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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Colten Paul
Bex Giffen
Owen Wisner
Heidi Hurley
Brigit Willfong
Howard Hurley
Adrien Prince
Melissa Agarand
Craig Hill
Claire Nelson
Nadzin Degagne
Bruce Brodie
Sherry Crawford
Melissa Thomas
Mayce Achtemichuk

Kim Wall
Marco Yauck
Erica King
Angel Wall
Gary McKinlay
Megan Shmigelski
Jocelyne Braun
Cat Muir
Kyle Sevigny
Shelagh Kuin
Chris Shmigelski
Scott Trimble
Veronica Swirsky
Jamie King
Amanda Holder
Tia Boddy
Joel Murphy
Matt Kuin

Monday Fall League
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Tara Enns
Melody King
Adam Detillieux
James Cooper
Nicole Mathison
Danyal Gibson
Gina DiPaulo McGuire
Micheal Wade
Shauna Lehmann
Laloni Brodland
Toni Morris
Kim Hutcherson
Connie Olafson
Margaret Anne Kern
Jenna H
Kim Irvine
Leigh Huslage
Tasha Cooper

James Cooper 13 pts
Melody King 13 pts
Tara Enns 19 pts
Nicole Mathison 29 pts
Adam Detillieux 45 pts*
Micheal Wade 50 pts
Danyal Gibson 51 pts
Laloni Brodland 58 pts
Shauna Lehmann 62 pts
Margaret Anne Kern 69**
Kim Hutcherson 77 pts
Toni Morris 77 pts**
Gina DiPaulo McGuire 84pts*
Jenna H 91 pts ***
Connie Olafson 98 pts**
Tasha Cooper 102 pts
Leigh Huslage 140 pts
Kim Irvine 140 pts
​Traci Morrow
Tim Grummett
Becky Campbell
Erica Hartman
Tammy Berger
Larry Lennox
Ashley Antonio
Denis McBain
Darren Ritter
Sylvia Charles
Shirley Lennox
Fred Weeks
Austin Styles
Christine King
Jodi Barrington
Victoria LaFontaine
Emily Young
Ramona Logan
Erica Hartman 18 pts
Becky Campbell 22 pts
Sylvia Charles 28 pts
Traci Morrow 32 pts*
Tim Grummett 35 pts
Denis McBain 54 pts
Larry Lennox 59 pts*
Ramona Logan 59 pts **
Tammy Berger 61 pts**
Christine King 61 pts
Ashley Antonio 67 pts*
Fred Weeks 74 pts
Shirley Lennox 75 pts
Darren Ritter 77 pts
Jodi Barrington 86 pts
Austin Styles 86 pts**
Emily Young 90 pts **
Victoria Lafontaine 96 pts**

Colten Paul 22 pts
Heidi Hurley 25 pts
Owen Wisner 32 pts*
Mayce Achtemichuk 32 pts
Bex Giffen 33 pts*
Howard Hurley 44 pts 
Craig Hill 50 pts
Nadzin Degagne 57 pts
Brigit Willfong 63 pts**
Melissa Agarand 69 pts*
Melissa Thomas 70 pts*
Adrien Prince 71 pts*
Claire Nelson 75 pts
Bruce Brodie 76 pts
Sherry Crawford 106pts***
Alexis Hurley 124 pts
Mary Jane Felix 128 pts
Natasha Cook 140 pts 
Kim Wall 12 pts
Erica King 21 pts
Marco Yauck 21 pts
Angel Wall 35 pts
Jocelyne Braun 41 pts
Veronica Swirsky 51 pts*
Megan Shmigelski 57 pts
Amanda Holder 59 pts*
Kyle Sevigny 64 pts*
Shay Kuin 65 pts
Jamie King 72 pts**
Cat Muir 73 pts*
Chris Shmigelski 75 pts
Scott Trimble 86 pts
Gary McKinlay 89 pts**
Joel Murphy 102 pts **
Tia Boddy 104 pts***
Matt Kuin 104 pts***

Hip Hop Disco Results
Hip Hop Disco Results
Hip Hop Disco 
Hip Hop Disco
Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
* Disqualified 
