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Karaoke League Trophy
Spirit Award Trophy
Winter 2006 Mo Tourand
Spring 2006 Shandi Pattison
Fall 2006 Ray Whitton
Winter 2007 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2007 Veronica Swirsky
Fall 2007 Marcie Wyatt
Winter 2008 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2008 Chelsea Wright
Fall 2008 Cal Wiebe
Winter 2009 Denise Valle
Spring 2009 Kim Wall
Fall 2009 Zach Logan
Winter 2010 Bex Giffen
Spring 2010 Marcie Wyatt
Fall 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring 2011 Amanda Prystupa
Fall 2011 Kim Wall
Winter 2012 Brigit Willfong
Fall 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Winter 2013 Kim Wall
Fall 2013 Bex Giffen
Winter 2014 Nancy Lautner
Fall 2014 Tammy Berger & Chelsea Wright
Winter 2015 Tara Enns
Fall 2015 Micheal Wade
Winter 2016 Kim Wall
Fall 2016 James Cooper
Winter 2017 Bex Giffen
Spring 2017 Ramona Logan
Fall 2017 Ramona Logan
Winter 2018 Bex Giffen
​Fall 2018 Brittney Fulton
Winter 2019 Tim Hawryluk
Super League Brigit Willfong
Spring 2019 Traci Morrow
Fall  2019 James Cooper
Fall 2021 Marko Lee Yauck
Winter 2022 Marko Lee Yauck
Spring 2022 Kody Norton Byers
Fall 2022 Becky Campbell 
Winter 2023 Darla Boese
Spring 2023 Traci Morrow, Darla
Boese, Tara Enns
Fall League 2007 Fred Weeks
Winter League 2008 Tim Grummett
Spring League 2008 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2008 Heather Wallace
Winter League 2009 Marcie Wyatt
Spring League 2009 Viv Delorme
Fall League 2009 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Winter League 2010 Mike McCloy
Spring League 2010 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter League 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring League 2011 Mike McCloy
Fall League 2011 Brigit Willfong
Winter League 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2012 Amanda Detillieux
Winter League 2013 Brianna Stirton
Fall League 2013 Lindsay Greschner
Winter League 2014 Lori Kennedy
Fall League 2014 Debbie Gibbons
Winter League 2015 Tara Enns* 
Fall League 2015 Tara Enns & Tammy Berger
Winter League 2016 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2016 Mark Lopez
Winter League 2017 Brad Davies
Spring League 2017 Tara Enns
Fall League 2017 Lori Kennedy
Winter League 2018 Danyal Gibson
​Fall League 2018 Tara Enns
Winter League 2019 Mayce Achtemichuk
Spring League 2019 Jeremy Kuin
Fall League 2019 Megan Shmigelski
Winter League 2020 Marko Lee Yauck
Fall League 2021 Shirley Lennox
Winter League 2022 Traci Morrow
Spring League 2022 Chris Shmigelski
Fall League 2022 Bruce Brodie 
Winter League 2023 Scott Werner
Spring League 2023 Tia Boddy, Scott Werner, Chris Shmigelski

League Rules:

-Singing begins at 9pm.
-There are 2 rounds in which everyone sings once.
-Singing order is chosen by a random number generator that I use on the internet.
-The singing order won't be posted.  Hopefully everyone will show up on time.  Anyone missing their turn will have to sing immediately upon arrival.
-Sometimes, people have to leave early, I get that.  Feel free to let me know when you arrive that night.
-Just like jury duty, you could be asked to judge atleast one night that you don't sing on.  If this isn't an option for you, please let me know ASAP.
- if you can't make it for whatever reason, don't call me during the day.  If you feel you must let me know, text me after 9pm. 306-270-2068
-make friends and be supportive of others.

0 - 10 pts pitch/key
0 - 10 pts emotion in voice
0 - 10 pts presentation

So, a total of 30 pts could be handed out per song.

- try and sing to everyone in the room (especially judges).
- be aware of how loud you are.  Try to not scream or yell into the mic.  A good note that is too loud is just as bad as a flat one at times.
-smile, enjoy yourself.
-don't just stand in the corner looking up at the monitor, give us a show.  Karaoke is for the people 
who sing on the weekends.
-don't get caught up in the competitive part of things. Not everyone is in it for that reason!
-grow a thick skin.  One week you may be first, the next week you may be last.  Some of you could be last every week!  There are people in this league who've done this for over ten years.  Be in competition with yourself and no one else.
-judges like different things.  Get used to that.

