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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Nightly Karaoke League Participants
Overall League Results
Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
Fall Karaoke League
Melody Wolfe
Adam Detillieux
Danyal Gibson
Jordan Bean
Lara Guerrero
Carmen Bartko
Shauna Lehmann
Jocelyne Braun
Charity Meili
Chelsea O'Leary
Kevin Wall
Angel Wall
Jesse Lee
Scott Trimble
Rylee Auger
Jodi Barrington
Micheal Wade
Connie Olafson
Monday Results
Melody Wolfe 1 pt
Adam Detillieux 2 pts
Danyal Gibson 3 pts
Jordan Bean 4 pts
Lara Guerrero 5 pts
Carmen Bartko 6 pts
Shauna Lehmann 7 pts
Jocelyne Braun 8 pts
Charity Meili 9 pts
Chelsea O'Leary 10 pts
Kevin Wall 11 pts
Angel Wall 12 pts
Jesse Lee 13 pts
Scott Trimble 14 pts
Rylee Auger 15 pts
Jodi Barrington 20 pts
Micheal Wade 20 pts

Well, we're back!  First of all thanks to all of you  for coming out when a good portion of the populace is hiding in their basements. Thank you to Kim Wall and Veronica Swirsky for doing the honors of judging.  It's always a difficult task and that's not just a cliche'.  Congrats go out to all of you on a great first night.  At the end of it all, Melody Wolfe was the favourite in the eyes of the judges.  Great work Melody, fantastic performances, both of them.  Nice use of props, your vocals were stellar and you were very engaging.  Adam, you always are such a showman, I love it.  Just a pure natural performer.  You've got all the parts working perfectly.  Danyal, the practice has really paid off.  Even back in the summer fun league that we had, I could tell that you were doing some extra work on your vocals and performance.  Definitely deserved to be in the top three last night.  Wow.  Jordan you've got some sweet sweet vocals and quite a range on you.  You've also got a very nice calm persona and I like that.  You almost always pick songs that reflect that.  I'll Be Around was nice to hear and Dream On was a showstopper!  Lara, lookin good kid!  Better Things to Do was a nice choice for you.  But, it was that grungy Even Flow that was your best.  Nice performing during the instrumental break.  It didn't seem forced, instead perfectly natural.  I loved it.  Rylee, maybe a little bit of rust on the voice but I'm sure it'll all come back to you in a few short weeks.  Dear Maria wasn't really in your range, All Star was better, but still not up to the Rylee standards that I heard last year.  You're still flamboyant enough with your dance moves and a prop here or two would've helped.  In fact, there were quite a few people who lost out on those extra couple points that might have made all the difference. Scott, good songs but Pink Floyd needs a show to go along with those tunes.  Their songs to me are a little hypnotic at times.  That's why they always needed the big expensive visuals at their shows.  I thought your vocals were really good but you didn't really have anything planned for those long instrumental breaks.  Jesse, lots of passion in Break Me, lots of anger in Freak on a Leash.  Regardless, you're pure emotion when you sing.  A prop would've helped you out a bit.  Other than that, I'd say keep doing what you're doing.  Maybe make a little more eye contact with the judges and the crowd. (insert shrugging emoji here).  Angel, you seemed a little tentative, or shy last night.  Maybe you just weren't feeling it early on.  I get it, after a long day's work, who has got the energy to perform sometimes?  That used to happen to me when we'd have a show.  However, I had 4 sets to wake up and start enjoying myself.  You only get two songs.  The last 2 minutes of Whatever You Say were your best two minutes of the night.  It's like you shifted gears and stepped on the accelerator.  That was awesome.  We need more of that.  Kevin, prop - check, 80's country songs - check, nice steady vocals - check, performance - check.  You did everything you needed to do.  Good work.  Chelsea, nice outfit, nice moves, good song choices.  Nothing to fix here.  Charity, you're a nice surprise.  You showed you can fit right in with this league, easily.  You have a very strong voice and a good ear for music.  Welcome to our league!  Jocelyne, I liked both of your songs.  They are what I expect from you.  You're not really "high energy" so you tend to choose your songs a little on the slower side.  There's nothing wrong with that.  You do them well.  I heard you singing Philadelphia Freedom after league ended.  Give that a few more practice runs and let that pony loose somewhere in our league.  I think you might surprise yourself.   Shauna, very nice performances last night.  Your vocals were strong, performance was entertaining, the props/costumes were a nice touch.  Carmen, you were our first singer of the night and of this league.  Welcome!  You were a little nervous during Share the Land, that's to be expected.  However, after watching the other performers do their thing, you had this karaoke league figured out.  You threw on the glasses, threw off the inhibitions, pinned your ears back and gave us a hell of a show on Me and Bobby McGee.  Now that I've seen what you can do, I'm looking forward to next week even more!  Well done!  This Monday group is looking more talented than I thought it would be.  It's going to be interesting to see how this league plays out.  Remember, it's all about fun.  Don't get caught up in where you place in the standings each week.  That, will definitely ruin it for you.
