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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
Nightly Karaoke League Participants
Dance Revolution Results
Dance Revolution Results
Overall League Results
Tuesday Fall League
Wednesday Fall League
Thursday Fall League
Weekly League Slideshows.
Kim Wall 5 pts
Megan Shmigelski 12 pts
Erica King 17 pts
Dominic Kuin 20 pts
Cat Muir 22 pts
Jamie King 28 pts
Jocelyne Braun 32 pts
Veronica Swirsky 33 pts*
Amanda Detillieux 37 pts*
Angel Wall 38 pts
Chris Shmigelski 40 pts
Shay Kuin 43 pts
Matt Kuin 49 pts
Amanda Holder 51 pts
Tia Boddy 52 pts
Gary McKinlay 55 pts
Scott Trimble 62 pts
Mark Lopez 67 pts*
Dance Revolution Results

Kim Wall
Veronica Swirsky tied with
Dominic Kuin tied with
Megan Shmigelski
Cat Muir
Amanda Detillieux
Angel Wall tied with
Jamie King
Jocelyne Braun tied with
Erica King
Matt Kuin tied with
Chris Shmigelski
Amanda Holder tied with
Shay Kuin
Gary Mckinlay
Scott Trimble tied with
Mark Lopez
Tia Boddy

Dance Revolution Results
Adam Detillieux
James Cooper
Tim Grummett
Ramona Logan
Tracey Abbott tied with
Melody King
Micheal Wade
Brianna Stirton
Kim Irvine
Toni Morris tied with
Nicole Mathison
Kim Hutcherson
Laloni Brodland tied with
Danyal Gibson
Debbie Gibbons tied with
Jordan Bean tied with
Brad Davies
Monday Fall League
Erica Hartman tied with
Sylvia Charles
Larry Lennox
Traci Morrow
Colten Paul
Marco Yauck
Ashley Antonio
Tammy Berger
Hayley Hedlund tied with
Denis McBain
Fred Weeks tied with
Shirley Lennox
Becky Campbell
Christine King
Tyler Campbell
Lori Kennedy
Joel Goodman
Taryn McCallum

Bex Murphy
Tara Enns
Elie Pierre
Owen Wisner tied
Mayce Achtemichuk
Brigit Willfong tied 
Patrick Auchstaetter
Brett Abdai tied
Andrew Lessmeister
Claire Nelson
Bruce Brodie tied
Jay Lutz
Adrien Prince
Gareth Royeppen
Misty Dawn

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Adam Detillieux 13 pts
Tim Grummett 14 pts
Ramona Logan 19 pts
Brianna Stirton 23 pts
Melody King 23 pts
Nicole Mathison 24 pts
James Cooper 26 pts *
Micheal Wade 31 pts
Toni Morris 38 pts
Laloni Brodland 39 pts
Danyal Gibson 39 pts
Tracey Abbott 47 pts *
Kim Hutcherson 54 pts
Kim Irvine 54 pts *
Brad Davies 55 pts **
Jordan Bean 57 pts *
Debbie Gibbons 69 pts ***
Traci Morrow 10 pts
Tammy Berger 15 pts
Erica Hartman 18 pts
Larry Lennox 21 pts
Sylvia Charles 27 pts *
Colten Paul 30 pts
Denis McBain 33 pts
Ashley Antonio 33 pts
Becky Campbell 36 pts
Marco Yauck 40 pts *
Shirley Lennox 42 pts
Hayley Hedlund 45 pts*
Tyler Campbell 47 pts *
Fred Weeks 52 pts
Christine King 53 pts
Lori Kennedy 58 pts **
Joel Goodman 75 pts **
Taryn McCallum 80 pts ****
Owen Wisner 10 pts
Tara Enns 11 pts
Bex Murphy 11 pts
Mayce Achtemichuk 13 pts
Elie Pierre 19 pts
Patrick Auchstaetter 24 pts
Brigit Willfong 30 pts
Brett Abdai 31 pts
Andrew Lessmeister 37 pts
Gareth Royeppen 47 pts*
Bruce Brodie 48 pts
Jay Lutz 49 pts *
Claire Nelson 50 pts
Adrien Prince 54 pts *
Misty Dawn 80 pts ****
Let me just start by saying thank you to the judges, Shirley and Amanda.  Trying to figure out whom you liked best is an effort in futility!  Such great voices and performances.  Congrats to Bex Murphy for squeaking out the victory.  Bex, it's been fun watching your performance level gradually rise over the years.  It was slowly getting better and better but now, it seems like that learning curve has taken the direction of a straight line upward.  Well done!!  Tara, you are like dessert for the eyes and ears.  Your voice is beautiful and you also give us wonderful costumes and props for our eyes to feast on!  Elie, simply the BEST!  Tina Turner....OMG!  It was like she was right there in front of me.  Fantastic moves on Beat It too.  Owen, your voice is so full , rich and powerful.  I couldn't tell you were fighting a cold.  Great work on both of the Olly Murs tunes.....I think that's how you spell it?  Mayce, you bring the power to shatter glass every week.  Some of those high notes you hit I'm sure only dogs can hear.  Break Free was....wow!  Love your different looks for every song.  I forgot how fun that was to dress up differently for every song!  I appreciate the effort.  