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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Crackers Restaurant #1-227 Pinehouse Drive
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Mayce Achtemichuk
Colten Paul
Bex Murphy
Heidi Hurley
Brigit Willfong
Howard Hurley
Adrien Prince
Mary Jane Felix
Melissa Thomas
Craig Hill
Alexis Hurley
Bruce Brodie
Nadzin Degagne
Sherry Crawford
Claire Nelson
Owen Wisner
Natasha Cook​

Erica King
Kim Wall
Marco Yauck
Kyle Sevigny
Amanda Holder
Angel Wall
Chris Shmigelski
Veronica Swirsky
Megan Shmigelski
Cat Muir
Shay Kuin
Jocelyne Braun
Scott Trimble
Joel Murphy
Gary McKinlay
Tia Boddy
Jamie King
Matt Kuin

Monday Fall League
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Tasha Cooper
Melody King
James Cooper
Adam Detillieux
Tara Enns
Margaret Anne Kern
Nicole Mathison
Micheal Wade
Laloni Brodland
Danyal Gibson
Shauna Lehmann
Jenna Harder
Gina DiPaulo McGuire
Kim Hutcherson
Connie Olafson
Toni Morris
Kim Irvine
Leigh Huslage
Tasha Cooper 1 pt
Melody King 2 pts
James Cooper 3 pts
Adam Detillieux 4 pts
Tara Enns 5 pts
Margaret Anne Kern 6 pts
Nicole Mathison 7 pts
Micheal Wade 8 pts
Laloni Brodland 9 pts
Danyal Gibson 10 pts
Shaun Lehmann 11 pts
Jenna Harder 12 pts
Gina DiPaulo McGuire 13 pts
Kim Hutcherson 14 pts
Connie Olafson 15 pts
Kim Irvine 20 pts*
Toni Morris 20 pts*
Leigh Huslage 20 pts*
Alright, sorry about the website being down last night, atleast it was for updating. I thought that the night went well, nothing really terrible however not too much outstanding either. Just kind of okay. Three people were missing, not a good sign of things to come, but there’s always next week. Congratulations go out to all of you for giving it your best tonight and to Tasha Cooper who finished first in the judges eyes….and ears. Cat Muir was kind enough to offer her insights into the evening, so I’ll just let her words speak to the rest of you. Micheal, the Lion Sleeps Tonight was a fun and peppy song but it seems you were struggling a bit with the falsetto. Still, you looked like you were enjoying yourself. Patricia the Stripper was a delightful song. It simply demands overacting. I think you strained for some of the higher notes. Kim Hutcherson, These Boots was a fun song. It really needed a boost of attitude. Feel the power, really think about what you are saying, then mean it. Hokey Pokey definitely embraced the fun. Two words, drunk toddlers! Gina, Las Isla Bonita….good start. Welcome! You look like you’re having fun. Try to learn the words so the screen is a reference. It seems you spent quite a bit of time with eyes on the screen. With Rhiannon, we need to hear the words. I can’t emphasize this enough. Pronounce each word as clearly as you can. It might sound strange to you, but trust me, the audience will appreciate it. Tasha, the Pussycat song put a smile on everyone’s faces. This really looked like your happy song. You were entertaining and it entertained. With Pour Me, I have to say I love your performance skills. You have all eyes on you! You know your strengths and work them all, great show! Connie, Mama Mia. We want to see you come out of the corner. Let the music move you. You were bopping along with the tune. Try to develop a confidence with the lyrics. Should I Stay was an ambitious choice. This song demands a saucy performance. Once you feel comfortable I’d like to see you give us a bit more “oomph”. Shauna, Roar. Call it first time nerves, I think you knew you missed a couple of notes. But, I feel like once you get more into your comfort zone, you will be nailing it! Black Horse was your better song. You were more relaxed and played with it a bit more. Please work on your confidence with the lyrics. It will help you engage your audience. Danyal, Out of the Woods. You have a really good voice. Sometimes your performance overshadows that. Remember that we need to hear you. We kind of lost you while you were kicking chairs around. Ps. Learn to breath through your ears Lol. On Sunflower, this was your best song. I really felt you connected better with the lyrics. Margaret Anne, Black Velvet. You have a rich voice and you know how to use it. I’d like to see a bit more inflection. This song is smoky, sexy and sassy. You need to bring a bit more of the special something out. On Goodbye Earl, this song was more fun for you to perform and us to watch. This is a campy song. It’s great to ham it up. Jenna, You Know I’m no Good. Good clear vocals. I think performance will come once you lose some performance nerves. Don’t become a slave to the TV monitor. Suds in The Bucket I think you know these songs. Again, please stop staring at the screen. This is hurting your performance. Grab the audience and make them want to watch and listen to you. Nicole I Want You to Want Me. Love your energy. With a song this fast, remember to really enunciate because some lines got a bit lost. Natural Woman, I really appreciate you doing something outside your quirky character. This is a classic and there’s lots of expectation here. I think you brought a bit of yourself to this song. Adam, Make it Mine. This is your smile song. I like the energy you put into it. It sounded like you struggled with some of the notes though. Don’t Stop Me, you chose a very challenging song. I feel like we lost you in some of the lines. Annunciate so we can follow. James, Narcolepsy you gave us a great performance. I think we lost you a bit in your props. Empty Seat, well