Weekly Slideshows
Traci Morrow
Ashley Antonio
Larry Lennox
Erica King
Marco Yauck
Cecile Eaves
Tammy Berger
Becky Campbell
Shirley Lennox
Christine King
Jamie King
Tia Boddy
Fred Weeks
Denis McBain
Emily Young
Patrick Emond
Victoria Lafontaine
Jack Daniels
Traci Morrow 1 pt
Ashley Antonio 2 pts
Larry Lennox 3 pts
Erica King 4 pts
Marco Yauck 5 pts
Cecile Eaves 6 pts
Tammy Berger 7 pts
Becky Campbell 8 pts
Shirley Lennox 9 pts
Christine King 10 pts
Jamie King 11 pts
Tia Boddy 12 pts
Fred Weeks 13 pts
Dennis McBain 14 pts
Jack Daniels 20 pts
Victoria Lafontaine 20 pts
​Emily Young 20 pts
Patrick Emond 20 pts

There were a couple of surprises last night in a good way and a few in a bad way. First of all, thank you to Heidi Hurley and Sherry Crawford for being our judges.  Congrats are extended to Traci Morrow for coming in 1st place in week one.  Dock on the Bay was fun, Knock on Wood rocked.  You had just enough of everything, including wardrobe and props, to pull this off and get that top spot.  Ashley possibly not the most perfect vocals to ever grab second place, but the props, the performance was very very good. Jukebox Hero was a highlight of the evening. Larry, good solid evening of singing and performing from you.  Nothing to say other than good job!  Erica, nice vocal work, fantastic costumes and you've really done some different things with your expression.  You've always been very expressive, perhaps a little over the top at times.  However, you've managed to work some new moves into your performance I and I was really impressed.  Good on you!  Marco, all things considered yesterday, you did a pretty good job.  It looked like you were relaxed and were having a little fun.  Ex's and Oh's was done really well.  I thought it may have been out of your range, but you worked it well. Denis, decent night of performing from you.  Inside Out and Otherside were your choices. Not sure why you were as low in the standings as you were.  However, that happens.  Fred, I thought you did a pretty good job of both Stones tunes.  Nice touch with the Rolling Stones pyjamas.  Tia, Flagpole Sitta and Thank You were two very different songs for you.  Thank You was the better of the two in the eyes of the judges.  It seemed to have better, everything.  It was good to see you!  It's been a long time kid.  Jamie, I think the material you did was fantastic. However, I think the judges kinda missed it on this one, actually both songs.  Welcome Home absolutely rocked and your performance was rock star worthy.  Christine, your vocals blow me up on the inside when you sing the Soundgarden tune.  You've just got that song down so well.  It's always a pleasure to listen to you do it.  Expression marks were a little low on both songs, in case you were wondering. Shirley, nice work of both of your songs.  One thing I can say in all honesty, I've never heard you sing a note off key, ever.  That's pretty impressive.  You can thank whomever it was that threw you that hat while you did Stuck in the Middle, because it did get you that extra point! That's one thing that I should probably address, this goes to last night's judges and Monday's as well.  I noticed more than a couple people who obviously wore specific stage clothes while singing their songs last night and Monday.  However subtle they might have appeared, they still deserve to get that one point. I guess I have myself to blame on this for not making it clearer to you judges before we started.  We're all learning how to play this game, singers, judges and organizers (me). Becky, good energy on both songs.  Your songs were very timely because I felt like I was getting a little hypnotized by some of the slower music being played.  You woke me up.  Tammy, I never realized how much falsetto you use until last night.  Most falsetto that I hear is pretty obvious.  But, you seemed to transition to your head voice very smoothly and without notice.  I didn't know the "Anyone" tune you did but "Always Remember us This Way" was scored much higher and for good reason.  You seemed to have much more control in that song. Cecile, hhmmm.  I like the fact that you got dressed up, gave us a nice couple of performances, stuck with the theme etc.  Now, you know there's a "but" coming in here.  But, when you've got a champion race horse, you take it to the Kentucky derby, not the petting zoo.  Your voice is so good that singing the Buddy Holly songs, (however good they were), didn't really show us how truly talented you are. You have the ability, to "wow" every time you take a microphone.  So, next week I don't want to be saying, "that was nice, that was good, that was fun".  I want to say that was f***ing fantastic!! You really are THAT good. 
