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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
Nightly Karaoke League Participants
Sound of Music Results
Sound of Music Results
Overall League Results
Tuesday Fall League
Wednesday Fall League
Thursday Fall League
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Kim Wall 1 pt
Erica King 1 pt
Megan Shmigelski 3 pts
Jamie King 4 pts
Cat Muir 5 pts
Jocelyne Braun 5 pts
Amanda Detillieux 7 pts
Shay Kuin 8 pts
Angel Wall 9 pts
Tia Boddy 9 pts
Amanda Holder 11 pts
Scott Trimble 12 pts
Dominic Kuin 13 pts
Chris Shmigelski 14 pts
Gary McKinlay 15 pts
Matt Kuin 16 pts
Mark Lopez 16 pts
Veronica Swirsky 20 pts*
Sound of Music Results

Kim Wall tied with
Erica King
Megan Shmigelski
Jamie King
Cat Muir tied with
Jocelyne Braun
Amanda Detillieux
Shay Kuin
Angel Wall tied with
Tia Boddy
Amanda Holder
Scott Trimble
Dominic Kuin
Chris Shmigelski
Gary McKinlay
Matt Kuin tied with
Mark Lopez
Veronica Swirsky

Sound of Music Results
​Adam Detillieux
Ramona Logan
James Cooper
Melody King
Micheal Wade
Tim Grummett
Nicole Mathison
Brianna Stirton tied 
Brad Davies
Tracey Abbott
Laloni Brodland
Kim Irvine
Danyal Gibson 
Jordan Bean
Kim Hutcherson
Toni Morris
Debbie Gibbons
Monday Fall League
Erica Hartman
Larry Lennox tied 
Marco Yauck
Tammy Berger tied
Becky Campbell tied
Traci Morrow
Lori Kennedy
Colten Paul
Ashley Antonio
Tyler Campbell
Denis McBain
Shirley Lennox tied
Christine King
Fred Weeks
Joel Goodson
Hayley Hedlund tied
Sylvia Charles tied
Taryn McCallum

Owen Wisner tied 
Tara Enns
Bex Murphy tied
Mayce Achtemichuk
Patrick Auchstaetter
Brigit Willfong
Jay Lutz
Brett Abdai
Eliana Pierre
Gareth Royeppen
Adrien Prince
Andrew Lessmeister
Bruce Brodie
Claire Nelson
Misty Dawn
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Adam Detillieux 1 pt
Ramona Logan 2 pts
James Cooper 3 pts
Melody King 4 pts
Micheal Wade 5 pts
Tim Grummett 6 pts
Nicole Mathison 7 pts
Brianna Stirton tied 8 pts
Brad Davies 8pts
Tracey Abbott 10 pts
Laloni Brodland 11pts
Kim Irvine 12 pts
Danyal Gibson 13 pts
Jordan Bean 14 pts
Kim Hutcherson 15 pts
Toni Morris 16 pts
Debbie Gibbons 20 pts *
Hopefully this week will shake off most of the summer rust a few of you have accumulated since the spring league back in June.  Things weren't perfect but it was a good start to the Fall League.  Adam Detillieux, congrats on two fantastic performances.  Great props, vocals were strong and your performance was a show stopper, especially Part of Your World.  Ramona, you were a little flat at times during We Will Rock You, but you managed to straighten it out for We Are The Champions.  Nice performances and looks for both tunes.  James, you did every muppet voice known in the universe last night.  You were consistently great on both of your songs with vocals and performance.  I would expect nothing less from you.  Melody, good work for your first night of league!  You've got a ton of power in your voice and that was evident on Make it Rain.  SOS was fun and a perfect song for you to "get your feet wet" in our league.  Micheal, you stuck with the lower register of your voice and I think it was a great decision on your part.  You hit everything you had to and made sure you accentuated those "power shots" in both songs.  You were very "in character" for each.  Great work!  Toni, I've heard you sing without a cold and your voice is wonderful.  I think that and nerves might have played a big role with you last night.  Two things I would do to make your songs more enjoyable, #1. move your hand down on that mic.  Don't cover it up with your fist when you sing.  #2. move your other hand out of your back pocket.  Use that hand to express your self.  Not bad for first karaoke league night.  Kim H, you had some pitch problems in both of your songs, however it's nothing that more singing, won't cure.  The more you get in front of a crowd with a microphone, the more comfortable you'll be.  Jordan, I think both of your songs had to be lowered a little more. There's no shame in that.  And, that prop column didn't help you out either, even though I thought you should have got atleast 1 point for that Freddy Mercury moustache. Remember buddy, I've got tons of "stuff" behind that DJ booth, if you ever need.  Danyal, I thought you did fabulous last night.  You had some minor pitch issues in Reflection, but your performances were both beautifully done.  Good girl.  Kim Irvine, you have so much passion when you sing!  You just get into your songs so much, it's great.  Two things to point out, be mindful of the power you're generating.  I can either turn you down a little, or you can just back off the mic some, it's your choice.  You were a little pitchy on Ready to Run.  Shrug it off as "first day back" jitters.  Laloni, sweet voice.  You've got that vocal part of the equation  perfected already.  Now, let's add some "performance" to your songs.  You can start by getting that left hand of yours moving a little.  Use it expressively throughout your songs, or switch hands with the mic from time to time.  Change it up a little.  That's your homework for next week.  Good work Laloni!  