​Well, what can I say??  The critics have spoken and it looks like Traci Morrow was the best in their eyes.  Nice unique choice of songs, with some cool expression and visuals, good work!  Tim I know I've not heard Nightshift in a couple of decades.  Cool on you for bringing it out of mothballs! KC and the Sunshine band, even better!  Good show old man!! Becky, two fabulous shows from you. Superfreak was super and Pony was pure sexy, in a weird confusing way.  Erica, Downtown was your best of two songs tonight.  Really really well done.  Rap stuff was bang on.  Tammy, another good week for you being in the top 5. Valerie was good and had pretty good overall marks.  Hello, good vocally but pretty hard to do anything with it.  But, you still did well.  Victoria, just a great job on No Diggity.  Not such a good time with Ain't no Mountain but, that was mostly because you muffled your voice with that damned hand of yours too close to the top of the mic.  It didn't have such an effect on Diggity.  You've got good stage movement kid, keep it up.  Jodi, You Can't Hurry Love was the top choice of your two songs in the eyes of the judges, mine too.  You have your vocals working for you.  The expression part will come if you allow it to.  Let loose, do something that will shock you!  Something that Jodi wouldn't do but might secretly want to.  Christine, vocally brilliant.  However I was told that eye contact was a contributing factor as to your placement tonight.  Don't forget, there's an audience out there and you need to acknowledge them from time to time. Austin, what a stellar performance of the Jackson 5 number.  Not only that, you did a pretty good performance of Feel Good.  Loved your enthusiasm and expression.  Fred, you had some good theatrics up there and that's what kept it together for you tonight.  Just a little behind in the rhythm with the vocals on both songs.  I thought the outfit was groovy!  Shirley, Loverboy was the better of your two songs.....you're welcome.  Just more energy and you moved a little more to it.  I'll make an entertainer out of you yet!!  Sylvia, kind of a tough night for you on the old leaderboard.  I'm guessing that this night just wasn't in your wheelhouse.  Stayin Alive was nice to hear from you, since I've never heard you do it before.  Baby's Got Back was actually scored higher especially for expression.  Diversify your repertoire a little bit.  Branch out and try new songs.  Darren, I was very impressed tonight.  War and Play that Funky Music were cool old tunes that you rocked. Your expression was pretty good on both songs even though some of the notes might not have been 100%.  Denis, both Give it Away and Break Stuff were unique to you.  I appreciate you doing stuff I don't normally hear from you.  Great show, some decent vocals too.  Ashley, you're such a good rapper....who knew?  Swimming Pool was an eye opener for me as far as your talent goes.  Way to go!  Nice props and visuals as well.  Larry, Unchained Melody was the best song of the first round in my opinion.  So very good and so very smart of you going low on that high note instead of meeting it head on and possibly losing.  The Billy Ocean song was good, but not Righteous Brothers good.  Very impressive.  Thank you to Scott and Jocelyne for lending us their ears tonight.  Remember, if you don't want to be in the Spring League , please contact me right away.  There are 14 people on the waiting list and only 8 spots open at this time.  If you're on the fence, make a decision soon.  Thank you.  
