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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Bex Giffen
Mayce Achtemichuk
Owen Wisner
Colten Paul
Brigit Willfong
Heidi Hurley
Nadzin Degagne
Melissa Thomas
Melissa Agarand
Howard Hurley
Craig Hill
Adrien Prince
Claire Nelson
Bruce Brodie
Mary jane Felix
Sherry Crawford

Kim Wall
Jocelyne Braun
Erica King
Marco Yauck
Amanda Holder
Gary McKinlay
Angel Wall
Veronica Swirsky
Jamie King
Megan Shmigelski
Cat Muir
Shay Kuin
Tia Boddy
Joel Murphy
Matt Kuin
Chris Shmigelski
Scott Trimble
Kyle Sevigny

Monday Fall League
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James Cooper
Tara Enns
Melody King
Nicole Mathison
Adam Detilieux
Danyal Gibson
Micheal Wade
Laloni Brodland
Toni Morris
Margaret Anne Kern
Jenna H
Gina Dipaulo McGuire
Shauna Lehmann
Kim Hutcherson
Connie Olafson
Tasha Cooper
James Cooper 6 pts
Melody King 8 pts
Tara Enns 11 pts
Nicole Mathison 16 pts
Laloni Brodland 26 pts
Micheal Wade 26 pts
Danyal Gibson 26 pts
Jenna H 31 pts
Shauna Lehmann 31 pts
Adam Detillieux 34 pts*
Margaret Anne Kern 37 pts*
Kim Hutcherson 41 pts
Tasha Cooper 42 pts**
Toni Morris 50 pts**
Connie Olafson 51 pts*
Gina DiPaolo McGuire*56pts
Kim Irvine 80 pts
Leigh Huslage 80 pts
​Erica Hartman
Traci Morrow
Becky Campbell
Christine King
Ramona Logan
Tammy Berger
Sylvia Charles
Tim Grummett
Denis McBain
Larry Lennox
Austin Styles
Shirley Lennox
Victoria LaFontaine
Darren Ritter
Fred Weeks
Jodi Barrington
Emily Young
Ashley Antonio
Erica Hartman 6 pts
Becky Campbell 11 pts
Sylvia Charles 12 pts
Tim Grummett 18 pts
Christine King 20 pts
Larry Lennox 26 pts
Traci Morrow 26 pts*
Denis McBain 28 pts
Ramona Logan 30 pts*
Shirley Lennox 37 pts
Ashley Antonio 38 pts*
Darren Ritter 39 pts
Fred Weeks 40 pts
Victoria LaFontaine 40pts
Austin Styles 44 pts*
Jodi Barrington 44 pts
Emily Young 45 pts*
Tammy Berger 47 pts**
Mayce Achtemichuk 5pts
Bex Giffen 8 pts
Colten Paul 11 pts
Heidi Hurley 17 pts
Brigit Willfong 18 pts
Howard Hurley 26 pts 
Owen Wisner 26 pts*
Craig Hill 27 pts
Melissa Thomas 28 pts
Nadzin Degagne 32 pts
Adrien Prince 32 pts
Bruce Brodie 43 pts
Claire Nelson 44 pts
Melissa Agarand 44 pts*
Sherry Crawford 62pts**
Alexis Hurley 64 pts
Mary Jane Felix 68 pts
Natasha Cook 80 pts 
Kim Wall 6 pts
Marco Yauck 13 pts
Erica King 14 pts
Angel Wall 15 pts
Veronica Swirsky 20pts
Amanda Holder 22 pts
Jocelyne Braun 22 pts
Megan Shmigelski 30 pts
Kyle Sevigny 35 pts*
Jamie King 36 pts*
Shay Kuin 37 pts
Chris Shmigelski 41 pts
Cat Muir 45 pts*
Scott Trimble 47 pts
Joel Murphy 47 pts
Tia Boddy 48 pts*
Matt Kuin 50 pts*
Gary McKinlay 54 pts**
Generation Gap Results
Generation Gap Results
Generation Gap 
Game of Throats Results
Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
* Disqualified 
This was probably the best Monday effort so far.  Almost everyone got into the act with props, some costumes and seemed to give it a little extra effort on the performance aspect of things.  Congrats to James Cooper on his 1st place finish this week. Absolutely great how you sounded like something out of the last century.  The singing parts in that Ink Spots tune were right on the mark.  Feel it Still was another great performance.  Tara, so very entertaining, both vocally and visually.  Your vocals are always near flawless, you know your music inside and out, allowing you to be able to perform without having to search for words on a screen.  Graveyard was creepy to watch and listen to.  Melody, I don't know what you've been doing this last league, but keep it up!  Your voice has really been able to get control of the pitch problems that you seem to have the fall league.  Love your weekly props and costumes too!  