when you're not really into it. Unfortunately, other people can pick up on that too.  Absolutely nothing wrong with your vocals, they were as sweet as they ever are.  Danyal, I'm not sure if you were winded or you just couldn't hit those notes on your first T Swift song?  You really made up for it though on your second tune.  Fantastic actually.  Scott, here's an actual quote from one of the judges, "of all the people who've been in this league from years back, Scott has shown the most improvement."  After hearing you do Angie, I think I might also agree with him.  Adam, Bruno Mars was your go to guy.  You've always got great energy and performance ability.  Vocals are rarely a problem.  Nothing to fix here.  Jocelyne, nice Fleetwood Mac portrayals.  I know Stevie Nicks is one of your favorites and you always put in a good effort when you're emulating her.  Chelsea, No Doubt stuff, great energy.  I liked the look and the sound!  Good work.  Carmen, you are such a good dancer!  I thought that Gimme Gimme Gimme by Abba was really done super!  Everything about it was fun to watch and listen to.  The costume really added to the show.  Kevin, you had a great night.  Two Kentucky Headhunters tunes that you knew through and through.  Great wardrobe, you sang as well as I've heard you sing and you moved that microphone around from hand to hand.  Good move.  Thanks to Joel and Shimmy for crunching the numbers.  The pot got a good stirring last night, lol.    
Weekly Slideshows
Traci Morrow
Erica King
Marco Yauck
Becky Campbell
Jamie King
Tammy Berger
Ashley Morrow
Larry Lennox
Tia Boddy
Denis McBain
Shirley Lennox
Fred Weeks
Cecile Eaves
Christine King
Patrick Emond
Victoria Lafontaine
Jack Daniels
Emily Young
Traci Morrow 8 pts
Erica King 12 pts
Marco Yauck 17 pts
Larry Lennox 23 pts
Ashley Antonio 28 pts
Jamie King 29 pts
Shirley Lennox 41 pts
Christine King 41 pts
Tammy Berger 43 pts
Fred Weeks 45 pts
Tia Boddy 53 pts
Cecile Eaves 56 pts
Becky Campbell 57 pts
​Denis McBain 58 pts
Jack Daniels 100 pts
Victoria Lafontaine100pts
​Emily Young 100 pts
Patrick Emond 100 pts

​Traci this is becoming a habit!  First overall last night by giving us Santeria and Badfish.  Fun costumes, you're always looking cheery, the vocals are delivered great and you are animated, without going over the top.  Erica, Alicia Keyes was your go to performer.  Never a week goes by when I'm not entertained by what you sing or how you perform.  You are very polished!  Congrats.  Marco, another fine week for you too!  Two spectacular looks of Freddy Mercury.  I really loved the half mic stand prop, that was definitely a signature Mercury look.  Becky, Edge of Seventeen is always a tough song to do because the phrasing in that song is so ridiculous to follow, especially if you don't know the song that well.  Everyone knows the chorus, but those verses get really whack!  Jamie, you went with Pat Benatar as your favourite performer.  Love is a Battlefield looks to be the higher scored song for you last night, both vocally and in the performance category.  Fred, you looked very animated last night.  All you have to do is look at the pictures that I took to realize that.  People, that look is called emotion.  Nice work of both the Animals tunes.  Shirley, great vocals on the Elton John songs and subsequently the marks followed you in that category.  Not so much in the expression category.  A little more uummphh was needed I guess.  Denis, I enjoyed both performances.  Good energy all around.  Tia, just a little pitchy in places but overall Amy Winehouse was performed great, right down to the eye makeup.  Larry, Garth Brooks vocals, you got. I think the judges were looking for a little more expression out of you last night.  Ashley, another tribute to Queen.  That makes three in the first two nights, I'm not complaining. Nice look, movements, just basically good expression.  Vocals were a little off in both songs, but only in a few spots.  Tammy, vocal marks were about as high as anyone got last night.  I think the tempo of both Gaga songs probably was to blame for the lower expression marks.  Tough sell, those slow tunes.  Thank you to Scott and Jocelyne for coming in on short notice to help us out with the judging.  So you you all know, I will not be counting people's absences pertaining to vaccine status.  If you can't get into the bar to sing because of it, it's not your fault.  So, those of you who are in the middle of getting vaccinated don't have to worry about disqualification, okay?  #clown world
Tuesday Results
​Taylor Carss
Karin Issel
Owen Wisner
Brigit Willfong
Heidi Hurley
Jolanta Bird
Howard Hurley
Austin Styles
Melissa Agarand
Jamie Herman
Candice Lord
Bruce Brodie
Kealy Heeg
Jonathan Loescher
Sherry Crawford
Crystal Sholopiak
Claire Nelson
Chantell Butler
Taylor Carss 5 pts
Karin Issel 16 pts
Heidi Hurley 17 pts
Brigit Willfong 18 pts
Owen Wisner 18 pts
Austin Styles 19 pts
Jolanta Bird 35 pts
Melissa Agarand 35 pts
Jamie Herman 36 pts
Crystal Sholopiak 51 pts
Candice Lord 54 pts
Bruce Brodie 56 pts
Sherry Crawford 56 pts
Claire Nelson 57 pts
Howard Hurley 58 pts
Kealy Heeg 59 pts
Jonathan Loescher 64 pts
Chantell Butler 88 pts