Tracey, your showmanship is very entertaining.  Great outfits, great presentation.  Keep doing what you're doing and the rest will fall into place.  Brad, good energy on both songs, nice costume.  Just a little loud in the mic at times, but certainly not as bad as you use to be.  I likely have your vocal coach to thank for that.  Good to have you back in league. Brianna, Speechless was almost perfect.  It had everything going for it.  The look, the sound, everything!  Think of Me was going in the same direction but then you had a few pitchy spots in that song.  I love your passion when you sing.  Don't quit that, ever.  Nicole, other than a couple of blips during your tunes, you looked and sounded great.  More singing will get rid of the summer rust that's accumulated.  Tim, nice looks, perfect vocals, great presentation.  You could have easily been up there with Adam for 1st last night, in my opinion.  Thank you to Megan and Chris for adjudicating the evening.  It's a tough job and we are all learning how to do it precisely and fairly.  
Erica Hartman 1 pt
Larry Lennox 2 pts
Marco Yauck 2 pts
Tammy Berger 4 pts
Becky Campbell 4 pts
Traci Morrow 4 pts
Lori Kennedy 7 pts
Colten Paul 8 pts
Ashley Antonio 9 pts
Tyler Campbell 10 pts
Denis McBain 11 pts
Shirley Lennox 12 pts
Christine King 12 pts
Fred Weeks 14 pts
Joel Goodson 15 pts
Hayley Hedlund 20 pts*
Taryn McCallum 20 pts*
Sylvia Charles 20 pts*
Congrats go out to all the singers!  Both judges were pretty much in alignment with their decisions and the unanimous choice was Erica Hartman.  Erica, this stuff is your calling.  I'm not sure if you know how good of an actress you really are?  Burn was simply amazing and I personally don't really care for that style of "music" but you made me stand up straight and take notice!  Larry, good solid performances from you.  Your expression and presence has come a long way since your first league not so many months ago. You also had a nice steady pitch.  Marco, I can't believe you're the same guy who used to sit in the back corner of the bar and listen to everyone else?!  I never knew there was that unleashed talent just waiting to burst out!  Well done on both of your songs!  Tammy, you've amped up your game a notch or two!  I liked the additional effort you put into props, costume and presentation.  Your vocals really have never been in question. Nice work!  Becky, both of your songs were presented in entertaining fashion. I particularly loved Hungry Eyes!  It almost made me miss putting on the makeup and getting my own head chopped off, lol!  Thanks for the entertainment!  Traci, strong vocals and great presentation. Death Row is a song I don't know, but it certainly went over well with the judges.  Joel, I guess preparedness would have went a long way for you.  You sound like you can sing, it's just you seemed like you weren't really sure of your songs, that's okay.  There's always next week.  However, you can always do a little more with the presentation.  Free up that left hand that was stuck in your pocket and use it to express yourself when you're singing.  Start small and do a little more each week.  I look forward to seeing what you do next week!  Fred, a little pitchy on the Elton John tune, but still entertaining.  Rich Man was a good choice for you but I had a hard time hearing the words even though I had your mic cranked.  Christine, vocally fantastic on Worse Things!  You really nailed that one!  Loved the costumes.  Shirley, good work.  I saw a couple of costume changes, a wig, some expression using your hands and face, I want more of that....more more more more.  Denis, Lust for Life was the better choice of songs for you.  You need songs with a pulse.....or maybe I do, I'm not sure.  You just seem to come alive more when you're doing something weird and upbeat.  Tyler, you're very talented and expressive when you sing.  That is what this is all about.  It's a combination of both and you'll do wonderfully in this league! Props or some stage attire for those extra points! Ashley, you started out maybe just a little nervous on your first song?  You had a couple of pitchy spots, but you seemed to feel so much more comfortable on the Joan Jett song.  That was evident in the way you sang and with your movements on stage.  Good work on your first league night!  Colten, killer vocals, always.  You put so much effort in the way you sing.  There seems to be nothing that you won't try and I admire that.  You want to get a little higher in the nightly standings, just go that extra mile and have a prop or stage clothes.  Something that pertains to the song you're doing or the character you're trying to portray.  Two songs, two judges equals an extra four points.  That makes a huge difference.  Lori, nice to have you back!  Two fun performances from you.  I can always count on you to do something involving crowd participants.  Vocals were good and your presentations were entertaining.  Thank you to Tim and Ramona.  It's good to see very little disparity between judges scores.  You two were so similar it was almost as if you were copying off of each others pages, ha ha ha.  Good work!
