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Karaoke League Trophy
Spirit Award Trophy
Winter 2006 Mo Tourand
Spring 2006 Shandi Pattison
Fall 2006 Ray Whitton
Winter 2007 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2007 Veronica Swirsky
Fall 2007 Marcie Wyatt
Winter 2008 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2008 Chelsea Wright
Fall 2008 Cal Wiebe
Winter 2009 Denise Valle
Spring 2009 Kim Wall
Fall 2009 Zach Logan
Winter 2010 Bex Murphy
Spring 2010 Marcie Wyatt
Fall 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring 2011 Amanda Prystupa
Fall 2011 Kim Wall
Winter 2012 Brigit Willfong
Fall 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Winter 2013 Kim Wall
Fall 2013 Bex Murphy
Winter 2014 Nancy Lautner
Fall 2014 Tammy Berger & Chelsea Wright
Winter 2015 Tara Enns
Fall 2015 Micheal Wade
Winter 2016 Kim Wall
Fall 2016 James Cooper
Winter 2017 Bex Murphy
Spring 2017 Ramona Logan
Fall 2017 Ramona Logan
Winter 2018 Bex Murphy
​Fall 2018 Brittney Fulton
Winter 2019 Tim Hawryluk
Super League Brigit Willfong
Spring 2019 Traci Morrow
Fall  2019 James Cooper
Fall 2021 Marco Yauck
Winter 2022 Marco Yauck
Spring 2022 Kody Norton Byers
Fall League 2007 Fred Weeks
Winter League 2008 Tim Grummett
Spring League 2008 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2008 Heather Wallace
Winter League 2009 Marcie Wyatt
Spring League 2009 Viv Delorme
Fall League 2009 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Winter League 2010 Mike McCloy
Spring League 2010 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter League 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring League 2011 Mike McCloy
Fall League 2011 Brigit Willfong
Winter League 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2012 Amanda Detillieux
Winter League 2013 Brianna Stirton
Fall League 2013 Lindsay Greschner
Winter League 2014 Lori Kennedy
Fall League 2014 Debbie Gibbons
Winter League 2015 Tara Enns* 
Fall League 2015 Tara Enns & Tammy Berger
Winter League 2016 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2016 Mark Lopez
Winter League 2017 Brad Davies
Spring League 2017 Tara Enns
Fall League 2017 Lori Kennedy
Winter League 2018 Danyal Gibson
​Fall League 2018 Tara Enns
Winter League 2019 Mayce Achtemichuk
Spring League 2019 Jeremy Kuin
Fall League 2019 Megan Shmigelski
Winter League 2020 Marco Yauck
Fall League 2021 Shirley Lennox
Winter League 2022 Traci Morrow
Spring League 2022 Chris Shmigelski

Fall League Rules:

-Singing begins at 9pm.
-There are 2 rounds in which everyone sings once.
-Singing order is chosen by a random number generator that I use on the internet.
-The singing order won't be posted.  Hopefully everyone will show up on time.  Anyone missing their turn will have to sing immediately upon arrival.
-Sometimes, people have to leave early, I get that.  Feel free to let me know when you arrive that night.
-Just like jury duty, you could be asked to judge atleast one night that you don't sing on.  If this isn't an option for you, please let me know ASAP.
-miss more than 2 nights and you'll have to miss out on the last two weeks of League (playoffs and finals) there's a 25pt penalty for each absence.
- if you can't make it for whatever reason, don't call me during the day.  If you feel you must let me know, text me after 9pm. 306-270-2068
-make friends and be supportive of others.
Vocals 0-10 pts.  This includes pitch, volume, annunciation, how you hold the microphone. (please keep your hand off the top of it and try not singing into your hand!)
Expression 0-10 pts.  This includes movements, hand and facial gestures, eye contact etc.
Props/costume 1 pt. One point for anyone displaying something as simple as a hat as a prop.   Depending on the judges that night, the props/costume that you may or may not have can also contribute greatly to a persons expression and overall performance.  So, don't think for a minute that production doesn't contribute to both expression AND props category.  
Bottom line, you can get as many as 42 pts for your two songs from each judge.
- try and sing to everyone in the room (especially judges).
- be aware of how loud you are.  Try to not scream or yell into the mic.  A good note that is too loud is just as bad as a flat one at times.
-smile, enjoy yourself.
-don't just stand in the corner looking up at the monitor, give us a show.  Karaoke is for the people 
who sing on the weekends.
-don't get caught up in the competitive part of things. Not everyone is in it for that reason!
-grow a thick skin.  One week you may be first, the next week you may be last.  Some of you could be last every week!  There are people in this league who've done this for over ten years.  Be in competition with yourself and no one else.
-judges like different things.  Get used to that.
- try to avoid the gossip that has infiltrated this league.
#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Fall League Sponsors