#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

These are your finalized themes for the Fall League 2023!
September 26,27,28 - Our opening week and it's going to be an easy one.  Just to ease back into things, this is an open theme.  Meaning, whatever you want to sing is fine.  
October 3,4,5 - It's your choice what you want to do with this theme.  You can either sing something angelic or something demonic, it's up to you.  Sing one of each, if you like?  You can also take it literally if you want, meaning if either Angel or Demon (Devil) is in the title, that'll work too.  However it doesn't necessarily have to be.  
October 10,11,12 - one of my favorite themes because in my opinion, some of the best songs ever written were written and performed by people who've already passed on.  That could possibly reflect on my age, but what the heck?!  Pick a couple of songs by a musician(s) that are no longer with us.
October 17,18,19 - This one could be a little more difficult than the rest of them, atleast it would be for me.  It's time to get a little funky!  So, stuff like James Brown, 70's disco stuff, Jackson 5, Bruno Mars (Uptown Funk), Hot Chocolate, War, even Ace Frehely (New York Groove).  There are a ton of songs and artists to choose from.  Take two minutes and search it on the internet if you have to.
October 24,25,26 - Very simple theme.  Pick two songs from any decade that you choose.  The only thing you have to do is make sure that both songs you choose are from the same decade.  So, if you're going with 80's, both songs have to be from that decade.  Get it?
October 31, November 1,2 - It's Halloween week and it's another freebee theme.  Sing whatever you like.  If you want to stick with a Halloween theme song, go for it.  If you want to do country, do it.  The sky is the limit this week.  
November 7,8,9 - What scares you?  Figure that out and find a couple of songs to get that message out to the rest of us.  Failed relationships, a death in the family, losing your job, sock puppets, whatever the case nobody can question what your fears are, they are yours.  They are real.  
November 14,15,16 - Choose 1 group or performer and try and imitate/impersonate him/her/them to the best of your abilities.  So, I want 2 songs from the same artist, got it?  If you're going with Elton, I want two songs, Celine, I want two songs, Iron Maiden, two songs.  
November 21,22,23 - This is it folks!  We are going to do exactly the same as we did for the Spring League and that is, get each night to "show off" their talent to friends and the patrons of Crackers.  Also, it will be the very last time you'll be able to show off for me as well.  Most of you already know, but in case you didn't, after 40 years at Crackers I will be handing over the microphone to someone new.  It's definitely time for me to step aside and let in some new ideas, new energies and new experiences.  So, once the leagues have been filled, (I'm hoping by early August) you can all start to plan for this night by appointing someone to organize your night.  Do it by committee if you like.
Caleb Anspikian
Cecile Eaves
Lenore Cooke
Jamie King
Jasper Campbell
Emery Flaterud
Mayce Achtemichuk
Kim Fehr
Denis McBain
Chantelle Fedosoff
Brad Davies
Melody Wolfe
Christine King
Jordan Bean
Kasey Johnston
Jaedyn Braun
Megan Shmigelski
Tia Boddy

Sara Kjelshus
Lin Brown
Darla Boese
Melissa Agarand
Dawson Keller
Scott Trimble
Jocelyne Braun
Lenore Cooke
Claire Nelson
Danyal Gibson
Kealy Heeg
Kody Norton Byers
Bruce Brodie
David Van Der Ploeg
Donna Van Der Ploeg
Scott Werner
Lisa Werner
Fola Akinmolayan
Brady Dishko
Ryder Nielsen
Elyssa Nielsen
Kim Wall
Ambrose Metsikassus
Cat Muir
Shauna Lehmann
Tara Enns
Ashley Werbicki
Melody Wolfe
Crystal Sholopiak
Megan Shmigelski
Chris Shmigelski
Brianna Stirton
Jeremy Kuin
Paul Antosh
Jess McIntyre
Riana Back
Fall Karaoke League Participants
Filled Thank You!
Filled Thank You!
Filled Thank You!
Judges Schedule:

September 26 - Cat Muir, Crystal Sholopiak
September 27 - Cecile Eaves, Chris Shmigelski 
September 28 - Darla Boese, Melissa Agarand
October 3 - Brady Dishko, Riana Back
October 4 - Brad Davies, Jordan Bean
October 5 - Lin Brown, Kealy Heeg
October 10 - Shauna Lehmann, Ambrose Metsikassus
October 11 - Ryder Nielsen, Elyssa Nielsen
October 12 - Lisa Werner, Scott Werner
October 17 - Ashley Werbicki, Jeremy Kuin
October 18 - Emery Flaterud, Kim Fehr
October 19 - Claire Nelson, Bruce Brodie
October 24 - Donna Van Der Ploeg, David Van Der Ploeg
October 25 - Paul Antosh, Jessica McIntyre
October 26 - Mayce Achtemichuk, Jaedyn Braun
October 31 - Danyal Gibson, Dawson Keller
November 1 - Melody Wolfe, Brianna Stirton
November 2 - Jamie King, Tia Boddy
November 7 - Kody Norton Byers, Sara Kjelshus
November 8 - Kasey Johnston, Megan Shmigelski
November 9 - Scott Trimble, Jocelyne Braun
November 14 - Kim Wall, Tara Enns
November 15 - Jasper Campbell, Denis McBain
November 16 - Fola Akinmolayan,  Melissa Agarand

If you aren't available to do your "jury duty", please let me know ASAP or simply switch with someone else, but let me know if you do. 
Looking for sponsors to furnish the Fall League

1st place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday -  Crackers 
2nd & 3rd place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - Cam Zoller

Most Improved Tuesday-
The Fab Four
Most Improved Wednesday
Most Improved Thursday -
Tara Enns
Spirit Award Tuesday
Allen Geeraert - Network Data Products
Spirit Award Wednesday
Allen Geeraert - Network Data Products
Spirit Award Thursday
Cat Muir
Allen Geeraert - Network Data Products​
There are NO Rookies in this league. Please feel free to sponsor whichever awards you would like.  Double them up, Triple them up, the more the better!