Owen Wisner 1pt
Tara Enns 1pt
Bex Murphy 3 pts
Mayce Achtemichuk 3pts
Patrick Auchstaetter 5 pts
Brigit Willfong 6 pts
Jay Lutz 7 pts
Brett Abdai 8 pts
Eliana Pierre 9 pts
Gareth Royeppen 10 pts
Adrien Prince 11 pts
Andrew Lessmeister 12 pts
Bruce Brodie 13 pts
Claire Nelson 14 pts
Misty Dawn 20 pts *
Well, at the end of it all, it was a split decision on the top 2 people of the night and they ended up in a tie.  Congrats to Owen and Tara for being "A" number 1.  Owen, two songs that suited your voice perfectly.  Careless Whisper and Heart of Rock n Roll were done just great.  Nice use of props, even though it was Brad...lol.  A person definitely can be a prop.  Tara, your pageantry always goes a long way in the final points to determine standings.  Going that extra mile always gives you the upper hand.  Vocals were fantastic on both songs.  Bex, vocals were perfect.  Your presentations just keep getting better and better.  I think it was the most animated I've ever seen you and I'm talking about the Brandy song, Sitting up in my Room. Simply great!  Mayce, I see you haven't developed any rust in your voice over the summer.  Still the same power and dynamics that I've come to know and enjoy.  You're always a pleasure to watch and listen to.  Patrick, I'd say try and watch the screen a little less if you can.  You were pretty fixated on it during the Garbage number.  You blew us all away with the Phantom of the Opera!  Claire, nice costumes on both of your songs.  You're getting in to the spirit of this league, really quickly. Maybe just a little more practice on some of those songs to become familiar with pitch and tempo.  The trick is to get to a point where you don't need the screen anymore and you can just concentrate on giving a little bit of a performance.  Nice job on your first night!  Bruce, you broke the bank on your costumes!  I hope you'll be able to wear that …….whatever it was....giant squid, more than once?  I'm not sure but it looked impressive.  It's a little tough to perform when you're fighting with your wardrobe because you can't see the screen, and that's where knowing your song comes in handy.  I'd suggest a few more hand gestures to start with.  Maybe move around a little more on stage (Gethsemane).  Andrew, I've really nothing to comment on with you.  You always come in and do a complimentary job. You have your own style of delivery and I get that.  Maybe just a prop of some kind would help get a few extra points.  Gareth, that goes for you too.  You have such a beautiful clear and precise voice.  Your pitch was perfect.  In order to compete with the rest of these guys, you're gonna have to amp up the presentation, just a little. Adrien, welcome to our league.  You have nice vocals and I really enjoyed the costumes/props you brought along with you.  However, if you're wearing a Dr. Frankenfurter outfit, you'd better be strutting around that stage and flaunting it.  I'd say you had a pretty good opening night.  Eli, you had some pitchy spots during the Whitney Houston song, but for the most part it looked and sounded great.  Edelweiss was a much better choice for your voice. The crazy thing is, I thought the song that you did after league had ended (Natural Woman) was your best song of the night!  So, congrats on making it through your first night of karaoke league.  You have so much potential and I'm excited to hear what you do next week!  Brett, very good opening week.  Your first tune, Basket Case was a show stopper.  Perfect song for you.  Not saying that The Circle of Life wasn't good, but it didn't have the energy and pizzazz that you gave to Greenday.  Well done.  Jay, a couple of missed notes here and there, but wow.  Nice show.  Great energy and presence. Brigit, you did great on the Gaga song, but Decode was your show stopper.  Lots of passion was what I felt coming from you in that song.  The following are notes from Becky.  Adrien, you clearly know the song (that track is garbage).  Trust yourself and go for it with performance.  Bruce, you get better every time I hear you sing.  Full expression marks on Kiss the Girl.  I loved that.  If you're going to wear a mask though, practice the lyrics a little bit more.  Claire, don't be afraid to adjust the key of the song.  You seem to know Once Upon a Dream really well and it would suit your voice even better if you lowered the key a bit.  Brett, Nice work with the makeshift ascot thingy.  You really brought it tonight.  Keep it up.  Bex, OMG, I haven't thought about that Brandy song in like, 20 years and now I'm gonna go add it to my playlist.  Thanks for the earworm! Patrick, I would love to hear you do the Word Is Not Enough bumped up by one so you could really give those bottom notes 100%.  Fantastic!  Jay, was your thought process, "Becky and Denis are judging so I'd better make it slutty?"  Cuz I love that!  Thank you to Denis and Becky for judging tonight.  Lots of talent in this Wednesday group.
