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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
Nightly Karaoke League Participants
Work In Progress Results
Work In Progress Results
Overall League Results
Tuesday Fall League
Wednesday Fall League
Thursday Fall League
Weekly League Slideshows.
Kim Wall 12 pts
Erica King 22 pts
Megan Shmigelski 28 pts
Cat Muir 40 pts
Veronica Swirsky 41 pts*
Angel Wall 58 pts
Jamie King 60 pts*
Jocelyne Braun 65 pts
Shay Kuin 67 pts
Chris Shmigelski 67 pts
Gary McKinlay 86 pts
Tia Boddy 86 pts
Matt Kuin 93 pts *
Amanda Holder 100 pts**
Scott Trimble 105
Mark Lopez 111 pts **

Work In Progress Results

Erica King tied 
Veronica Swirsky tied
Kim Wall tied
Jamie King tied
Megan Shmigelski tied
Angel Wall tied 
Cat Muir tied
Amanda Holder tied
Shay Kuin tied 
Jocelyne Braun tied
Tia Boddy tied
Matt Kuin tied
Gary McKinlay tied
Chris Shmigelski tied
Scott Trimble tied
Mark Lopez 

Top 6 Quarterfinals
James Cooper
Adam Detillieux
Nicole Mathison
Jordan Bean
Brianna Stirton
Kim Irvine 

Monday Fall League
Sylvia Charles tied
Tammy Berger tied
Becky Campbell tied
Erica Hartman tied
Traci Morrow tied
Larry Lennox tied
Ashley Antonio tied
Denis McBain tied
Christine King tied
Shirley Lennox tied
Fred Weeks tied
Marco Yauck 

Owen Wisner tied
Bex Murphy tied
Tara Enns tied
Patrick Auchstaetter tied
Brigit Wilfong tied
Mayce Achtemichuk tied
Andrew Lessmeister tied
Jay Lutz tied
Brett Abdai tied
Adrien Prince tied
Claire Nelson tied
Bruce Brodie tied
Gareth Royeppen 
Elie Pierre
Misty Dawn

Mondays are sponsored by Labatt's.  16oz glass of any Labatt product on tap is only $4 + tax
Wednesdays are sponsored by Great Western Brewing Co.  16oz glass of GW on tap is only $4 + tax
Tuesdays are sponsored by Churchill Brewing Company of Saskatoon.  16oz glass of draft is only $4 + tax
Thursdays are sponsored by Alberta Premium Liquor.  $5.25/oz
Traci Morrow 19 pts
Tammy Berger 20 pts
Erica Hartman 29 pts
Sylvia Charles 35 pts *
Larry Lennox 40 pts 
Denis McBain 55 pts
​Ashley Antonio 55 pts
Becky Campbell 58 pts
Colten Paul 78 pts *
Shirley Lennox 80 pts
Fred Weeks 86 pts
Christine King 92 pts *

Hard to believe 18 people started out on this night!!
​Owen Wisner 15 pts
Bex Murphy 18 pts
Tara Enns 19 pts
Mayce Achtemichuk 26 pts
Patrick Auchstaetter 42 pts
Brigit Willfong 46 pts
Jay Lutz 71 pts*
Brett Abdai 73 pts *
Elie Pierre 74 pts **
Andrew Lessmeister 75 pts*
Adrien Prince 85 pts *
Claire Nelson 86 pts
Gareth Royeppen 89 pts**
Bruce Brodie 106 pts

Okay, so Owen and Bex were number one and number two on Wednesdays! Congrats to the both of you because you get a bye into the final.  The rest of you will get to sing two songs next week, so make them your very best.  You don't have to worry if you've already done them in league, that stuff doesn't matter.  However, what I'd like to stress is that although I said Mondays will probably not happen next league, I'm still reserving judgement on that one.  I did a small calculation tonight and it looks like we will need atleast 4 people to keep Wednesday's going and about 2 people to improve on Mondays.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are fine the way they are.  So, if you all don't mind, try and find some people who aren't intimidated by your good singing and performances, tough thing, I know.  But if we don't want to have to go back to three nights, I need all the input from you great people that I can get.  I need a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16.  Anywhere in that range would be absolutely great.  
I just have to say that this was the best night of the week for many reasons.  So many people did the onesy thing, nice.  Congrats to Kim Wall and Erica King for winning the Thursday Fall Karaoke League.  Next week, our mini tournament begins,  Good luck to all.  Also, if you've got friends or possibly know someone who is interested in our great karaoke league, please let them know about us.  I've got a great core group that I can count on and I'd like to add a few more members to that elite group.  December 31st, I'll let you all know if we are going three nights or four.  It doesn't seem like a tall task to fill 6 spots but, to find that many committed people, is always tough.  Please help me out if you can.   

​If we would have stopped after the first round, I don't know who the hell the top 6 would've been, it was that good.  Luckily....or not, the second group of songs wasn't quite as polished.  Regardless of where you all placed, I really don't think there should be too many surprises when it comes to the people moving on.  For that, I give Kim and Erica credit for their eyes and ears.  Good work ladies.  I don't think I could've called a better game.  It is a shame that you all couldn't have moved on, but that's the crappy game that I've come up with.  Blame me.  For the 6 that will be singing next week, your night to howl will be Tuesday.  If anybody can't make it, please let me know and I'll take the person next in line to fill in for you.  
Very Sad to see that very few took me up on my very serious offer of showing up, in order to save their future karaoke league lives.  Whatever the case, Marco.....you still have some clout in this league.  Next week, you'll need two songs.  It doesn't matter if you've already sang them.  Our League is officially over and we should congratulate Traci Morrow #1 and Tammy Berger #2.  Good job ladies!!  Our mini tournament begins next week and only 6 of you will make it to the semi finals.  Traci and Tammy have a bye.  Next League, I want only committed people.  If you can't give me two hours per week for 8 weeks, let's not waste each other's time.  I spend more time than that washing dishes each week.