Chantell Butler
Cam Zoller 
Marco Lee Yauck @ TheHotNote.Com vocal coaching
(sponsoring Spirit Award)
​Traci and Mark Morrow
Jamie King & Knit Is What It Is
Melissa Agarand and Missy Makeover 
Sara Kjelshus & White Rabbit Wellness and Skin Care
Tara Enns (sponsoring Most Improved)
Kealy Heeg @ Uninhibited Events (sponsoring Top Rookie)
Mystic Adventures @ Candy L
Bruce Brodie and Claire Nelson


Scott Trimble
Jaedyn Braun
Jocelyne Braun
Jamie King
Ambrose Metsikassus
Lenore Cooke
Angel Wall
Tia Boddy
Fred Weeks
Emery Flaterud
Becca Campbell
Denis McBain
Christine King
Brittany Thomson
Marie Koporcic 
Donna Van Der Ploeg
David Van Der Ploeg
Chantelle Fedosoff

Lisa Werner
Scott Werner
Lenny Edetanlen
Sara Kjelshus
Kealy Heeg
Dawson Keller
Melody Wolfe
Danyal Gibson
Claire Nelson
Bruce Brodie
Shirley Lennox
​Brigit Willfong 
Tammy Berger
Brandon Werner
Dean Linton
Melissa Agarand
Kody Norton Byers
Darla Boese

Marco Lee Yauck
Teneille Gray
Chris Shmigelski
Megan Shmigelski
Rebecca Marcotte
Shauna Lehmann
Kasey Johnston
Ashley Werbicki
Chantell Butler
Cat Muir
Paul Antosh
Jess McIntyre
Jeremy Kuin
Amber Brauner
Kim Wall
Crystal Sholopiak 
Veronica Swirsky 
Julie Hrynchyshyn
Joel Murphy
Fall League Participants (18 per night maximum)
It's Big Hair Music!  Stack those locks up high!  The bands mentioned in the poster are not the only songs that qualify for this theme. 

Judges :
Oct 25 - Megan Shmigelski, Melody Wolfe
Oct 26 - Rebecca Marcotte, Angel Wall
Oct 27 - Danyal Gibson, Donna Van Der Ploeg
The name of the theme has more songs written about it than you'd think.  Alcohol, drugs, pills etc.  All the things that are bad for you.  Pick a couple of songs!

Oct 4 - Paul Antosh, Kealy Heeg
Oct 5 - Jeremy Kuin, Ambrose Metsikassus
Oct 6 - Becca Campbell, Chantelle Fedosoff
Men, sing women songs.  Women, sing men's songs.  There will be no non competitive themes this fall.  So, this one will be worth points like all the rest of them!  Remember to dress the part if you like. 

Judges :
Nov 1 - Jess McIntyre, Ashley Werbecki
Nov 2 - Marco Lee Yauck, Emery Flaterud
Nov 3 - Melissa Agarand, Denis McBain

One country song, one rock!  Pretty simple.  

Sept 27 - Shauna Lehmann, Shirley Lennox
Sept 28 - Veronica Swirsky, Brittany Thomson
Sept 29 - Jamie King, Lisa Werner
The pain and heartbreak of losing a relationship.......so dramatic, lol.   Now find a couple of songs and sing about it.  You can either be bitter and resentful, a pile of sopping wet mush, or strong and resilient.  Go for it!

Judges :
Oct 18 - Chris Shmigelski, Kim Wall
Oct 19 - Marco Lee Yauck, Fred Weeks
Oct 20 - Brigit Willfong, Tammy Berger

Sing two songs that HAVE to be on your road trip play list.  Let's hear what kind of music you travel to.  Is it something that keeps you rockin down the highway or possibly something mellow that might put you into the ditch?  Whatever the case, pick a couple.  

Sept 20 - Amber Brauner,  Cat Muir
Sept 21 - Tia Boddy, Joel Murphy
Sept 22 - Jaedyn Braun, Dawson Keller
Anything to do with Las Vegas.  For example, gambling, winning, losing, names of Hotels, artists that have done residencies in Vegas such as Elvis, Kenny Rogers, Celine Dion, Scorpions, Def Leppard to name a few.  Google it to find more results.  

Judges :
Nov 8 - Claire Nelson, Kim Wall
Nov 9 - Becca Campbell, Kasey Johnston
Nov 10 - Scott Werner, Scott Trimble
September 20, 21, 22 - Road Trip
September 27, 28, 29 - Hoedown Moshpit
October 4, 5, 6 - Substance Abuse
October 11, 12, 13 - Thanksgiving Break (no league)
October 18, 19, 20 - Love Hurts
October 25, 26, 27 - Big Hair
November 1, 2, 3 - Gender Bender
November 8, 9, 10 - Vegas
November 15, 16, 17 - Qualifying Week 
November 24 - Finals
Fall Karaoke League Dates