done! Absolutely no complaints! Melody, Footloose. I wasn’t expecting a dance number! I would love to hear more of your voice. You really dedicated yourself to the full performance. On Dance Monkey, I hate this song. I will change the station when it comes on. When you perform it though, I can’t get enough! Laloni, Everytime We Touch. You have a sweet voice. You really need to bring the attitude to this song. I feel like you were sleepwalking through this. You wanted to cut loose and have fun…..do it! Beautiful Day, it was nice to see you working on engaging the crowd. I can see you have more confidence with this song. Tara, Better when I’m Dancing. I think your feline accompanist stole the show! Sounds like you were battling a cold, you were a bit off in spots. I’ll Be There For You, thanks for not letting your cold slow you down. I can’t wait to see what you do when you’re 100%.
Becky Campbell
Erica Hartman
Sylvia Charles
Ramona Logan
Tim Grummett
Larry Lennox
Christine King
Darren Ritter
Shirley Lennox
Fred Weeks
Denis McBain
Ashley Antonio
Jodi Barrington
Emily Young
Victoria LaFontaine
Tammy Berger
Traci Morrow
Austin Styles
Becky Campbell 1 pt
Erica Hartman 2 pts
Sylvia Charles 3 pts
Ramona Logan 4 pts
Tim Grummett 5 pts
Larry Lennox 6 pts
Christine King 7 pts
Darren Ritter 8 pts
Shirley Lennox 9 pts
Fred Weeks 10 pts
Denis McBain 11 pts
Ashley Antonio 12 pts
Jodi Barrington 13 pts
Emily Young 14 pts
Victoria LaFontaine 15 pts
Tammy Berger 20 pts*
Traci Morrow 20 pts*
Austin Styles 20 pts*
Okay, it's great to be back!!  Seeing all the great performers and the new and upcoming prospects that came on board over the last two months.  Congrats to Becky Campbell who finally rid herself from those tremors and rocked the house for real.  With that said, Duck Tales really didn't rock, but it was funny and entertaining enough to pass the judges test.  Teenage Dirtbag was really good and Erica really added to the show.  Good enough for first according to the judges.  Erica, you were second!  You are always so animated and you really know your songs, the words, the sounds, the meanings of those words.  You know exactly when to give us a gesture that let's us know what the song is about.  Wonderful!! Sylvia, you are all heart and soul.  I think you feel every song that you do and if you don't, you've got us all fooled. Both Dance Monkey and the Billy Eilish tune were fantastic. Ramona, even with the red eyes, you looked and sounded great.  Nice performance on Big Spender plus a memorable moment with At Last.  I love that song.  You did it justice.  Tim, two very strong performances from you as always.  Strong vocals, great movement and eye contact with those around you. Billy and Bruce would agree!  Victoria, welcome to our league.  I think that by showing up late, you were at a bit of a disadvantage.  However, I'm sure next week that won't be an issue.  From what I heard, you have a pretty good voice and you certainly don't lack anything when it comes to performance.  However, I'd advise you to get that hand off your microphone and hold it down by the bottom.  Nothing worse than sounding like you're singing in a cardboard box.  That's what it sounds like with your hand over the mic.  Let me do the sound and you do the singing.  Emily, you have a very good voice.  I thought that maybe your nerves got the best of you on both of your songs.  You seemed to really be pushing those vocals and there really wasn't any need to.  Just relax, there's no need to strain your voice and overpower the music.  Keep that microphone a couple inches from your mouth and don't try to get loud into it.  I loved your performance and your movements were very good up on stage.  That's half the battle!  Jodi, two good song choices and I thought you did them well.  Maybe a little less monitor gazing, if possible.  Sing to those judges.  You're off to a great start!  Ashley, you picked up right where you left off last league.  Good for you.  The performances were both good and the song choices were nice.  There was some pitch issues on the Sheryl Crow tune.  Denis, I didn't hear anything wrong or see anything I didn't like with your performances.  Good work!  I  can't think of anything to suggest to you.  You did what you could with the material at hand.    Shirley, I don't think I've ever heard you sing an off note.  Your record is still intact after tonight.  Great pitch on both of your songs.  I loved the movements and the eye contact as well as the hand gestures you did tonight.  You get better every time you sing in league.  Darren, good first night buddy!  Powerful vocals on Roadhouse Blues!  You May Be Right was done pretty damn good as well.  Nice use of props even if it was a flag and a scarf.  It all counts, right?!  For the rest of you, I've got a ton of wigs, a few hats and other accessories under my DJ station for your use, if you want.  Christine, what a great night for you to open Winter League with.  So cool that you did Happy.  I have to be honest, that song actually makes me feel happy.  It really made my night, good work.  Larry, you've come a long way buddy.  Look at you!  Top 6 this week!  That's what a little practice, some attitude and confidence will do.  You are the poster child for Karaoke League.  Thank you to Melody and Danyal for making everyone feel at ease tonight and for doing an admirable job at adjudicating.  Get well Tammy Berger!  See you next week Traci and Austin!  I hope I didn't forget anybody?!