Nicole, you are very expressive with every song you do. YOU are the person everyone should study to learn how feelings are portrayed through music.  You do it so very well.  Vocals were stellar last night!  Adam, always full of energy and charisma.  You are so very fun to watch.  I think that the Stevie Wonder song was probably not the best song choice, (no fault of your own) because it was lowered so much.  The track itself really sounded like it was plodding along.  You did the very best with what you had.  Connie, keep going along at your own pace.  Try doing one little thing more each week.  In this league, I expect you to combat those nerves and focus on vocals.  Don't worry about any of that other stuff at the moment.  Unless, you want to bring a prop along or fashion accessory for an extra point.  You were a little pitchy on both songs tonight.  That should clear up with more singing and more listening.  Kim, you just couldn't find the pitch on the Willie Nelson song.  Performance was good however.  Wake Me Up, much better vocally.  If you ever get lost with the key of a song, just slide over closer to me and I'll try and get you back on key.  Shauna, great costume.  Both your performance and singing were nicely done.  You didn't overexert yourself and end up winded halfway through the song.  You've done very well for a first time leaguer!  Gina, as I look over the score sheets I see that 10 songs were given 20 points or more, which is about as good as you can get.  Walkin After Midnight was one of those ten songs mentioned.  You were perfect on that tune!  Not only in the way you sounded, but the way you looked and moved.  Unfortunately, Bones was an ambitious choice and a little bit of struggle, especially when the word "break" came into play.  There was a lot of vocal stuff happening there that you didn't really have control of.  Jenna, nice vocals again this week.  The performances are getting better.  Keep trying to do a little more performing and a little less screen gazing, each week.  I've noticed a marked improvement since January 20th.  Good for you.  Margaret Anne, what can I say about you?......those vocals.  OMG.  You have the voice that makes people stop in their tracks and look to see who's singing.  Such beautiful tone with that Sinatra song.  I could have listened to you sing it all night.  Looking at the scoring, the judges thought that you could have done more with the "performance" aspect of that tune specifically.  Toni, you certainly do the oldies tunes so very well!  Be My Baby was fantastic.  You looked and sounded the part, perfectly.  Laloni, you made a terrific Judy Garland.  You sounded like her too!  I was quite upset with myself for not getting video of that!!!!  Micheal, although you had a couple of phrasing mistakes with the Buffalo Springfield song, it wasn't picked up on by the judges.  The attempt to give a performance was noted, I applaud you for that.  You got higher performance marks for Sound of Silence which goes to show, that expression isn't just about back flips, streamers, fog machines etc.  That stuff does help but it isn't necessary every song.  Sometimes, you can just give a heartfelt performance sitting in a chair.  Danyal, I was very proud of you last night.  Two strong shows from you!  If there was any problem in your vocals, I certainly didn't hear it. Two great looks for two really well performed songs.  Thank you for the Valentine's cookies!  I'm told they were fantastic too!!  Salutations are extended to Megan and Chris for doing a  fair job of adjudicating last night.  Remember, no league next week.  It's a good time to practice and have a little fun with Roulette if you like! 