Jay, maybe just a little unprepared this week?  You're always lots of fun to watch because you are such a performer.  Great song choices but don't be afraid to lower that key, especially for anything that Offspring does, they're ridiculously high!  One more thing, everytime you hold the mic in your right hand, you cover the top of it with your thumb and fingers.  Then, you switch over to your left hand and you hold the mic by the shaft.  I can hear you much better when you're holding that mic in your left hand.  It's nice and clear then.  Bruce, timing timing timing.  Copacabana, you were ahead of the song from beginning to end.  Don't watch those words on the screen so much.  They are purposely made to let you know when to start singing.  They almost always are ahead of the song, so as to lead you.  In your case they led you astray.  Good vocals, just bad rhythm my friend.  Now with Sway, that was a lot better.  You seemed to know those words without having to look up at the screen.  Trust your instinct and listen to the music more.  Claire, very nice vocals from you last night.  I sensed a desire to incorporate some much needed expression in your performances.  Good girl!  You had a really good start to it last night.  Keep it up!  Smile and sing to the judges.  Stare right at them and give them a performance.  Andrew, my weird child....you have such a unique taste in the songs you choose.  If there's one thing I can say about you and your performances, it's that you are consistent with your vocals and the way you act onstage.  I always know what I'm going to get from you, even if I've never heard the songs before.  Brett, a couple of good song choices from you.  Maybe not quite as energetic and animated as you have been in the past couple of weeks, but still I enjoyed what you did up there.  Safety Dance hit the spot as did Go Robot.  Patrick, you dug back deep into the musical archives to perform Dancing With Myself and Gimme Three Steps.  The Skynyrd tune was so good!!  Loved it.  Brigit, lots of power, lots of pageantry.  You and Tara are similar in your costume choices and I get the same feelings watching both of you.  A delight for the eyes and ears!  Thanks for going that extra mile each week.  Tough job for Shirley and Amanda, as I'd mentioned earlier.  So much to process. Thank you ladies for doing a stellar job last night.
​Lots of fun as usual with the Thursday group.  Our judges last night could only agree on one thing and that was Kim Wall was 1st in their minds. When you see so many ties, that is a result of some differing opinions.  Regardless, it's all about personal preference. Kim, congrats on another fine night of performing.  You went with a couple of golden oldies in Flashdance and She Works Hard.  These were songs that you've known for about 35 years or more, so they've become second nature to you.  Knowing them the way you do gives you the freedom to do whatever you like up there and not have to worry about words.  Veronica, you followed Kim's lead.  September and the Stars on 45 version of If You Could Read My Mind were songs that I've heard you do quite a bit.  You could tell by how polished they sounded and looked.  Good work.  Megan, not quite the showstoppers this week as last, but still a very good effort from you.  Performance looked good but I thought your vocals could have used a little more power, in both songs.  Hold the mic closer.  Dominic, Cooler than Me was your best of the night.  Looked good, sounded great.  Next time, lower the key a little if you're going to do a Christina Aguilera song.  Cat, you looked so glamourous for both numbers that you did.  There certainly was a Latin flavour to your song choices.  Conga was good and you only fell behind the rhythm in a couple of spots.  Eyes Like Yours was great!  Loved the performance.  Tia, Bruce was too low for you, Freddie was in the right spot.  Making the song fit your voice by raising or lowering the key is a lot easier to do than making your voice fit the song.  Nice Freddie stash!  Mark, I thought you did really well.  You Sexy Thing only had a couple of wonky vocal parts but the presentation was fun. 
