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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
June 27 - Anything Goes!  Sing whatever you like! DJ Brad will be hosting this final Karaoke Club night.
June 27
1. Bruce Brodie
3. Marco Yauck
4. Cecile Eaves
5. Estelle Best
6. Lucianus Best
​7. Christine King
8. Becca Campbell
9. Melody Wolfe
10. Kim Wall
11. Shirley Lennox
12. Allen Geeraert
13. Brad Davies
14. Chantell Butler
June 20 -Sing any country song from the year 2000 and on.
June 20
1. Marcie Wyatt
2. Marco Yauck
3. Cecile Eaves
4. Estelle Best
5. Denis McBain
6. Becca Campbell
7. Melody Wolfe
8. Kim Wall
9. Shirley Lennox
10. Christine King
11. Bruce Brodie
12. Allen Geeraert
13. Lucianus Best
14. Chantell Butler
15. Kasey Johnston
What is Primetime Karaoke Club?  It's your chance to guarantee a couple of spots singing on a Monday evening at Crackers(while our competitive karaoke leagues are going on) and have you home at a reasonable hour. We've provided themes for the evenings, if you'd like to play along.  However, if you'd rather sing your own selections, then absolutely go ahead and do that.  To book a night or two or three, just text Cam at 306-270-2068.  You can also outright "join the club" in which case, you'll be singing every available Monday.