Wednesday Results
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Thursday Results
​James Cooper
Kim Wall
Cat Muir
Ashley Werbicki
Rebecca Marcotte
Joel Murphy
Lexi Hurley
Chris Shmigelski
Megan Shmigelski
Ambrose Metsikassus
Amy Seeseequon
Kelly McIvor
Veronica Swirsky
Paul Antosh
Justin Pegg
Tara Enns
Amber Brauner
Jeremy Kuin
Kim Wall 9 pts
James Cooper 10 pts
Ashley Werbicki 15 pts
Jeremy Kuin 27 pts
Cat Muir 27 pts
Megan Shmigelski 34 pts
Chris Shmigelski 35 pts
Rebecca Marcotte 35 pts
Lexi Hurley 38 pts
Amber Brauner 38 pts
Joel Murphy 42 pts
Ambrose Metsikassus 45 pts
Paul Antosh 46 pts
Amy Seeseequon 47 pts
Tara Enns 47 pts
Justin Pegg 52 pts
Veronica Swirsky 58 pts
Kelly McIvor 77 pts
Jordan Bean
Melody King
Jesse Lee
Lara Guerrero
Charity Meili
Kevin Wall
Carmen Bartko
Chelsea O'Leary
Jocelyne Braun
Adam Detillieux
Scott Trimble
Danyal Gibson
Angel Wall
Shauna Lehmann
Rylee Auger
Micheal Wade
Jodi Barrington
Connie Olafson
Melody Wolfe 11 pts
Adam Detillieux 17 pts
Danyal Gibson 23 pts
Lara Guerrero 25 pts
Jocelyne Braun 30 pts
Carmen Bartko 31 pts
Shauna Lehmann 32 pts
Chelsea O'Leary 35 pts
Charity Meili 35 pts
Jesse Lee 40 pts
Angel Wall 43 pts
Kevin Wall 43 pts
Scott Trimble 50 pts
Jordan Bean 53 pts
Rylee Auger 56 pts
Jodi Barrington 100pts
Micheal Wade 100pts
Connie Olafson 100pts

​Some of you people are in this league for numerous reasons, some of you for specific reasons, that's cool.  So, I'm just going to go and lay out the scoring for you all one more time, just so everyone knows what myself and the judges are looking at when we're watching your performances, okay?  Vocals are scored out of 10.  Judges are listening to hear if you're on key, on tempo with the music, too loud or too quiet in the mic, or simply missing words.  Costume/prop is one point per song per judge for a total of 4 extra points per night.  All you have to do is either wear clothes that aren't normal street clothes, or bring along a prop of some kind, anything. Easiest 4 points you'll ever have to earn. Performance is out of 10.  Judges will watch to see if you're animated in your performance.  Are you staring up at the monitor too much?  Are you stuck in one spot on the floor and not moving an inch?  Do you look happy, sad, in a coma? Facial expression is important as well as the number one complaint I hear by the judges, "they made no eye contact with us or audience".  I see a lot of closed eyes and a lot of eyes staring up at the monitor, quite honestly.  Sing to the judges from time to time during the song.  With that said, I'm done explaining things.  On to last night.
Taylor, congrats on yet again another stellar night of singing.  I know that the vocals weren't at 100% efficiency, but you were clever enough to work your way out of some tough spots.  It was really brilliant actually.  I don't think anybody noticed.  Karin, you also were suffering from some throat problems, however just like Taylor, you certainly couldn't tell.  Great work on Joan Jett, both songs.  Owen, you do sound like Bon Jovi buddy!  Very entertaining two songs.  Loved it!  Brigit, you know I'm a sucker for When You're Gone....just love that tune.  Nice visuals, especially the table set up.  You're the Queen of creepy.  Heidi, I think the Do Wop dancers were a nice touch to Proud Mary.  They really added to the energy of the song.  Jonathan, although the standings may not reflect it, I think you've come a long way in the first 5 or 6 weeks.  Keep doing what you're doing.  Eventually, all the pieces will fall into place and this karaoke business will get a lot easier for you.  Kealy, you're a woman of mass distraction, lol.  That was quite the outfit you were sporting last night.  It was tough to focus on anything else you were doing up there.  However I did manage to hear you do a couple of creepy Halsey tunes.  Just like Jonathan, keep coming out and singing.  It doesn't have to be only on league nights.  Go out on the weekends, go to another karaoke bar, sing in your car, sing in your basement, in your kitchen. Bruce, you had the Joe Cocker voice, you just didn't have the timing.  That's always been your biggest trouble.  Listen to the beat of the song, learn those words inside out.  Tap your hand in rhythm to the song on your leg, do anything to stay in time.  Candice, if we could give more points away for costumes, props you'd be cleaning up every week.  Great outfits and looks for both tunes.  You need to sing more.  More practice.  Jamie, you love the obscure. And when I say "love", I really mean it.  I can tell by the emotion and energy you put into those tunes.  Lots of power in your vocals too.  We need more eye contact with the judges and audience in front of you.  Let them into your performance.  Melissa, the vocals are where they need to be.  The performance has to step up a little more.  Low energy songs are tough to sell in a live setting.  Austin, I thought you were very entertaining last night as most every night I've seen you perform.  Nice work of both Green Day songs.  Howard, you picked a couple of tough Journey songs, (aren't they all though?)  Vocals are great, you got the points for props but we gotta pry those eyes open and look at those judges from time to time. That's it.  Sing to them. They will reward you for it.  Jolanta, what a pleasant addition you've been to our league.  Great vocals, nice stage clothes, once again there was a lack of eye contact with the judges.  I'd like to thank Adam and Jordan for being very close in their decisions last night.  I think all three of us were in agreement on most all the singers.  I won't be penalizing people for absences due to covid or covid mandates.  If stuff gets back to normal, you will all be welcomed back.
Okay, message received, no more roulette!  Apparently, you all thought that this week was the week off, lol.  Regardless, thanks to the people who did show up, as well as a few Tuesday  people who didn't get a chance because of the power outage. Remember, next week there is NO LEAGUE.