This was a night full of imperfections, so I knew the judging would be a rather difficult task.  Very few singers had a "clean slate" so-to-speak.  Congrats to Erica who went heavy on the performance side of things and came out in 1st place.  There were some pitchy spots on Drunken Sailor and some really loud notes into the mic during that song, but the effort for performing was really great.  That includes both songs.  Traci, I loved the expression on Bad Guy and I loved the vocals on Bobby McGee.  It's tough to fill all those breaks in that song, but I thought you did an admirable job.  Becky, very consistent and enjoyable performances from you.  The costumes were unforgettable!  Christine, you were one of the few singers who gave us two great vocal performances.  You could have used a little more physical expression on Take Me Down, in my opinion.  You certainly had the look for it.  Ramona, you made nice work of A Tisket A Tasket.  Looked and sounded great.  The other song choice, A Million Dreams had quite a few pitchy spots which I don't usually hear coming from you.  The vocal marks for that song weren't as high as they normally are for you.  Jodi, started off on the wrong track, plain and simple.  It happens and when it does, it's tough to get back on.  I'm glad you got it sorted out eventually.  There was no second song from you.  I hope you're feeling better.  Fred, I'm not sure what was going on last night?  Cheek to Cheek  started high and in an off key.  You maintained that throughout the song.  Expression and costume was what I come to expect from you and you gave us that.  Just Breath is a song that you normally get, but not last night for some reason.  Once again, you started high and in an off key. We'll get it right next time. Darren, those extra points for props would've come in handy last night.  Tip of the day, sing more to the judges.  Make eye contact with them. Victoria, same advice for you as I just gave Darren.  You have a lot of great movement happening when you sing, just direct it towards the audience more.  Shirley, I think that the judges are looking for more expression in your voice as well as the rest of your performance.  Maybe "passion" is a better word than expression.  You've got the tools, you just need to tweek them a little more.  Austin, you have a good voice.  Where you lost marks is #1. no props.  #2.It was a full minute and 20 seconds into Still of the Night before you looked anywhere other than the TV monitor. Let's end that bad habit right away. #3. Choose songs in your range, or lower them if they are too high.  You have so much potential.  Larry, I liked Born to Be Wild.  Good energy, pretty decent vocals. I'd never heard that country tune that you did but I'm sure you did it justice.  Denis, lower the key one more on Victorious for starters.  No need to kill yourself.  You can usually lower those songs a couple before the sound gets noticeably worse.  The Major General was probably one of the better results for you.  You almost hit every one of those notes, spare a couple of early stumbles.  Good work.  Tim, I liked what I heard and saw.  You always entertain me.  Nuff said!  Sylvia, you always have tons of expression and usually your voice is in top form.  Figures was great.  A little off key on My Funny Valentine, especially early in the song.  Tammy, way to go!  Broken leg and you looked like you could have run in the Olympics.  Nice work considering.  I liked the Gaga tune! Thank you to Shauna and Adam for doing the job at hand.  

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Congrats go out to Bex Giffen for locking down 1st place last night.  Night and Day is just such a fantastic song.  I don't think I've ever heard a bad incarnation of that song ever.  Whether it be Sinatra, Diana Krall, Cole Porter, The Temptations or in your case, Billie Holiday.  Mayce, going to your go-to tunes in Demi Lovato.  I was a little surprised to hear you sing Locomotion, but you did it very good and the floor show was fun too!  Owen, nice full, rich vocals on both songs.  Cheek to Cheek was a standout!  Colten, the Conway tune was good but the Ed Sheeran song was great!  Loved the energy, the performance, the grit in your voice.  Fantastic.  I want to see more of that every week from you.  Brigit, At Last was a show stopper.  You do that song so well.  Loved it loved it loved it!  Bruce, nice outfits for both songs.  I liked the way you sang directly to the judges, because let's face it, they're the ones who are really listening the most.  Rhythm still seems to be a thorn in your side.  It's all about the timing.  Claire, nice couple of looks.  Loved the props.  Voice was good on Over The Rainbow, but the timing of the delivery was off in a few spots.  More practicing will cure that problem.  And, you don't even have to sing it, just listen to it a dozen times.  Get to the point where you don't need to look at those words in front of you and instead, just feel where you're supposed to come in.  Those damned words really are a distraction, especially if you don't need them.  Adrien, Elvis was awesome.  That is right in your wheelhouse, (hip term of the week).  Teenage Dirtbag started off really good until you got to the chorus.  Then you insisted on shifting into low gear instead of high gear.  Give those higher notes a shot from time to time.  I'll bet you'd be surprised that you can probably hit them.  If not, lower the key a bit, then go at it again.  Craig, I liked both of your songs.  Other than missing a line or two here and there, you were pretty much on the ball with both songs.  Howard, props and eye contact.  Both were missing.  I'm not going to harp on this fact anymore.  Your vocals are always scored very very high and for good reason, you've got a great voice that can really do any style of music.  Melissa A, vocally you are already ahead of the curve.  Both Patsy Cline and Billie Eilish were beautiful and a pleasure to listen to.  You weren't screen gazing this week, good for you.  You faced those judges and sang to them.  Now, we can start to add some hand and facial gestures during your performances.  Melissa T, Girl Crush was great.  Tennessee Flat Top Box was equally as good.  Don't ever be shy to come and ask for use of some of our wigs, props etc.  They're at your disposal if you need them.  No sense in losing out on a couple extra points if you don't need to.  Nadzin, great use of props.  You faced the "crowd" or judges I guess, and sang to them.  You are so much better now than when you first started back on January 22.  I can see the added confidence in you.  Keep up the great work.  Heidi, fantastic singing.  Loved your coat of many colors too, lol.  Nothing to fix here!  Thank you to Becky and Tammy for coming out on a chilly Wednesday night to listen to our fine performers!