Tuesday Results
Taylor Carss
Austin Styles
Brigit Willfong
Karin Issel
Heidi Hurley
Owen Wisner
Jamie Herman
Jolanta Bird
Bruce Brodie
Claire Nelson
Melissa Agarand
Crystal Sholopiak
Sherry Crawford
Candice Lord
Chantell Butler
Kealy Heeg
Jonathan Loescher
Howard Hurley
Taylor Carss 1 pt
Austin Styles 2 pts
Brigit Willfong 3 pts
Karin Issel 4 pts
Heidi Hurley 5 pts
Owen Wisner 6 pts
Jamie Herman 7 pts
Jolanta Bird 8 pts
Bruce Brodie 9 pts
Claire Nelson 10 pts
Melissa Agarand 11 pts
Crystal Sholopiak 12 pts
Sherry Crawford 13 pts
Candice Lord 14 pts
Chantell Butler 15 pts
Kealy Heeg 16 pts
Jonathan Loescher 17 pts
Howard Hurley 20 pts
Wednesday Results
First of all, congrats to Wednesday for having the best turnout so far!  Who would've thought that actually bringing some friends and family out to listen to you all could add to the energy in the place? A big shout out to my two adjudicators, Kevin and Angel Wall, who did a great job of judging. Now on to other things!  Taylor Carss, wow!  You've got it all going.  The voice, the timing, the stage presence, the expression....all good enough for first place.  Austin, a couple of real rocking tunes and some great energy puts you in 2nd.  Well deserved buddy!  Brigit, lots of power and performance from you.  Your voice held up through both songs and it was great!  Karin, nice costumes and a couple of really good performances.  If you were nervous, I certainly couldn't tell.  Man, these rookies really showed well last night! Heidi, our hippy chick had some fantastic vocals in Joy to the World and White Rabbit.  Great costume as well Heidi.  Jonathan, it takes a lot to get up there and sing when it may be something that you never did too often before the last couple of months.  I'm going to offer you a little advice, choose easier songs.  Start off with something a little simpler.  Cover of the Rolling Stone is actually a duet, possibly a third voice in there too, I'm not certain.  Fast Car really has some funky timing in it which in my opinion makes it kind of tough to do.  Keep plugging away and this will get easier.  Kealy, great costumes, both of them!  I might suggest you raise the key of songs that are done by dudes.  Both of your songs were a little low for your voice and as a result, it was very difficult to hear you. Chantell, nice outfit to represent the 70's.  Both of your Abba songs were good.  Maybe try and make a little eye contact with the judges and the crowd from time to time and a little less focused on the TV.  Give that a shot the next couple weeks.  Candice, I appreciate the time and effort you put into your costumes, they don't go unnoticed.  Just like Kealy, your voice got lost in the mix because the key of your songs was so low.  Raise those tunes a little and make it easier on yourself.  Sherry, there is no problem hearing you.  In fact, I have to turn the mic down quite a bit when you sing.  You're going to have to try and sing less from your throat and instead, bring those words up a little lower, from the diaphragm.  You do that by taking deep breaths and then, exhale out those words. Practice practice practice.  Crystal, you have the swagger that a performer needs.  You looked fantastic, your voice was good on both tunes.  My only tip would be, leave your drink at the table when you sing.  Singing with a beer in your hand just doesn't cut it, especially when you looked so wonderful. Pretend that you're not at Crackers but singing at the SaskTel Center.  Other than Axl Rose, I don't think you'd see too many performers with a drink in their hand.  Melissa, voice was good, nice song choices.  I think a little more expression is needed, judging by the marks on the score sheet.  Claire, I appreciate all the work on props and costume. Those are only worth 1 pt however.  A little more expression is something that should be worked on.  Give us more of a show.  Bruce, other than a couple timing problems on Candida, I thought you picked two great songs for your voice and personality.  They were in your "wheelhouse" so to speak.  Stick to stuff exactly like that!  Good work man.  Jolanta, you're a nice surprise.  Great voice kid!  Now, let's just work on the performance side of things.  Start by making a little more eye contact with those people around you.  Sing to them, not the TV monitor.  Jamie, Karma Police was good, but maybe you were a little nervous? Numb was much better.  You really poured a lot into that one.  I could feel that song.  I look forward to hearing you next week.  Owen, you've got one of the nicest vocal tones I've heard.  But, I've probably said this many times.  It's the truth.  Just a nice warm, powerful, well rounded voice. It was really nice to hear you sing again!  Both songs were sang beautifully.  Next week, sing your Guilty Pleasures people!  