Scott, Sledgehammer was the most polished tune I've ever heard you perform.  Vocals were 100% accurate and your performance was very cool too.  Blur was fun to watch, vocals weren't quite as good as Sledgehammer but still, I thought you should probably be much higher up in the standings than you were.    Gary, Too Bad was the better of your two musical choices.  You had the timing, the vocals, the performance clicking on all cylinders with that one.  Shelagh, Wherever Whenever was your strong song.  If you'd have had another one like that, the results would be different.  Love the way you are always smiling when you sing, that's so inviting!  Amanda H, Die Young you vocally nailed it.  Well done!  Sk8ter Boi was not as perfect, but still only in a couple of spots.  Thank you for bringing along that light, it really added to the ambience of the evening.  Chris, I can always expect something out of the ordinary with you and your tunes.  Performance marks were pretty high.  Vocal marks were down a little.  Therein lies your problem.  Matt, I need you to hold that mic a little closer when you sing.  Too many words go unheard if you don't.  You've come along way from that fellow that used to stand in one spot and just look up at the monitor!  I'm very happy with your progress as a performer.  Erica, sky high marks for expression.  Great makeup and costumes!  Vocally I Kissed A Girl was your ace.  Jocelyne, Boogie Shoes and Dancing In The Moonlight were fun to watch and listen to.  Thanks for providing the cool visuals.  Jamie, you simply have a great voice!  Heart of Glass was spooky because you sounded so much like Deborah Harry from Blondie.  Shut Up and Dance, also very well done!  Angel, look at you singing and dancing! What happened to that shy, woman I met a few years back?!  She's definitely gone!  Two strong dance tunes from you and you did them really great. Amanda D, two cool songs, two cool looks, one great night of performing from you! I've nothing to add other than, you're fun to watch perform. Thank you to Brigit and Kim for giving up their Thursday night to be with us.  18 singers doing 2 songs each makes for a long night.  

Great entertainment last night with a really upbeat vibe!  There were no lame slow ballads to deal with and the pulse of the room was pumping.  Adam Detillieux gets full marks for his energetic and hilariously entertaining songs.  Adam, when you choose the right songs that fit your persona, you'll always end up on top.  James, a very respectful 2nd place.  Your Micheal Jackson is second to none.  I'm not sure where Foolosphy came from but it was a good choice as well as an entertaining song.  Tim, always the performer.  You crack out the old 1970's dance hits and you know how to do them well.  good work.  Ramona, you brought all the Jacksons with you.  Great visuals again this week.  You know how to throw together a quick big production number!  Tracey, you also threw together a big production on the spur of the moment.  It looked like a lot of fun.  You sounded pretty good last night and your dance moves were great.  Melody, very clever with the prison outfit and your living breathing prop.  Very creative costume for the Middle, nudge nudge wink wink.  Danyal, I empathize with you for two reasons.  I know what it's like to be the first singer and I know the pain of a migraine.  You could tell you weren't into it.  Boom boom boom was much better.  It had more life coming from you in it. Brianna, you always come prepared with a couple of costume changes, and some ideas about what you're going to do in regards to your songs.  I appreciate the effort you put into this. You're very talented and I enjoy watching and listening to you perform. Laloni, although the standings may not reflect it, you have gotten better each week.  A little more confident, a little more prepared and overall, just better.  Keep doing a little more each week and that's all we can ask for.  Good work.  Kim Hutcherson, you kind of stumbled out of the gate on your first song, Think We're Alone Now.  Your pitch wasn't quite where it should be however, you quickly fixed that and managed to give a pretty solid performance on that one.  Baby Got Back was great.  Nothing wrong at all with that one.  Rhythm was pretty good, pitch was good, performance was great.  Nicole, Me Too was a good choice for you.  You looked and sounded good on that one.  With Bad Romance, it wasn't so much you as it was the track, specifically the cover by Post Modern Jukebox and if you want to be more specific, it was Karaoke Versions copy of it.  It just had a really annoying, grating sound to it.  I know that it was supposed to sound like something from the Roaring Twenties.  