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Karaoke League Trophy
Spirit Award Trophy
Winter 2006 Mo Tourand
Spring 2006 Shandi Pattison
Fall 2006 Ray Whitton
Winter 2007 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2007 Veronica Swirsky
Fall 2007 Marcie Wyatt
Winter 2008 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2008 Chelsea Wright
Fall 2008 Cal Wiebe
Winter 2009 Denise Valle
Spring 2009 Kim Wall
Fall 2009 Zach Logan
Winter 2010 Bex Giffen
Spring 2010 Marcie Wyatt
Fall 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring 2011 Amanda Prystupa
Fall 2011 Kim Wall
Winter 2012 Brigit Willfong
Fall 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Winter 2013 Kim Wall
Fall 2013 Bex Giffen
Winter 2014 Nancy Lautner
Fall 2014 Tammy Berger & Chelsea Wright
Winter 2015 Tara Enns
Fall 2015 Micheal Wade
Winter 2016 Kim Wall
Fall 2016 James Cooper
Winter 2017 Bex Giffen
Spring 2017 Ramona Logan
Fall 2017 Ramona Logan
Winter 2018 Bex Giffen
​Fall 2018 Brittney Fulton
Winter 2019 Tim Hawryluk
Super League Brigit Willfong
Spring 2019 Traci Morrow
Fall  2019 James Cooper
Fall 2021 Marko Lee Yauck
Winter 2022 Marko Lee Yauck
Spring 2022 Kody Norton Byers
Fall 2022 Becky Campbell 
Fall League 2007 Fred Weeks
Winter League 2008 Tim Grummett
Spring League 2008 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2008 Heather Wallace
Winter League 2009 Marcie Wyatt
Spring League 2009 Viv Delorme
Fall League 2009 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Winter League 2010 Mike McCloy
Spring League 2010 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter League 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring League 2011 Mike McCloy
Fall League 2011 Brigit Willfong
Winter League 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2012 Amanda Detillieux
Winter League 2013 Brianna Stirton
Fall League 2013 Lindsay Greschner
Winter League 2014 Lori Kennedy
Fall League 2014 Debbie Gibbons
Winter League 2015 Tara Enns* 
Fall League 2015 Tara Enns & Tammy Berger
Winter League 2016 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2016 Mark Lopez
Winter League 2017 Brad Davies
Spring League 2017 Tara Enns
Fall League 2017 Lori Kennedy
Winter League 2018 Danyal Gibson
​Fall League 2018 Tara Enns
Winter League 2019 Mayce Achtemichuk
Spring League 2019 Jeremy Kuin
Fall League 2019 Megan Shmigelski
Winter League 2020 Marko Lee Yauck
Fall League 2021 Shirley Lennox
Winter League 2022 Traci Morrow
Spring League 2022 Chris Shmigelski
Fall League 2022 Bruce Brodie 

Fall League Rules:

-Singing begins at 9pm.
-There are 2 rounds in which everyone sings once.
-Singing order is chosen by a random number generator that I use on the internet.
-The singing order won't be posted.  Hopefully everyone will show up on time.  Anyone missing their turn will have to sing immediately upon arrival.
-Sometimes, people have to leave early, I get that.  Feel free to let me know when you arrive that night.
-Just like jury duty, you could be asked to judge atleast one night that you don't sing on.  If this isn't an option for you, please let me know ASAP.
-miss more than 2 nights and you'll have to miss out on the last two weeks of League (playoffs and finals) there's a 25pt penalty for each absence.
- if you can't make it for whatever reason, don't call me during the day.  If you feel you must let me know, text me after 9pm. 306-270-2068
-make friends and be supportive of others.
Scoring: Winter League
process will change as per Karaoke World Championship guidelines.  It's time we expanded this a little more.  Details to follow.
- try and sing to everyone in the room (especially judges).
- be aware of how loud you are.  Try to not scream or yell into the mic.  A good note that is too loud is just as bad as a flat one at times.
-smile, enjoy yourself.
-don't just stand in the corner looking up at the monitor, give us a show.  Karaoke is for the people 
who sing on the weekends.
-don't get caught up in the competitive part of things. Not everyone is in it for that reason!
-grow a thick skin.  One week you may be first, the next week you may be last.  Some of you could be last every week!  There are people in this league who've done this for over ten years.  Be in competition with yourself and no one else.
-judges like different things.  Get used to that.
- try to avoid the gossip that has infiltrated this league.
#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan


​Scott Trimble
Jocelyne Braun
Jaedyn Braun
Cam Zoller
Crystal Sholopiak
Emery Flaterud
Jamie King
Elyssa Neilson
Ryder Neilson
Dylan Hoppe
Tia Boddy
Becky Campbell
Angel Wall
Denis McBain 
Traci Morrow
Darrell Thompson
Chantelle Fedosoff
Lenore Cooke

​Sara Kjelshus
Lisa Werner
Scott Werner
​Claire Nelson
Bruce Brodie
Kealy Heeg
Melissa Agarand
Danyal Gibson
Brittany Thomson 
Candice Lord
David Van Der Ploeg
Donna Van Der Ploeg
Dawson Keller
Brigit Willfong
Lin Brown
Darla Boese
Fola Akinmolayan
​Justin Salt

Julie Hrynchyshyn
Tenielle Gray
Shauna Lehmann
Rebecca Marcotte
Cat Muir
Melody Wolfe
Kim Wall
Megan Shmigelski
Chris Shmigelski
Jeremy Kuin
Paul Antosh
Tara Enns
Kasey Johnston
Jeremy Gaetz
Ambrose Metsikassus 
Veronica Swirsky
Jess McIntyre
Ashley Werbicki 
Winter League Participants (18 per night maximum)  Top 5 overall finalists for each night will get a bye into the final.

