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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
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** denotes disqualification from final
**** denotes disqualification from next league
Thursday Spring League
90's Results

​Traci Morrow
Nicole Mathison
Larry Lennox tied w/
Marco Yauck
Hayley Hedlund
Jay Lutz
Cecile McCutcheon tied w/
Denis McBain
Christine King
Tammy Berger
Shirley Lennox
Tia Boddy
Fred Weeks tied w/
Brad Davies
Jamie King
Alexis Hurley
Nicole Mathison 3 pts
Traci Morrow 5 pts
Hayley Hedlund 7 pts
Cecile McCutcheon 9 pts
Larry Lennox 9 pts
Marco Yauck 13 pts
Christine King 15 pts
Brad Davies 18 pts
Tammy Berger 18 pts
Denis McBain 18 pts
Tia Boddy 20 pts
Jay Lutz 26 pts
Fred Weeks 26 pts
Shirley Lennox 26 pts
Alexis Hurley 32 pts *
Jamie King 34 pts *

​Okay, since they went to all the trouble of writing comments for everyone and every song, I'm going to leave Debbie's comments in "white".  And Cat's in yellow.  I'll just stay out of it this week.    Traci Morrow on Santeria, you are so much fun to watch.  Good work planning out your musical break. Practice even just a couple times dancing around to perfect that voice control, it was really close. Loved the performance.  You were really into the message of the song. One Hand in My Pocket, good job involving everyone in the musical interlude, it was fun!  Great vocals, just a little loud in places. You were having a lot of fun with this! Nicole, on What's Up, plan a bit more what you're going to do during longer intros.  Try singing out a little more to the audience.  I love how powerful your voice is, good strong choice. It's Oh So Quiet, good contrast especially in body movement.  Lovely performance, lots of fun. It's obvious you enjoyed performing this! Larry, Something Like That was such a fun song and you really told the story.  Could've used a little more movement.  Great vocal style for your voice, practically flawless. You got me nodding along and I don't like country!  Just to See You Smile, love the country on you!  Good job adding a few gestures but I wanted more from your performance.  Don't give up on the end of your song just because the vocals are done. You were missing the energy and engagement of the first song. Marco, Torn had me laughing the entire song.  Pull back on the mic when you hit those power notes, they were coming through a little too loud. You are having so much fun with this!  On Joyride, your costume gives me flashbacks....eeek!  Great Job!  Such a joy to watch, great dance break.  Lost some of the high vocals just a little, but very close. You're a born performer, you get so into the song! Hayley, Foolish Game had beautiful vocals.  Nice contrast between power and soft. I would like to see you use more of the stage, with just a bit more movement you would have easily gotten perfect performance marks. You really took me back to a sad place.  Your eyes were locked on the screen, were you a bit nervous? Bitch, loved the fun you had with it.  Be ready for those musical breaks, know what you're going to do.  I'd like to see more movement on stage. Great vocals, but more engagement needed. Brad, Kiss From a Rose, great passion in your voice.  However, you were a little pitchy on some of your belted notes.  Good job moving around the floor. Watch the mic, it's a bit overwhelming when you jack up the volume!  Nicely played through the instrumental.   Alphabet Aerobics, I loved the outfit.  You needed better annunciation.  You had good rhythm but I didn't understand most of the words you said.  Fred, Can You Feel the Love, could have used a bit more practice.  Timing was a little off.  There's so much joy in your singing. Some words were a bit muddled, but you really put your heart into your performance. Words, needed a little better annunciation as your words got lost in places.  You have very expressive hand and face gestures.  Tia, Any Man of Mine was a great performance.  I love how you interacted with the audience.  Try dancing at full during practice to get your vocal support to catch up. Great engagement of the crowd.  Would love to see more attitude projected.  You kind of lost the mic. On Allstar, I loved the outfit.  You had the rhythm right, but you were off key for the most of it. A bit out of your range, love the fun.  More attitude!  Shirley, Truly Madly Deeply, beautiful tone to your voice.  Wanted more gestures and performance.....tell the story. Technically, vocals were good, you just got a little lost with lyrics.  The song has a lot of feels that I didn't think got through.  Baton Rouge, liked the hat.....1 pt!  Great movement to this song.  I wanted to see more in your feet especially during the breaks.  Song suited your voice nicely. You hit the notes, you really know this song better. Tammy, I Have Nothing.  Lovely support in your vocals though a little heavy on the mic in parts.  Loved your performance but could've used a little more practice on vocals. Nice work transposing down, you started strong but got rattled after losing your note.  Angel, beautiful vocals, nice control.  You really made us feel the song.  A couple of timing issues and I would've loved to see you onstage until the very end of the song.  You have your own take on this.  Christine, Groove is in the Heart, great costume.  More practice to remove the screen gazing.  Loved the song for your voice. Got a little lost in some verses.  Love how you got into the spirit of the 90's! Criminal, I wanted to see you start the performance with the music and not just with the words.  Nice vocals, nice power. On the edge of attitude. Denis, Promises Broken, you could make a funeral march entertaining.  Pay more attention to mic control. Your very low key works with the song.  I would've liked to see more energy.  Zero, I love how you put your body into it!  Very expressive eyes, nice vocals. More energy to performance, use that.  Cecile, Reflection, (I love this song), in places the mic seemed a little close and made you sound muffled.  Short songs need more "wow" to make that impression, I wanted more. Captured the spirit of an uncertain little girl!  Remember When, beautiful control on vocals.  Hard to perform from the stool.  Really felt your vocals/story in your voice. Technically great, I felt you weren't always present. Jay, Glycerine had great movement and gestures.  Perfect song choice for your voice, almost flawless. You've got a great voice, don't be afraid to present it.  Two Princes, you lost lyrics in places, loved the dance in the interlude.  Another performance that made me laugh! You got a little lost, but great show.  Don't lose the words, better annunciation
Thank you Debbie and Cat for your input!!
80's Night Results