​Well done Mr Colten Paul.  Just a fantastic piece of work on the old Bee Gees tune Love you Inside and to top things off, another fine performance with Superstition by Stevie Wonder.  I know that nerves are always an issue for you, but I'd never know if you hadn't have told me.  Great work tonight.  Bex, simply fantastic.  Vocals were in prime form with both tunes.  Lately was a really nice song choice that I don't hear often. Owen, always worth the price of admission, if there was a price.  You'd be worth it.  Can't Help Myself was great.  I thought that you could've picked a better tune for you second song, but the judges totally loved it.  So, Stand By Me worked well.  Heidi, Mustang Sally and Mama Mia were your go to songs tonight.  I thought that you did ABBA wonderfully.  Brigit, welcome home.  We missed you the last two weeks, atleast I did. Nice energy on the Lauryn Hill tune.  I was hoping for a little more eye contact, but you seemed to need both of your eyes for the song.  I can understand that.  Melissa Thomas, kind of a rough start to the night for you with No Scrubs, but that happens occasionally.  I Will Survive turned out splendidly for you after the first couple of notes.  Well done.   Sherry, Mama Mia worked well for you and it looked good too.  Take a Chance on Me seemed a little unfamiliar to you at times, but it didn't sway you from your performance.  You forged ahead like a good little soldier, disregarding all the little land mines going off around you.  I like that.  That's what you should do. Bruce, nice outfits for both songs.  You did an admirable job on Lou Rawls as well as Gladys Night.  A little more consistency vocally throughout the song would've helped out the bottom line.  Nadzin, I have to say that it was all about your song choices this week.  I'm guessing that alittle more Motown and a little less rap would've benefitted you immensely. You've got a good voice and you should always choose singing over rapping, if you have the option. (my opinion totally).  Claire, first song was very throaty.  Second song, you kicked it into low gear and sang a little more from your diaphragm and less from your throat.  As a result, your marks were a little better for Hot Stuff.  Craig, such a great voice my friend.  You had some pretty good marks for both songs just because of your voice.  Not saying that the performance was crap, because it actually received just as high marks for both vocals and performance.  But, I thought it was your voice that was the highlight of your performances.  Melissa A, just a wonderful night of singing for you.  You looked like a little princess with a beautiful sweet voice.  Way to get into the spirit of things.  I only took about 6 or seven weeks, but it's finally rubbing off on you. As a result, you finished in 8th place tonight.  You had some great props, costume changes and songs that you performed. Adrien, I have to say that I Was Made For Loving You was a song that I didn't think would have the reaction that it did, especially with you singing it an octave lower than it should've been.  So, I guess I was wrong and I apologize.  You sang it perfectly an octave lower.  Your voice never wavered from that key, so good on you.  I want more of a show from you. You seem like the kind of guy who just needs a little nudge out of that comfort zone to become the superstar within.  Lol., that sounds a little hokey, but I'll leave it at that.  Howard, another good week of performing from you.  The last couple of weeks, you've surprised me with your show.  Vocals are always strong and it was your good performances that vaulted you into 6th tonight.  Good for you buddy.  EVERYONE, if you're NOT in the Spring league please let me know.  I've got 14 people ready to snatch up those vacant 8 spots, so far.  I'm sure there will be more but for now, only 8.  Thank you to Austin Styles and Marco Yauck for making some crucial decisions tonight.
​Okay, I'm going to do this fast because there were so few people here tonight but also because it's so late.....and I think I can get it done.  Congrats to Kim Wall for again claiming 1st place tonight and overall for Thursday.  Top marks for The Best and She Works Hard For the Money.  If anybody wants to find a fast track to the top, just watch Kim a little more closely.  Marco, nice work on your over the top performances, especially your crazy outlandish outfits!  They are absolutely appreciated!  The shows were both great, so good on you.  Those boots in boogie shoes.....out of this world.  Erica, full of expression and talent.  Lots of fun with both of your songs, even though I'd never heard that first one before.  Just great! Angel, another fantastic night of "performing" from you.  Take these words as a total compliment because if I'd said "singing", that would only meant half of what you accomplished.  Great shows on both songs.  The only thing I think was a detriment to you was that you lowered Love Child.  You could have easily done that song at the normal pitch.  It kind of made that tune very sluggish sounding. Gary, holy crap!  Top 5 tonight!  Good on you.  Great costumes, song choices, energy etc.  I know that you had to conjure up some energy using some ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead incantations, but it worked. Nice use of Kyle for your props!  