Possible Winter League Themes
Pick two songs that are on your workout playlist and perform them.  (If you don't have one, looks like you get to pick practically anything!!)
You'll perform two songs by singing groups with at least 2 family members in them.  There are actually more of these than you'd know existed.  A few examples are Dixie Chicks, Heart, Jonas Brothers, Pointer Sisters, Van Halen, Styx, Kings of Leon, etc..
Pretty easy stuff!  Perform two songs from either the 50's, 60's or one from each one.  Make sure you dress the part, if you can.
This theme is a lot more difficult.  You'll have to choose two songs that have either won an Oscar for best song, or at minimum, have been nominated.  Regardless, I've looked at both lists, (winners and nominees) and I couldn't hum a line from 98% of them.  Could be a very difficult theme.
If you notice the map, North America is missing.  That's because you're going to have to pick two songs from any of the remaining continents, there are 6 remaining, however I don't think there are any noises coming from Antarctica except for maybe, the odd penguin, so in reality, you'll be down to 5 continents.  
Sing something that is currently on the charts, or atleast something that was on the charts from the past couple of years.  
Ok if you're rebellious by nature, you'll love this theme.  Fight the Power, yada yada yada.  It's your night to stand up and PROTEST!  Find a couple of songs that fit the theme.
Too simple.  Two Beatles songs, that's it!  Grab a geeky looking wig, put it on and hit the stage!
Pick two songs that "give you shivers" when you hear them performed.  If all goes well, we should all have to dress warm for this week!
Interesting premise....So, you're going to be singing a couple of songs that Cam (me) sings.  If it looks like this one will be voted in, I'll provide a lengthy songlist.  Until that happens, you'll all have to speculate what that songlist contains.  
Some of you wanted this theme in again because it didn't get voted in last league.  Well, if it's chosen as a theme, you'll all be singing a couple of good ol' homegrown Canadian tunes.
Again, another theme night that we've done in the past, but you all want another chance at doing it.  We are going to keep this one open to strictly movies this time.  No television or broadway shows, your songs will have to be from movies.  In fact, make sure you know which movies that your songs come from, you may be asked.
Lol, when I was a kid, I know myself and all of my friends believed it was definitely some kind of illness associated with liking this music, so I get the "fever" part of it.  All kidding aside, we are doing 70's disco on this night.  There was alot of "music" crammed into those few years when disco was popular, so it shouldn't be hard to find a couple for you to sing.
Well, it is winter and it is cold here.  I know that we have another theme that includes the "hot" as well as the "cold" but this one is simply about COLD.  So pick a couple of songs about being cold, whether it's physically or emotionally, it doesn't matter.  
Another repeat of the past.  If this theme gets chosen, it'll only be for participation purposes, meaning everyone in attendance will receive 1st place points.  Be prepared to sing in a single knockout tournament in which you may sing as many as 4 or 5 songs or as little as 1, depending on how you do.  
Yup, this was asked for .....again.  Guys will sing songs normally done by girls and vice versa.  Make sure to dress the part.  As an added feature, I'm sure Bruce will be strutting around in a different outfit every night, only if this theme gets chosen of course.
It's a theme about winning and losing, good luck and bad luck.  Find a couple of songs that fit this description and go for it!
Hmmm, Gender Bender and Girl Power possibly in the same league?  How many outfits do you have Bruce?  I didn't see anybody requesting "manpower" so it could happen.  Pick two songs that you feel empower women, or simply "speak" to you as a woman.  Guys, I guess you'll just have to try and put yourself in a woman's position to figure this one out.
This theme is a lot more "singer friendly" than the Oscars theme, atleast that's my perception.  You get to choose from a long list of winners and nominees that go back to 1959 and believe me, you'll know most of these songs.  For a complete list, go to wikipedia.  Make sure you get dressed for the occasion, after all it is an awards show!
A little good a little bad, a little heaven and a little hell.  Give us one of each.  Something sweet and something not so sweet.  
Like I mentioned earlier, this one also includes the "hot" and not only the "cold".  So, find something with either hot or cold in the title, there's not shortage of songs.  Hot For Teacher, Cold as Ice, Cold Cold Heart, Hot Hot Hot, blah blah blah, you get the picture?
Sing a couple of songs that make you want to hit the dance floor every time that you hear them.  Make sure your songs are energetic and fun.  No ballads on this night, please.
Pick two songs that are of the genre, Heavy Metal.  Pretty simple!  Get out the leathers and the studs, let's make those ears bleed!
To some, this could be the most frightening night ever.  The TV's won't be playing the words on the screen for you, you're going to have to know them.  Strangely enough, this theme was requested by more of you than any other one so far.  
We've done this in the past and as recently as a couple of weeks ago for our Monday Karaoke Club.  What is a one hit wonder?  Simply put, a band that has had one big hit.....and then you wonder what the hell happened to them?  There are a bunch, more than a bunch actually.
Pick two songs that either have a body part in the song title or are about specific body parts.  Again, there are no shortage of choices here.  
Sing a couple of songs about subjects that you'd rather be pursuing.  Maybe it's fishing, shopping, sailing, drinking beer?  Whatever it is, it's got to be something that resonates with you.  Give it your best shot. 
This theme practically covers every song in the history of songs, lol.  Pick two songs that include some reference to lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath envy or pride.  This one is way too easy. 
​With all the talk and threats about turning the world "green" let's pay homage to the combustion engine.  So in this theme, it's about cars, trucks, planes, trains, ships, space ships, etc.  No songs about a Prius or Tesla, lol.  
No need to get dressed up or "perform" because your voice is all you're going to need.  We've got a partition that will section the judges from the singers and they will not be able to see who is doing the singing.  So, if you want to sit on the floor or lay on your back and sing, go for it.  Only your voice will be judged.
If this theme gets voted in, you'll all be assigned a year and you'll have to come up with two songs that were released during that year.  Don't worry, you'll have ample enough time to come up with a couple of songs.  
Pick two songs, one that is popular now (let's say the last 2 years) and then go back in time and sing a song from the past.  Pretty easy.  
I guess if this theme gets chosen, we'll all know how old we all are.  Pick a couple of songs from your graduation year.  If you didn't graduate, then just speculate as to what songs were popular when you were 18 or so.  Easy stuff.  
Choose two songs that are out of your comfort zone.  If you are a ballad singer, maybe try and do something upbeat.  If you're a metal maniac, try some country?  Whatever you don't really feel comfortable doing, this is the chance to prove to yourself that you can do ANYTHING!
Songs about food.  Pretty straight forward.  This will include songs that are about food, but may not really be about it....get my drift?  IE. songs like Cherry Pie.  So I'm guessing there will be a lot of songs about sugar, cake, maybe some chicken etc.  Have fun with it.  It will also include any kind of drinks as well.  
35 Themes to decide on over the next couple of months.  My goal is to have them chosen by January 1st. 
Top Ten Finalists 

Becky Campbell
Kody Norton Byers
Jamie King
Ashley Werbicki
Dawson Keller
Jeremy Kuin
Kim Wall
Kasey Johnston
Darla Boese
Melody Wolfe

Spirit Award - Bruce Brodie
Most Improved - Melissa Agarand
Top Rookie - Chantelle Fedosoff

1st place Tuesday - Becky Campbell
2nd place Tuesday - Chantelle Fedosoff
3rd place Tuesday - Angel Wall
1st place Wednesday - Lisa Werner
2nd place Wednesday - Kody Norton Byers
3rd place Wednesday - Melody Wolfe
1st place Thursday - Kim Wall
2nd place Thursday - Jeremy Kuin
3rd place Thursday - Ashley Werbicki