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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
What is Primetime Karaoke Club?  It's your chance to guarantee a couple of spots singing on a Monday evening at Crackers (while our competitive karaoke leagues are going on) and have you home at a reasonable hour. We've provided themes for the evenings, if you'd like to play along.  However, if you'd rather sing your own selections, then absolutely go ahead and do that.  To book a night email [email protected]
to get your name on the email list.  Every Monday at noon beginning January 30th, Cam will reserve you a spot if you like.
Text Cam if you want to secure a spot for this upcoming Monday.  He'll be accepting singing spots from noon until 8:00pm.  After that, whomever shows up first will get any remaining open spots.  306-270-2068
June 5 - Music From the Movies
I don't think you really need any more description on this theme night.  
June 12 - People to See, Places to Be!
Songs with people's names in the title or songs with the names of places in the title.  This one is a little more difficult than the others.
June 19 - My Favorite Songs
After making you work hard with the last theme night, this one will definitely take the pressure off you.  Sing whatever you feel like singing because this is the last Club night until ......whenever.
1. Melissa Agarand
2. Kealy Heeg
3. Allen Geeraert
4. Marcie Wyatt
5. Judy Karpinka
6. Deborah Ferber
7. Jordan Bean
8. Jesse Reznor
9. Estelle Best
10. Colleen Hoeber
11. Lenore Cooke
12. Amy Seeseequon 
13. Rebekka Pister