It was a fun night fraught with some flat notes, wardrobe malfunctions and in the end, Erica and Kim were tied for 1st.  Kim, you brought the attitude, the energy and the props and the results speak for themselves.  Erica, nice outfits on Part of Your World and Skyfall.  Nice vocals and sweet visuals!  Megan, you were a little quiet in the microphone for me at times, but from what I heard, you did pretty well.  Good work of Unfortunate Souls.  I'd have definitely lowered the key on the Gaga song however.  Why struggle with a song if lowering it a key will make it that much easier.  Jamie, near perfect marks on both of your songs tonight.  I thought that you did a brilliant job of Burn, such great emotion from you on that one.  Ashes was worthy of the loud applause you received too!  Cat, great looks with both of your songs, Son of a Preacher Man was really done well.  I Touch Myself was really the better of the two only because you never fell for those little hesitations that occur in that song.  It's a tricky tune and I don't think I've ever heard anyone not flub it in atleast a couple places.  Well done.  Jocelyne, two costume changes from you and some pretty good vocals to go along with a nice presentation.  Matt, just a couple of off notes in both of your songs and maybe a little unfamiliar with the format of the Gaston song, but you did get some good marks for the extra mile you went on it, in regards to expression.  Mark, great costumes on both tunes.  I liked your presentations too.  You did have some pitch problems mostly with Believe it Or Not. Garry, you had some great costumes going for you as well!  I think what may have been lacking in your performances was not the performance itself but just a little energy coming from your vocals.  Phantom is one of those songs that have to be super dynamic in places, to be effective.  I liked Bare Necessities because you had this 1940's laid back talking style going really nicely. Chris, Killswitch rocked as did you.  Nice costume for Let it Go.  Vocally, you and I both know that should have been lowered a couple keys if not three.  I admire the effort.  Dominic, Kickapoo was fantastic with simply super energy and presence.  Rainbow Connection was fun however, you were uncharacteristically flat in spots.  Scott, just a tiny bit sharp on both songs, but I thought you made nice work of your tunes. Strawberry Fields and The Joker, were pretty darned good.  Amanda, Worse Things and Put a Spell on You.  Loved both looks you gave us, you appeared to be having fun and it was most evident during the Bette Midler song.  Pretty pitchy for the Grease number however.  Sometimes, we start off-track in the beginning of a song and never really get it straightened out.  Tia, you started out in the pole position, and being first to sing is never easy.  But, I thought you handled the task well.  Great presentation marks, but a little less so on vocals.  Angel, such great power on your second song.  For some reason, your second songs always seem to have more confidence than your first ones?....Nice big smile throughout, don't quit that.  Shay, maybe a little louder in the mic, but other than that, I didn't hear anything "off" with your performances.  Great looks, nice big smile and consistent vocals.  That's all you need!  Amanda Detillieux, I know what you were going through on Sweet Transvestite.  When wardrobe doesn't cooperate, vocals lose their focus.  You didn't go off key or anything like that, it's just you could tell you were flying on autopilot as you tried to untie that cape.  Linger was fantastic in my opinion.  It's just a super song and you sounded so much like Delores O on it.  Thank you to our two judges Micheal and Marco.  They kind of played good cop bad cop with their scoring, with one being a lot tougher while the other was pretty generous.  In the end, it all worked out the same.