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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
Nightly Karaoke League Results
Overall League Results
Weekly League Slideshows.
Erica Hartman 20 pts
Jordan Bean 22 pts
Traci Morrow 26 pts
Brittney Fulton 26 pts *
Colten Paul 33 pts
Sarah Dorward 36 pts
Tammy Berger 37 pts *
Becky Campbell 38 pts
Fred Weeks 45 pts
Nicole Mathison 48 pts
Denis McBain 57 pts *
Lori Kennedy 60 pts ***
Jay Lutz 68 pts ***
Lynnette Bates 70 pts ***
Darren Berger 87 pts ****
Darren Zimmer 91 pts ****

Everybody gets 1 point except
Brittany Schapansky 18 pts ***
Travis Abbott 18 pts ***
Bex Murphy 12 pts
Tara Enns 12 pts
Brianna Stirton 19 pts
Tim Hawryluk 27 pts
Brigit Willfong 34 pts
Mayce Achtemichuk 39 pts
Owen Wisner 39 pts*
Angel Wall 46 pts
Tracey Abbott 49 pts*
Debbie Gibbons 53 pts*
Brett Abdai 58 pts*
Andrew Lessmeister 60 pts*
Mark Lopez 64 pts
Danielle Beal 70 pts
Micheal Wade 73 pts ***
Brittany Schapansky 78 pts***
Bruce Brodie 80 pts
Travis Abbott 99 pts ****
Everybody gets 1 point except
Tia Boddy 16 pts
Kim Wall 11 pts
Ramona Logan 11 pts
Erica King 20 pts
Tim Grummett 22 pts
Jeremy Kuin 30 pts
Veronica Swirsky 32 pts
Megan Shmigelski 38 pts
Gary McKinlay 46 pts
Jocelyne Braun 46 pts
Amanda Holder 53 pts ***
Chris Shmigelski 54 pts*
Danyal Gibson 55 pts
Scott Trimble 62 pts
Shirley Lennox 65 pts
Matt Kuin 69 pts
Tia Boddy 100 pts ******
Everybody gets 1 point except
Darren Zimmer 16pts
Lori Kennedy 16 pts
Darren Berger 16 pts
Jay Lutz 16 pts
For those of you wondering where that extra * appeared from, it was added as soon as you were disqualified from the semi finals.  Seeing that you were missing that night also, is the reason for the extra *.  Remember, more than 50% or 4 absences takes you out of the running for the next league as well.  Sorry.
Thank you all for the great entertainment!
Music for the above video is a song from the movie Dark Shadows, however it's performed by my old band Caught In a Dream (Alice Cooper tribute)
Wow, on a night that really didn't matter, you guys brought it!  Such crazy fantastical costumes and performances....wtf?!!  I'm glad this was just for fun because judging this would've been a complete mental breakdown.  Just like last night, the song that I'm using for the slideshow is my own bands rendition of Schools Out by Caught In A Dream (Alice Cooper tribute)  This song has been found in numerous movies including Dazed And Confused as well as Scream and a few more as well.  
Well, probably the lowest energy night of the three, but who cares. It was only because of the lack of "others" in the bar.  Let's face it, you take away the leaguers and there really wasn't anybody in there. It was meant for fun, right?  I may as well continue with promoting my band that doesn't exist anymore, lol.  The slideshow music is a Scorpions tune done by Caught In A Dream and sang by your own Thursday night Diva, Kim Wall.