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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
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Thursday Fall League

​Sylvia Charles
Aaron Hertes
Erica King
Chris Shmigelski
Shelagh Kuin 
Veronica Swirsky
Angel Wall
Mark Lopez
Gary McKinlay
Matthew Kuin
Dominic Kuin
Cat Muir
Amanda Detillieux
Megan Shmigelski
Kim Wall
Tia Boddy
Jamie King

Monday Fall League
​Micheal Wade
Debbie Gibbons
Kim Hutcherson
Tracey Abbott
Brad Davies
Melody King
Nicole Mathison
James Cooper
Kim Irvine
Scott Trimble
Jocelyne Braun
Tim Grummett
Ramona Logan
Danyal Gibson
Kiefer Foster

Monday Fall League
There was a great mix of vocal talent and entertainment tonight!  The top 9 singers have been added to the other qualifiers.  Results can be found on the karaoke info page, one step back.  There will be 15 singers on Thursday.  Good luck to all!  There were some really great performances that didn't make the cut, but hold your heads up!  You were fabulous!
So very proud and entertained by all of you tonight, right from Brigit Willfong to Mr Colten Paul.  Very tough call for the judges to make, but I'm pretty sure I had the right people for the job.  Wow!  Thank you to Tara Enns, for coming up with an extra 5 prizes to accommodate the rest of the singers tonight.  It inspired someone to leave me $300 for tomorrow's final.  So, everybody will be getting a prize tomorrow as well.  Amazing...
thanks to all of the sponsors and also to those who gave multiple prizes, Tara Enns
James & Tasha Cooper, Maurice Hilderman, Judy and Gary Karpinka, Carla Enquist, ME....LOL, Crackers.  I hope I didn't forget anybody.....sorry if I did.
Wow!  Such a great night!  So many great performances......memorable ones at that!  I'd like to thank all of you, and that includes the peeps in the Super League, for the gifts you gave me.  Although it's not necessary, it is very much appreciated.  I've added one of my favorite songs from the early 80's to the slideshow of last night.  It is for you, all of you.  I mean that whole heartedly.  See you all very soon!
​Hayley Hedlund
Denis McBain
Tammy Berger
Traci Morrow
Shirley Lennox
Larry Lennox
Fred Weeks
Alexis Hurley
Becky Campbell
Erica Hartman
​Christine King
Amanda Holder
Lori Kennedy
Marco Yauck
Ashley Antonio
Colten Paul

Brigit Willfong
Tara Enns
Bex Murphy
Owen Wisner
Bruce Brodie
Jay Lutz
Claire Nelson
Brett Abdai
Andrew Lessmeister
Andy Tait
Misty Dawn
Clara Marleau
Mayce Achtemichuk
Patrick Auchstaetter
Adrien Prince
Gareth Royeppen