Mayce Achtemichuk 1pt
Colten Paul 2 pts
Bex Murphy 3 pts
Heidi Hurley 4 pts
Brigit Willfong 5 pts
Howard Hurley 6 pts
Adrien Prince 7 pts
Mary Jane Felix 8 pts
Melissa Thomas 9 pts
Craig Hill 10 pts
Alexis Hurley 11 pts
Bruce Brodie 12 pts
Nadzin Degagne 13 pts
Sherry Crawford 14 pts
Claire Nelson 15 pts
Owen Wisner 20 pts*
Natasha Cook 20 pts*
Erica King 1pt
Kim Wall 2 pts
Marco Yauck 3 pts
Kyle Sevigny 4 pts
Amanda Holder 5 pts
Angel Wall 6 pts
Chris Shmigelski 7 pts
Veronica Swirksy 8 pts
Megan Shmigelski 9 pts
Cat Muir 10 pts
Shay Kuin 11 pts
Jocelyne Braun 12 pts
Scott Trimble 13 pts
Joel Murphy 14 pts
Gary McKinlay 20 pts*
Tia Boddy 20 pts*
Jamie King 20 pts*
Matt Kuin 20 pts*
Wow, another night with 3 people missing....that makes 3 nights in a row.  You know about things happening in 3's!  Congratulations go out to Mayce for placing first in a pretty good night of singing and performing.  You are always so intense when you perform.  Nice costumes, great vocals and presentation.  Colten, well done buddy!  You came out with a pretty laid back song in Take It Easy, but you really brought your game to a new level with Rebel Yell.  Absolutely one of the best performances of the night.  Bex, superior vocals and control.....so what else is new?  Nothing to offer in the form of advise.  You do what you do and it has become your style.  I appreciate that.  Heidi, good to see my little package of TNT lighting up the stage at Crackers again!  Loved the fact that you started your season off with the song you last won the league with …...years and years ago.  Thank you to your group who made it a visual spectacle as well!  Brigit, I admire the fact that you're always trying new songs.  Two new ones yet again tonight.  You did really great on them, even though I only knew the Scissor Sisters song.  Claire, happy birthday!  Your song choices were very ambitious ones.  Two difficult songs and maybe, I'd have opted for something a little easier, but whatever motivates you to do better, do it.  Sherry, welcome to our league.  You have a good ear, good control and you're halfway there when it comes to performance!  I love getting people in this league who already know what to do!  Nice work on both Sugar Sugar and Here Comes The Sun.  Nadzin, you have a great voice and I can't wait to hear you sing more in the coming weeks.  If you want to get better at the performance aspect of this, I suggest a couple of things.  #1. Bring a prop or wear a costume.  #2. Don't sing to the TV monitor.  Be more open to those around you.  You're singing to them, (the judges).  Focus on them if you have to.  Make them pay attention to you.  Bruce, I thought you did pretty good on Happy Together.  A couple timing problems but you rectified them quickly.  I'm not sure about Clair because I've never heard it by anybody but you, so I have no other references as to how the song is supposed to go.  Alexis, amidst the nervousness, you managed to sing both of your songs very well.  I'm proud of you.  The hands were still a little shaky but, you tried to be a somewhat expressive in your performance.  Keep it up!  Try to do it through the entire song. Craig, you have such a warm wonderful and endearing voice!  OMG. I thought you did very well with the Alabama song especially on the performance side of things.  I thought maybe a little too much screen gazing on the CCR tune.  Melissa, welcome back.  You sound better than you ever did!  You also were more animated than I remember.  It appears your confidence has been pretty good for you lately!  Keep up the good work!  Mary Jane, great pipes!  I'd suggest a little less fixation on the TV, a prop or two and maybe a little bit of movement.  I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but you barely moved from that one spot on the floor during Strawberry Wine.  Don't be afraid to move around a little.  Adrien, just a fantastic bit of 70's shock rock with Sweet Transvestite.  You absolutely nailed it.  On Son of a Bitch, you opted to not kick it up into the next octave during the chorus.  If you can't do it, I understand but I think you could've done it easily.  Howard, your vocals are so accurate, always.  Key, tone rhythm are superb.  You move around nicely on stage.  But, you never make eye contact with anybody in front of you.  Look at those judges from time to time.  Bring them into your performance.  That's my two bits!  Thank you to Tim Grummett and Ramona Logan for doing some difficult work tonight.  I hope you all had fun and I can't wait to see you all next week, if not sooner!