James Cooper
Bex Murphy
Mayce Achtemichuk
Erica Hartman
Kim Wall tied w/
Tara Enns
Tim Hawryluk
Brigit Willfong
Becky Campbell
Micheal Wade tied w/
Sarah Dorward tied w/
Owen Wisner
Amanda Detillieux
Megan Shmigelski
Tracey Abbott
Colten Paul
​Bex Murphy 3 pts
Mayce Achtemichuk 5 pts
Tim Hawryluk 10 pts
Kim Wall 11 pts
James Cooper 11 pts
Owen Wisner 13 pts
Tara Enns 14 pts
Brigit Willfong 15 pts
Sarah Dorward 17 pts
Erica Hartman 18 pts
Megan Shmigelski 19 pts
Micheal Wade 23 pts
Colten Paul 27 pts
Amanda Detillieux 27 pts
Tracey Abbott 29 pts
Becky Campbell 29 pts *

​Sylvia Charles 2 pts
Nicholas Fudger 5 pts
Jeremy Kuin 8 pts
Aaron Hertes 8 pts
Veronica Swirsky 9 pts
Erica King 9 pts
Cat Muir 14 pts
Dominic Kuin 17 pts
Shelagh Kuin 19 pts
Angel Wall 20 pts
Debbie Gibbons 21 pts
Matt Kuin 21 pts
Chris Shmigelski 23 pts
Mark Lopez 27 pts
Gary McKinlay 29 pts
Bruce Brodie 31 pts

90's Results

​Sylvia Charles
Aaron Hertes
Nicholas Fudger
Jeremy Kuin
Erica King
Cat Muir
Veronica Swirsky
Angel Wall
Dominic Kuin tied w/
Matt Kuin tied w/
Debbie Gibbons
Shelagh Kuin
Chris Shmigelski tied w/
Mark Lopez
Gary McKinlay tied w/
Bruce Brodie