That boy was a dead ringer for Elwood Blues, just saying.  Scott, just a few pitch issues on both songs, but I appreciate the extra effort you gave in doing some good performance work and costumes.  Shimmy, you may have found your new calling.  Screw the rock, get into the rap.  I thought you did a really good job of both rap tunes.  Loved the makeup too!  Shay, you looked fabulous on both songs.   They were both good song choices, but you just had a couple of slight blips on the radar.  Nothing to worry about or be concerned with.  You are a great performer.  Kyle, OMG.  Dude, you don't even know how talented you are.  I'm serious. From what I've heard over the last few weeks from you, amazing.  You somehow manage to sound like the artists you're portraying.  The only problem tonight, you kinda got lost during Thrift Store.  Other than that, wow.  Just more practice, more polish.  Cat, you had some pitch issues, especially during Lady Marmalade.  However, you looked fantastic for both numbers.  Great costumes kid!  Wow.  I really wish you'd lose that falsetto voice and give us some authentic Cat Muir!  I know you can do it. Jocelyne, I thought that you possibly got higher marks than I'd have given you.  I don't normally say that, but I personally thought that Celebration was kind of a crappy tune to do. Only because all the good parts of that song were done by the background track.  But, the parts that you did were good.  I'm just saying that I didn't like the version of that song.  All the energy went to the track. You just filled in between.  Megan, not to diminish your talents or your performances tonight, but No Diggity….never.  That song in my opinion goes nowhere and it takes forever to get to nowhere.  I was pleasantly surprised with your new updated version of I Threw It on The Ground.  Not quite the academy award performance you gave last league, but still good enough to keep my eyes on the stage.  Well played, Megan.  Thank you to Shirley and Melissa for sorting out things tonight!  Much appreciated ladies.
​Good work Tara!  New dog and 1st place all in the same day!  Build Me Up Buttercup and Mr Postman, two very nice unique song choices that you executed very well.  Congrats!  Melody, another good Monday for you.  Both the ABBA and the Eminem were done as fine as could be!
Adam, so cool, so very professional in your movements and delivery.  Wow.  That's all I can say!!  James, sweet Micheal Jackson, as usual.  The Canned Heat tune, even better!  Nicole, you've been a very consistent 4th or 5th place all league.  Good on you!  You deserve everything you've achieved.  I look forward to your performances every Monday night and you never disappoint me.  Always so expressive, love it.  Connie, two really good songs from you tonight.  Every week that you've shown up, you've been just a little bit better vocally and have shown just a little more confidence too.  A few more leagues under your belt and this will be so natural for you, you won't believe where you started from and where you are now!  Kim, the performance side of you comes so naturally.  That is great, plus half the battle!  We just need more work on consistent vocals.  I find the off key notes are getting less and less, but they are still a factor.  Toni, No One was the better of your two songs in my opinion.  It looked better, sounded better, was better.  I've never been a fan of that Roberta Flack remake.  Laloni, beautiful smile throughout both of your songs.  Loved it!  You don't know how rare that is for someone to be smiling and looking cheery while they're singing.  You'd think most of the people were at a funeral by the look on their faces.  My Guy was your strong song tonight!  Great work.  Shauna, so good on your first song, Higher Ground!  You did it so damned good.  Very proud , very impressed.  After a few lines of your second song, it became familiar to me.  It was also pretty good, but not quite the same calibre as the Stevie Wonder tune. Micheal, you were going great guns with ABBA and then you ran into some trouble with White and Nerdy.  Oh well, you're a pro, you'll get over it.  Gina, Where is the Love and I Will Survive, good work.  You had a couple of faulty notes here and there, but the show was spectacular.  I'd have lowered the key a semi tone on I Will Survive.  You just keep getting better each week.  Danyal, 6th place.....wow.  There was a time when you wouldn't have made it into the top ten!  I'm so very proud of you and your accomplishments this league.  You've got those vocals working for you in a way that I never thought they could.  You have the odd off note, but we all do from time to time.  Keep doing what you're doing.  Every body else, you've all been automatically renewed for the Spring League.  It's up to you if you don't want to be in it.  If that's your decision, a short note from you would really be welcomed right about now.  Like I'd mentioned before, if you want to switch nights, now is the time to do so.  Unfortunately, Thursdays are filled at this point, but keep checking back if that's the night you have your sights set on.  Thank you Jamie and Gary for doing a pretty good job at judging tonight.