I thought that you sounded okay up until two thirds of the way in. Then, you missed a couple of notes and kind of had this sour look on your face and you gave up.  Atleast that's what I saw.  I could be wrong.  Toni, you just pinned your ears back and went for it!  Great energy from you on both of your songs.  You looked fantastic, your moves on stage looked very natural.  You struggled a little bit with some of the notes on Wanna Dance With Somebody, but wow, you hit some of the notes that I never thought you would, only by sheer will power.  That song was definitely at the top of your range.  Don't be afraid to lower the key and save your voice!  Kim Irvine, you're another person who just belts it out week after week.  So much power!  I know you're tired of me saying it, but try and look down at the judges from time to time.  Make just a little eye contact if you can.  It makes the song more personable, really it does.  It brings the listener into it more when they feel like you're singing to them.  Micheal, great work of Forgot About Dre.  I didn't know you could rap that well, you almost died, but you didn't....right?!  Devil Went Down to Georgia seemed to lack the expression that the judges were looking for.  At least that's what I'm guessing as I look at the scoring.  Thank you to Kim and Sylvia for judging last night.  All in all, it was a very spirited effort from the Monday group.  For you who may have gotten up early to look at the stats, sorry for all the flip flopping going on in the overall standings.  I was missing someone in the mix and had to track her down.  Mission accomplished. 
Some good times last night.  There was a tie for the number one spot and that went to Erica and Sylvia. The Judges, Micheal and James were pretty much unanimous in their support of atleast the first 5 finishers.  Erica, Take It Off was the song for me.  You were a little more animated in my opinion, than you were with Can We Pretend.  Great vocals all around.  Sylvia, very rarely does your voice let you down.  Last night was a great night of singing for you.  I Kissed a Girl and Black Horse sounded fantastic.  Stage presence was certainly there.  Larry, both Boot Scootin and Footloose looked and sounded great.  Nice touch with the guitar and the floor show going on around you!  Traci, always strong vocally and visually as well.  You've really learned to control that microphone over the past few years, bravo!  Colten, your expression lies within the passion that you give while singing your songs.  You put so much effort into your vocals that it comes across as good expression marks.  Christine, maybe just a little less familiar with the words of Macarena than you were with the dance steps.  Time Warp was good.  Becky, it's tough having a debilitating affliction that tries to get in the way of your good time.  I admire your perseverance and courage to stand up there and sing your songs.  Vocals were a little shaky in the beginning of Take it Off but they grew stronger as the song went on.  Shirley, two good old tunes that you know and have done many times.  No problem with the vocals.  Expression is coming along each time you sing.  I'm still trying to get some more facial expression out of you.  Fred, there seemed to be a lot of muffled mumbling going on with Pretty Vegas, (could've been the way the mic was set up) but I had a hard time hearing your words.  It was much better for Flip Flip Fly.  Always a good performance.  Denis, Strange Love was okay but Head Like a Hole was much much better. Hayley, I'm not sure but it seemed like these two songs were very very new to you?  You seemed very focused on the monitor, like you weren't sure what words were going to come up next.  Both songs sounded good, but I think it was the unfamiliarity that kept those expression marks from reaching their peak level.  Good on you for trying something new!  Tammy, your vocals seemed just a little shaky last night.  Again, like Hayley, you seemed unfamiliar with the songs.  Lots of screen gazing.  I give you credit for trying new songs.  Ashley, Believe and Pound The Alarm got the same marks from both judges.  Same vocal scores same expressions marks, with expression marks being slightly higher.  That shows me that you just have to work on your singing more.  You're going in the right direction! Good work.  Marco, you are the consummate performer.  Keep everything out of site until that right moment, then bang!!!  Expose the gimmick to all.  Two songs, two cool looks and interesting interpretations.  Last Dance and Boogie Shoes were performed really well.  Thanks to James and Micheal for doing the great job they did.