James Cooper is the man of the hour!  With such a talented group of performers in one league, of course you know things were close! James, almost full marks for performance and vocals on Sledgehammer.  That is one song that you know inside out and it shows.  Not having to gawk up at that TV monitor is a definite plus.  Nice show! Bex, when I hear the first notes sang from you each night, I just stop what I'm doing.  You're voice has gotten so incredible over the past few years.  Normally, I wouldn't have enjoyed a song like Saving All My Love, but it was like having Whitney in the house! Mayce, even with your false start on Holding Out For A Hero, you were only two points out of 1st last night.  I liked both looks you gave us for your performances. Vocals were really strong and you seemed to put a lot of emotion into both songs.  Nice comedic relief in bringing Yoda up on stage. Erica, sky high performance marks!  No kidding.  What was that Cats tune about?!  Lol, it was like you were mocking them.  Vocals were really nice tonight on both songs and your show is always great!  Kim you brought out the heavy artillery in Def Leppard and Motley Crue.  If anyone can rock it, you certainly can.  You've always got some pretty decent movement up on stage. Tara, that was some makeup job on The Warrior!  Good luck getting that stuff off.  You picked two very 80's tunes in Dancing in the Dark and The Warrior.  Vocals are never a problem, (even when you've got no voice for some reason!?)  And, your performances are always memorable.  Colten, Against The Wind and Wake Me Up were two songs that you've not done a lot of over the last little while that I've known you.  I like the fact that you're trying new material to do.  However, with unfamiliar songs comes a lot of screen gazing.  There was a little too much of that last night.  Tracey, this 80's theme took you out of your element.  However, I thought you still did wonderfully on both songs.  I actually heard less throat and more diaphragm notes on Black Velvet.  Good job!  Nice performances too.  Megan, Kiss Me Deadly was a good song choice to showcase what you can do.  I thought you did it well, despite falling out of your heels.  Sweet Dreams was not quite as strong in both vocals and performance.  The cause of that could be the song itself.  It's got a pretty monotonous rhythm and the vocals are rather simplistic. It really doesn't highlight your vocals or showmanship.  It's like someone telling Picasso to produce a masterpiece and then they hand him a piece of paper and a pencil.  Amanda, you always give us some good energy on stage with your performances.  Vocals were a little strained last night.  I heard some cracking going on during both songs.  Black Velvet was definitely the better of your two song choices.  Owen, I know that you like to do the country tunes, but you really do have that Bon Jovi growl when you want it!  Although Run to You had higher marks, it was Born to be My Baby that had me look up to see what you were doing.  Sounded great.  Sarah, almost everyone was getting vocal scores in the 8-10 range and you were no different.  Nice sweet vocals on both songs and your presentation was entertaining.  Micheal, other than the gaff with Superman, that was darn near perfection.  Very creative thinking in doing what you did with it.  Plus using your lower tones was a nice change, and your voice probably thanked you after that. lol.  Becky, Only You was very entertaining.  It's tough to assemble, or disassemble anything while singing a song, I know.  You did it very well.  Strong performances and marks on both songs.  Brigit, two very colorful tunes coming from you.  Wonderful costumes and makeup!  Not just from you, but everybody involved in the Twisted Sister production!  Perfect 10 score for performance on that one!  Not quite the flash and panache on your first tune, A Little Respect.  Good vocals but not quite as showy.  Tim, Jukebox Hero was done about as good as anybody I've heard, if not better.  Even your rock movements looked natural.  Nice play on the Faithfullyy scam, lol!  You had me going and I'm assuming most people in the building!  Thank you to Lori Kennedy and Denis McBain for giving us their respected opinions on the "show" last night.  And really, that's what it is, it's a show.  You're all on this night because you're that good, all of you.  However, let's not lose site of the main reason, which is to have fun and grow as entertainers.  Don't get caught up in the competition and you'll have much more fun and likely better results.  Case in point, myself.  I am and have been learning Spanish on Duolingo for over three years now.  I've not missed a day and I really enjoy seeing the progress I'm making.  Recently, they put in a leaderboard where you get points for all the lessons that you do that week.  Well, being the competitor that I am, I just had to be on top of that leaderboard and I was!  I won about three weeks in a row.  The trouble was, in order to do well on those leaderboards, you basically had to do lessons that you were already familiar with.  So, myself like others who were so competitive, focused on the simplest fastest lessons, just mindlessly doing the same few over and over.  Finally, I just had enough!  The pace was furious, I wasn't having any fun or learning anything new but instead, feeling stressed and miserable every time I turned on the app.  Don't get caught up in the competition.  Do it because you want to have fun and grow as a performer.  Do it because these people you're singing with are probably some of the coolest, sweetest, most talented people you'll ever meet in your life.  Those are good reasons to be in this league. As a side note, the overall points score, was corrected slightly.  There was a three way tie with Owen, Micheal and Sarah, which moved some things around slightly.