Well, all I can say is that Thursday night, brought it!  After waiting the last three nights for something to really grab my attention, it was you guys that came through.  Not only did you decimate most of the stuff I'd seen throughout the week, you all were so damned good!  Right down to the very last singer!  Congrats go out to Erica King who freaked everyone out enough with Crazy to secure the win.  Pontoon was great too, don't get me wrong.  Well played Erica....well played.  Kim, even though you may have thought you didn't do so well, the judges thought differently.  Both songs were portrayed with a good degree of professionalism.  Marco, what a show!!  So very entertaining and you put so much into it!  The costume, the moves, the vocals!  The Sylvestre tune was a direct hit buddy!  Kyle, two great looks for two great songs.  Loved the fake water skiing in Chatahoochie!  Vocals were fantastic and your stage presence was exactly what a performer wants it to be.  That is the point where you are screaming look at me without having to say anything and they're doing exactly that.  Amanda a well deserved 5th place finish for you tonight.  You had everything clicking on all cylinders.  Dixie Chicks were awesome, your charisma was contagious.  Vocals were near flawless on both songs.  Great job tonight.  Joel, welcome back to league.  On a night where everyone was doing so good, you lost a couple of points for no props.  That is what made a good part of the difference.  That Kaleo song was just great.  I'm buying it on iTunes, tomorrow!  Great vocals my friend.  Scott, you really do a fine job of Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. That is YOUR song.  Nobody can take that away from you, for sure.  Just like Joel, you lost out on the extra couple of points that seemed to make all the difference tonight. Jocelyne, another fine rendition of Fleetwood Mac.  I liked the look, very Stevie Nicks.  Sexual Healing was good as well but it didn't stand out as much as Don't Stop.  Shay, your second song was soooooooooooooooo good!  I never expected to hear those sounds coming out of you.  All those falsetto notes just flowed out of you effortlessly.  I'm expecting big things out of you this league.  Nice work on your first night.  Cat, nice costume for Let it Go.  I liked the Pharrell Williams tune Happy, but if you read my Tuesday night review, you already knew that.  That song just makes me HAPPY! Megan, the big production girl.  You had the look for the performance down pat.  The setting was set perfectly. Lights, costume, props, everything.  The pitch of that song probably should have been brought down a little.  Those high notes at the end sounded like they were really a strain on vocal chords.  Marry You was a nice change and you did it really well without all the production.  The veil was a nice touch.  Veronica, two tried and true Vern tunes.  What better way to start off a karaoke league for you.  September always rocks, whenever you sing it.  Chain of Fools????  Aretha Who?  That's all you. Good work.  You looked lovely in the process.  Chris, Glory Hole was the song that brought you into the top 10 tonight.  Without Glory Hole, you wouldn't have been there.  Volbeat song didn't have the stuff that Steel Dragons did.  Another song like Glory Hole and you're looking at top 3 for sure.  Angel, so good!  Both songs.  Suds in the Bucket looked and sounded great.  I expect that out of you.  Heartbreaker rocked!  You definitely showed two distinct sides of your musical abilities.  You can rock it up or you can get countrified!  Either way, you were fantastic.  Keep up the great work kid.  Thank you to Bex and Mayce for lending their time to a great cause!  See you all next week!!  No excuses.