Thursday Slideshow
Wednesday Slideshow
Tuesday Slideshow
Monday Slideshow
Thursday Results
Jeremy Kuin
Kim Wall
James Cooper
Amber Brauner
Paul Antosh
Megan Shmigelski
Ashley Werbecki
Cat Muir
Joel Murphy
Chris Shmigelski
Lexi Hurley
Ambrose Metsikassus
Justin Pegg
Amy Seeseequon
Rebecca Marcotte
Kelly McIvor
Tara Enns
Veronica Swirsky
Jeremy Kuin 1 pt
Kim Wall 2 pts
James Cooper 3 pts
Amber Brauner 4 pts
Paul Antosh 5 pts
Megan Shmigelski 6 pts
Ashley Werbecki 7 pts
Cat Muir 8 pts
Joel Murphy 9 pts
Chris Shmigelski 10 pts
Lexi Hurley 11 pts
Ambrose Metsikassus 12 pts
Justin Pegg 13 pts
Amy Seeseequon 14 pts
Rebecca Marcotte 20 pts
Kelly McIvor 20 pts
Tara Enns 20 pts
Veronica Swirsky 20 pts
Well, week one is in the books.  There's a lot of rust out there, just saying.  I'm sure that in a couple of weeks, it'll all look and sound a lot better.  I'm not just talking about Thursday but every night. Jeremy Kuin, number one last night!  Vocals weren't exactly 100% but the performance certainly was entertaining.  Judges Jamie and Tia agreed you deserved 1st place. Kim, nice 80's outfit.  Great vocals on both Your Daddy Don't Know and The Kid is Hot Tonight.  It was fun to watch.  James, I'm going to be honest, that mask didn't help you, but that's your decision.  I don't care how good of a sound person one is, there's no knob on the board that can get rid of that muffled sound. What I did hear was on key, you had good movement and bodily gestures, minus the facial gestures.  The props were nice.  Congrats on 3rd place.  Amber, you looked, acted and sounded very confident.  You made good work of a couple moderately paced songs. Good enough for 4th.  Paul, you rounded out the top 5. Vocals weren't perfect on either song, but what you lacked there, you made up with great expression and energy.  I think if you'd have lowered the key on Telephone Line, the result may have been even better. Amy, welcome to our league.  You have a good voice.  It's time for you to quit being a slave to the TV monitor.  So, let's get out of the corner and make a little eye contact with the people that you are singing to.  That is your homework for next week.  Justin, you had some bold song choices.  Remember, that stage clothes or props gets you that extra point per song from the judges.  So, you could stand to lose 4 points just from showing up in your regular wardrobe.  All it takes is a hat, or a pair of glasses, anything. Africa was the better of your two songs.  You had better stage presence on it and your vocals were slightly better than the Wham tune. Keep at it buddy!  Ambrose, Lookin Out My Back Door sounded good, as did Spirit in the Sky.  Our karaoke league is more about being an entertainer than it is just a karaoke singer.  So, we also give equal points for performance as well. Try and move around a little and quit being so focused on the TV screen.  Make eye contact with the people around you, the judges etc.  We will take this one week at a time. Lexi, I thought you did very well despite having to sing in the unenviable first position of the night.  Maybe a little nervous, but not really that noticeable. Once you gain control of those nerves, you'll have an easier time to perform.  So, keep singing every chance you get.  Get up in front of a crowd every chance you get.  It'll all become easier in a short time.  Shimmy, good marks on the performance side of things.  Lot's of moving, swaying, guitar flipping.  Your song choices were alien to me.  I'd never heard either one before, not that it should make a difference. I found that your mouth was missing the microphone quite a bit with all that guitar work going on.  Joel, Santeria was a good song choice, Aenima maybe a little too long.  Not really much to add. Cat, Walking on Sunshine was a lot of work, especially that last minute and a half.  Bad Boys, I'd not heard in years.  I'd totally forgotten that song even existed.  Nice to hear it again.  Good work on both songs.  Ashley, vocals were stellar! Such power and precision, it was awesome.  You show a lot of passion when you sing.  Remember, you don't have to stand in one place the entire song, move around a bit.  Eye contact with the audience is important.  It brings the crowd in if you sing to them a little more. But, great vocals on both songs.  Megan, really sky high expression marks on I Want You To Want Me and only about half as good on Black Dog.  I'm not sure why, I'm just looking at the scoring and that's what I'm seeing. Vocals are usually never a problem for you and from what I heard last night, they continue not to be a problem.  Keep doing what you're doing!  I think I've covered everyone?!  We were missing 4  people last night so next week should have a little more energy in the building.  Remember, to wear a mask upon entering Crackers.  You can then take it off to sing and to eat/drink at your table.  I know, I don't understand it either but rules are rules, however ridiculous they may be.