Some very spirited, energetic performances by all last night! However, the judges were united in there decision to crown Sylvia as their number 1 pick.  Sylvia, the only flaw I heard in your performance was you got a little over exuberant at times during What's Up and were ear piercing loud.  Other than that, vocals were perfect, presentation was perfect.  Aaron, song choices for you were so suited to you and the energy you had going last night!  Both Allstar and Teen Spirit had the place and you, bopping!  Vocals were spot on, show was lively! Nicholas, Zero to Hero and Reflection, one fun one serious.  You captured both sentiments perfectly.  I'm not sure if you ever took part in musical theatre, but that's definitely your calling. Jeremy, so much energy!  Dude, you should go out and run around for about 30 minutes before you perform, lol.  You've really adopted the whole pageantry of this league and taken it to new heights. You always put forth a great effort and it pays off for you, everytime!  Erica, you had perfect performance marks.  You've come up with your own style of performance and I see that with a lot of you.  That's usually how it happens.  Eventually everyone becomes comfortable with the way they perform, I'm no different. Be careful with over exertion in your performances.  Too much will leave you breathless and detract from the vocals.  Bruce, I think choosing what songs to sing is like buying a pair of shoes.  You've got to try them on and walk around for a while in them before you decide you want them or not.  I think that is the case with your song choices.  I don't think either song was a very good fit for you, but what I did see from you is a better effort to engage the judges, the audience, as well as stage movement. Keep plugging away man!  It's coming.  Gary, you looked and sounded like you were more into it this week.  Good work on Friends in Low Places.  You were a little off in Runaway Train, but only briefly.  Nice look and nice performances.  Mark Lopez, you seemed to have trouble with One Headlight and the rhythm of the song for some reason.  I've heard you do it many times before without incident, but last night the timing was off.  Smooth was so much better in my opinion.  Loved the two looks you gave us!  Performances were very good.  Shimmy, a little screwy with the timing on Inside Out, especially at the beginning of the song.  You seemed to straighten it out eventually.  Miserable is a fun song and you presented it with lots enthusiasm and light heartedness. Shelagh, you smile, you face the judges, you sing to the audience, you dress up for your performances, you're animated when you sing.  The only thing missing was a stronger presence vocally.  That could've been rectified easily by singing more directly into the mic.  Keep up the great work!  Debbie, you get better with every song you sing both vocally and in your performances.  Your song choices are more suitable to your voice than they were in the past, good on you!  Matt, vocals were very good on both of your songs.  You also got that extra point for props on each song!  Yay!  One of the judges wanted to see a little more hand gestures from you.  The Way was a perfect opportunity to incorporate those.  Dominic, another Kuin with an excess of energy.  You've got a great ear and rarely hit an off note even when you're constantly jumping around.  I'm surprised you never collapsed from exhaustion after Longview!  Anyways, you've got tons of stage presence and super vocals with a great range!  Angel, great work this week and it paid off in the rankings!  You had a fantastic night of entertaining. I loved the movements you're trying to do while you're singing.  The more you do it the more natural it'll be for you.  The Cascada tune went over terrifically.  Good job getting Rylie and Kevin into the show!  Veronica, it's tough to sing a lovely song like Beautiful Goodbye in a room with so much extra crowd noise.  If You're Not In It For Love was done at a time when everyone in the room was still a little calmer.  Great vocals and performances, regardless.  Cat, Zombie was creepy good.  Very good performance and powerful vocals from you on that tune.  You have a flare for the dramatic that I admire.  Like so many people last night, I felt that over exertion with the dance moves contributed to some winded sounding tunes.  What a Girl Wants at times, sounded like you were out of breath.  Only do what you can physically do up there without forsaking the vocals.  Thank you to Megan and Kim for the night of judging.  I thought you were fair in your assessments of the singers.