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Lots of singers so let's get to it!  Kim, looked and sounded terrific, congrats.  Props go out to Megan for making the White Rabbit outfit, wow!  That was quite the showstopper.  Jocelyne, although the production value on the Ozzie tune was pretty big, I personally enjoyed Silver Spring more.  Vocals I thought were great!  I also liked your presentation.  Erica, I can always count on a couple of great looking and sounding performances from you.  Last night was no different.  Both Elvis and Eilish were cool to watch and listen to.   Marco, Hold My Hand was the song that stood out, for me.  You sang it and performed it well.  I personally thought the Cabaret tune was a little ho hum.  In fact, it wasn't just your song, it was many songs from others that had that effect on me too, so don't take it personally.  Way too many low energy songs from a good lot of you.  Amanda, better late than never!  Glad you could make it.  You've really had a very strong showing at this Winter League.  Congratulations on another great night of performances!  You've seemed to rid yourself of those pitch problems that you've had in the past.  Scott, nice to hear a song like Itchycoo Park.  Hearing that song is a rare occurrence.  You had some familiarity problems here and there, so next time maybe give it a few more listens before you perform it.  Chris, a little flat on the Railroad tune.  I know that a lot of you went for the big generation gap at the expense of good marks.  Lol, some of those songs aren't played anymore for a reason.  Legendary was a better choice, most definitely.  Matt, good work on the Willie Nelson.  You kept the generation gap down to a minimum and that's perfectly fine.  Joel, vocal marks were good, performance marks were non existent.  Loved the suit and tie look!  Ya, that left hand of yours was firmly planted in the left pocket of your pants for the entire Dock of the Bay performance.  Get it out of there. Tia, Lizzo worked well for you.  It was House of the Rising Sun that wasn't received too well.  I think you got caught up in the card game at the judges table and missed half of the verse.  Shay, nice job of Singing in the Rain.  Good movement, nice look.  The only thing that I can advise you on is the way you hold the mic.  Try and singing into the mic instead of over it.  Get it up from under your chin and point it towards your mouth.  Cat, loved the costumes.  Liked the movement and expression you gave to both songs.  Megan, I think it came down to song choices for you.  You went for the gap.  Although I thought that French song sounded good, it seemed rather lifeless.  I'm guessing it was something like a lullaby so maybe that's why I sensed that.  You looked great on I'll Never Love Again, but that song has to come down half a step.  You were really straining on those high power notes.  Keep it up with the great performances!  Jamie, Hail to the King, great!  Great performance on that.  You owned the floor!  Veronica, I never heard of God Bless The Child before so I really can't compare it to anything. I thought Dear Future Husband had good bounce to it and it was quite fun.  Angel, I honestly can't believe you are the same person that hid in the corner, standing still and staring up at the monitor a few years ago.  What a revelation you've become.  You're an entertainer!  I personally would've had you a little higher on the score sheet, but I'm not judging.  Gary, oh what a little shock value can buy!  I give you credit, you were entertaining and you had the entire crowd focused on you. So many phones were out in force taking video of you. You didn't quite hit every note, you weren't bang-on with the rhythm either, but that didn't seem to matter.  You're sexy and you know it!  Thank you to Heidi and Tara for their input at the judges table.  

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