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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan
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Some New Rules for The Fall League 2020 due to Covid -19
​- each singer will do 2 songs per league night back to back. Monday people, possibly will sing 3 songs because of the low numbers. The order of singing will be determined by a number generator that I use.  I post a weekly schedule.
​- have fun! Get to know those people who are singing on your evening however, make sure you stay a safe distance.....covid, you know. They just may become your best friends.
- watch how others sing and perform to possibly pick up some tips that you can use for your own performances.
- dressing up in costume isn't mandatory, but it will get you an extra point per song.
- your scores are determined by two factors. 1. vocals. 2. performance. Each category has a maximum of 10 points per song. Plus that extra 1 point for costume/props for a possible total of 21 points per song.
- the singing order is picked randomly by an online number generator that I use.
- singing begins at 9pm sharp! Judges will be seated behind the plexiglass upstairs, (except for the 1st week).
-  Unlimited absences allowed. (however, you will be given 20 pts per absence.)
- miss three theme nights and you don't qualify for the semi finals or finals. You can still attend the remaining regular league nights.  Since Covid is a factor, you will still be invited to rejoin the next league.
- Everyone will be assigned a microphone for the evening.  If you plan on sticking around after league and singing, please keep your microphone with you until you're ready to leave. I will be handing out two-song sets to those wanting to book a time and practice.  Just mention it to me after league and I should be able to make it happen.
- All mics and cables will be wiped down with Virex immediately after handing them in. That's my job not yours.
- No duets and no more than 1 person on the stage at all times. Please stay on the stage area while performing.
- please text your song requests to me in the order that you'll be singing them.  306-270-2068
- I post a critique every night after the league is done. It can be found on this website usually by the next morning.  
what are my qualifications?? (played piano from age 6, drums from age 12. I've played in local bands around Saskatoon for 40 years ie, Centerfold 3 years, Jacob's Ladder 2 years, numerous Blast From the Past shows, Paradise Road drummer/vocalist for 16 years, frontman for Alice Cooper tribute act Caught In A Dream for 7 years.  Back up vocalist in studio on local performers tracks, recorded an EP of Alice Cooper covers, different voice characterizations on animated video's for Sask Health Region, recorded songs for children's CD's and subsequent animations of those songs, karaoke host for 28 years.)
- as well, a slideshow of the night's events will also be on this website, usually by the next morning.
- don't take this too seriously. Be in competition with yourself and no one else. If you think you can be on the same playing level as some of these people who've been in this for years, you're going to be in for a rude awakening and this will not be a very fun experience for you at all. Consider it like a game of golf. You might go golfing with Tiger Woods but you certainly wouldn't expect to beat him. There will be a wide spectrum of talent in this league. Don't let that intimidate you.  
- there's going to be someone in first place and someone in last place each week. If you're ultra competitive, then I suggest you grow a thick skin because results differ from week to week from judge to judge. You may be 1st one week and last the next...… or last every week!
- a judges schedule will be made and posted below. (consider it jury duty, where most of you will be asked to do it).
- my definition of a "costume" is anything that you likely wouldn't wear to work. Every performer has stage clothes of some sort.  However, all you need is really a prop to earn that extra one point per song.
- any questions at all, feel free to ask!
Karaoke League Trophy
Spirit Award Trophy
Winter 2006 Mo Tourand
Spring 2006 Shandi Pattison
Fall 2006 Ray Whitton
Winter 2007 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2007 Veronica Swirsky
Fall 2007 Marcie Wyatt
Winter 2008 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2008 Chelsea Wright
Fall 2008 Cal Wiebe
Winter 2009 Denise Valle
Spring 2009 Kim Wall
Fall 2009 Zach Logan
Winter 2010 Rebecca Giffen
Spring 2010 Marcie Wyatt
Fall 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring 2011 Amanda Prystupa
Fall 2011 Kim Wall
Winter 2012 Brigit Bradshaw
Fall 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Winter 2013 Kim Wall
Fall 2013 Rebecca Giffen
Winter 2014 Nancy Lautner
Fall 2014 Tammy Berger & Chelsea Wright
Winter 2015 Tara Enns
Fall 2015 Micheal Wade
Winter 2016 Kim Wall
Fall 2016 James Cooper
Winter 2017 Bex Murphy
Spring 2017 Ramona Logan
Fall 2017 Ramona Logan
Winter 2018 Bex Murphy
​Fall 2018 Brittney Fulton
Winter 2019 Tim Hawryluk
Super League Brigit Willfong
Spring 2019 Traci Morrow
Fall  2019 James Cooper
Winter 2020 Covid 19
Spring 2020 Covid 19
Fall League 2007 Fred Weeks
Winter League 2008 Tim Grummett
Spring League 2008 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2008 Heather Wallace
Winter League 2009 Marcie Wyatt
Spring League 2009 Viv Delorme
Fall League 2009 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Winter League 2010 Mike McCloy
Spring League 2010 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter League 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring League 2011 Mike McCloy
Fall League 2011 Brigit Bradshaw
Winter League 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2012 Amanda Detillieux
Winter League 2013 Brianna Stirton
Fall League 2013 Lindsay Greschner
Winter League 2014 Lori Kennedy
Fall League 2014 Debbie Gibbons
Winter League 2015 Tara Enns* 
Fall League 2015 Tara Enns & Tammy Berger
Winter League 2016 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2016 Mark Lopez
Winter League 2017 Brad Davies
Spring League 2017 Tara Enns
Fall League 2017 Lori Kennedy
Winter League 2018 Danyal Gibson
​Fall League 2018 Tara Enns
Winter League 2019 Mayce Achtemichuk
Spring League 2019 Jeremy Kuin
Fall League 2019 Megan Shmigelski
Winter League 2020 Marco Yauck
Spring League 2020 Covid 19

Fall League Sponsors 2020

Cam Zoller
Traci & Mark Morrow
Tasha and James Cooper w/Presto's Treasures
Judy & Garry Karpinka
Kim Wall
Heidi Hurley
We have a big tournament at the end of league and it will last a couple weeks.  Each group will sing on their own night with the top 6 moving on to the 2nd week.  Then monday/tuesday will sing off and the top 6 from there will go on to the finals.  Subsequently wednesday/thursday will do the same.  The top two finishers on each night during the regular league will get a bye into the finals where they will meet up with the qualifying dozen people who've gone through this.
1. James Cooper
2.Gina DiPaulo McGuire
3.Tammy Berger
4. Laloni Brodland
5. Melody King
6. Danyal Gibson
7. Kim Hutcherson
8. Connie Olafson
9. Nathan Wolfe
10.Tracey Abbott
11. Shauna Lehmann
12. Sylvia Charles
13. Annie Perret-Smith​

1.Tena Slind
2.Ashley Antonio
3.Erica Hartman
4.Larry Lennox
5.Fred Weeks
6.Shirley Lennox
7.Austin Styles
8.Denis McBain
9.Traci Morrow
10.Joel Murphy
11.Tia Boddy
12.Christine King
13.Lara Guerrero

1. Adrien Prince
2.Claire Nelson
3.Tara Enns
4.Melissa Thomas
5.Kealy Heeg
6.Mayce Achtemichuk
7.Bex Giffen
8.Howard Hurley
9.Violette Kreisz
10.Brigit Willfong
11.Heidi Hurley
12.Melissa Agarand
13.Bruce Brodie
14.Sherry Crawford
​15.Candice Lord
16. Pamela Thomas
17. Laney Cheecham

1.Scott Trimble
2.Chris Shmigelski
3.Rylee Auger
4.Jocelyne Braun
5.Erica King
6.Shay Kuin
7.Matt Kuin
8.Kim Wall
9.Isrena Kyle
10.Marco Yauck
11.Angel Wall
12.Jill Wilson
13.Stevie Brown
14.Skyelar Pollack
15.Megan Shmigelski

Fall League Participants 
​beginning September 28th
Sing a song of rebellion!  What's your cause?  Find a couple of songs that resonate with you and bring your performance!  A couple of songs that come to mind would be My Generation and Beds are Burning.  You get the picture?
What is a song or style of music that you wouldn't ordinarily do, but secretly wish you did.  Time to make that dream a reality.  Personally, my own guilty pleasure is Amy Winehouse.  My phone has the likes of Alice Cooper, Coheed & Cambria, Judas Priest, Guns N Roses and then I've also got Amy.  So, using this as an example, what is YOUR guilty pleasure?
You have 3 decades to find 2 songs dating all the way back to January 1st of 1950 and going right until December 31st of 1979.  Any two songs will do!  Any genre, any decade, you pick.  Please feel free to dress the part too.
This night is only about your voice, that's it.  You will be scored on only that.  No props, no stage show, nothing.  The Judges will be behind a partition and will only be able to hear you.  I'll try and make it so the judges aren't familiar with the people on your night if at all possible.
Every one always thinks that they can take a song and tweak it a bit to make it better.  Now's your chance too.  Find a "Cover song" that somebody did of an original.  A couple of examples would be Spirit in the Sky by Dr and the Medics or Jolene by Miley Cyrus.
Easy stuff and just to make it perfectly clear for this theme night, there will only be two genders, male and female. Guys will sing songs made famous by females and ladies will sing songs made famous by men.   Dress the part for those extra two points! 
It's Halloween week and it's your chance to get as freaky as you want with your costumes.  The theme is wide open but let's try incorporate your songs and your costume if you can.  So, sing whatever you like to!
Sept 28 - Shay Kuin. Skyelar Pollack
Sept 29 - Shauna Lehmann, Connie Olafson
Sept 30 - Tena Slind, Austin Styles
Oct 1 - Melissa Thomas, Pamela Thomas
Oct 5 - Marco Yauck, Shimmy
Oct 6 - Melody King, Nathan Wolfe
Oct 7 - Denis McBain, Erica Hartman
Oct 8 - Howard Hurley, Heidi Hurley
Oct 19 - Megan Shmigelski, Isrena Kyle
Oct 20 - James Cooper, Danyal Gibson
Oct 21 - Fred Weeks, Shirley Lennox
Oct 22 - Joel Murphy, Melody King
Oct 26 - Scott Trimble, Jocelyne Braun
Oct 27 - Tammy Berger, Tracey Abbott
Oct 28 - Ashley Antonio, Traci Morrow
Oct 29 - Bex Giffen, Brigit Wilfong
Nov 2 - Rylee Auger, Angel Wall
Nov 3 - Kim Hutcherson, Laloni Brodland
Nov 4 - Denis McBain, Tia Boddy
Nov 5 - Melissa Agarand, Claire Nelson
Nov 9 - Stevie Brown, Kim Wall
Nov 10 - Melody King, Shauna Lehmann
Nov 11 - Larry Lennox, Shimmy
Nov 12 - Tara Enns, Sherry Crawford
Nov 16 - Erica King, Matt Kuin
Nov 17 - James Cooper, Nathan Wolfe
Nov 18 - Christine King, Austin Styles
Nov 19 - Adrien Prince, Mayce Achtemichuk
Judges Schedule Fall League 2020