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Karaoke League Trophy
Spirit Award Trophy
Winter 2006 Mo Tourand
Spring 2006 Shandi Pattison
Fall 2006 Ray Whitton
Winter 2007 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2007 Veronica Swirsky
Fall 2007 Marcie Wyatt
Winter 2008 Heidi Hurley
Spring 2008 Chelsea Wright
Fall 2008 Cal Wiebe
Winter 2009 Denise Valle
Spring 2009 Kim Wall
Fall 2009 Zach Logan
Winter 2010 Bex Giffen
Spring 2010 Marcie Wyatt
Fall 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring 2011 Amanda Prystupa
Fall 2011 Kim Wall
Winter 2012 Brigit Willfong
Fall 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Winter 2013 Kim Wall
Fall 2013 Bex Giffen
Winter 2014 Nancy Lautner
Fall 2014 Tammy Berger & Chelsea Wright
Winter 2015 Tara Enns
Fall 2015 Micheal Wade
Winter 2016 Kim Wall
Fall 2016 James Cooper
Winter 2017 Bex Giffen
Spring 2017 Ramona Logan
Fall 2017 Ramona Logan
Winter 2018 Bex Giffen
​Fall 2018 Brittney Fulton
Winter 2019 Tim Hawryluk
Super League Brigit Willfong
Spring 2019 Traci Morrow
Fall  2019 James Cooper
Fall 2021 Marko Lee Yauck
Winter 2022 Marko Lee Yauck
Spring 2022 Kody Norton Byers
Fall 2022 Becky Campbell 
Winter 2023 Darla Boese
Spring 2023 Traci Morrow, Darla
Boese, Tara Enns
Fall 2023 Chantelle Fedosoff, Sara Kjelshus, Ashley Werbicki
Fall League 2007 Fred Weeks
Winter League 2008 Tim Grummett
Spring League 2008 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2008 Heather Wallace
Winter League 2009 Marcie Wyatt
Spring League 2009 Viv Delorme
Fall League 2009 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Winter League 2010 Mike McCloy
Spring League 2010 Mike McCloy and Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2010 Gary McKinlay
Winter League 2011 Mike Bagu
Spring League 2011 Mike McCloy
Fall League 2011 Brigit Willfong
Winter League 2012 Veronica Swirsky
Fall League 2012 Amanda Detillieux
Winter League 2013 Brianna Stirton
Fall League 2013 Lindsay Greschner
Winter League 2014 Lori Kennedy
Fall League 2014 Debbie Gibbons
Winter League 2015 Tara Enns* 
Fall League 2015 Tara Enns & Tammy Berger
Winter League 2016 Gary McKinlay
Fall League 2016 Mark Lopez
Winter League 2017 Brad Davies
Spring League 2017 Tara Enns
Fall League 2017 Lori Kennedy
Winter League 2018 Danyal Gibson
​Fall League 2018 Tara Enns
Winter League 2019 Mayce Achtemichuk
Spring League 2019 Jeremy Kuin
Fall League 2019 Megan Shmigelski
Winter League 2020 Marko Lee Yauck
Fall League 2021 Shirley Lennox
Winter League 2022 Traci Morrow
Spring League 2022 Chris Shmigelski
Fall League 2022 Bruce Brodie 
Winter League 2023 Scott Werner
Spring League 2023 Tia Boddy, Scott Werner, Chris Shmigelski
Fall League 2023 Melody Wolfe, Scott Werner

League Rules:

-Singing begins at 9pm.
-There are 2 rounds in which everyone sings once.
-Singing order is chosen by a random number generator that I use on the internet.
-The singing order will be posted.  Hopefully everyone will show up on time.  Anyone missing their turn will have to sing immediately upon arrival.
-Sometimes, people have to leave early, I get that.  Feel free to let me know when you arrive that night.
-Just like jury duty, you could be asked to judge atleast one night that you don't sing on.  If this isn't an option for you, please let me know ASAP.
- if you can't make it for whatever reason, don't call me during the day.  If you feel you must let me know, text me after 9pm. 306-241-5500
- in the event of a tie, the person tying the one ahead of them will take the top spot for that week.
-make friends and be supportive of others.
- 25 pt penalty for not showing up per night.

0 - 10 pts pitch/key
0 - 10 pts emotion in voice
0 - 10 pts presentation

So, a total of 30 pts could be handed out per song.

- try and sing to everyone in the room (especially judges).
- be aware of how loud you are.  Try to not scream or yell into the mic.  A good note that is too loud is just as bad as a flat one at times.
-smile, enjoy yourself.
-don't just stand in the corner looking up at the monitor, give us a show.  Karaoke is for the people 
who sing on the weekends.
-don't get caught up in the competitive part of things. Not everyone is in it for that reason!
-grow a thick skin.  One week you may be first, the next week you may be last.  Some of you could be last every week!  There are people in this league who've done this for over ten years.  Be in competition with yourself and no one else.
-judges like different things.  Get used to that.

#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

1. Jasper Campbell
2. Denis McBain
3. Chantelle Fedosoff
4. Melody Wolfe
5. Christine King
6. Tia Boddy
7. Lenore Cooke
8. Emery Flaterud
9. Tara Enns
10. Jordyn Rosvold
11. Chris Simister
12. Bruce Brodie
13. Amber Tyson
14. Avalon Ruiz Vidal
15. James Miller
16. Kim Fehr
1. Claire Nelson
2. Bruce Brodie
3. David Van Der Ploeg
4. Donna Van Der Ploeg
5. Colleen Hoeber
6. Samantha Hanson-Wiebe
7. Dawson Keller
8. Marcie Wyatt
9. Sarah Wensley
10. Lin Brown
11. Justin Salt
12. Diane Hanson
13. Chris Shmigelski
14. Riana Back
1. Kasey Johnston
2. Ambrose Metsikassus
3. Cat Muir
4. Shauna Lehmann
5. Melody Wolfe
6. Chris Shmigelski
7. Lin Brown
8. Fola Akinmolayan
9. Kealy Heeg
10. Kody Norton Byers
11. Danyal Gibson
12. Brady Dishko
13. Melissa Agarand
14. Sara Kjelshus
15. Dawson Keller
16. Jambery Bruin
17. Danica Tempel
18. Darla Boese
Winter Karaoke League Participants
Looking for sponsors to furnish the Winter League

1st place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday -  Crackers 

2nd & 3rd place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - The Shimmy's

Most Improved Tuesday- Tara & Anthony Enns

Most Improved Wednesday- Nails by Melody

Most Improved Thursday - Marcie Wyatt

Spirit Award Tuesday - 
Network Data Products

Spirit Award Wednesday - 
Network Data Products

Spirit Award Thursday - 
Network Data Products

Top Rookie Award Tuesday - 
Bruce Brodie

Top Rookie Wednesday - 
Bruce Brodie

Top Rookie Award Thursday -
Danyal Gibson

other sponsors
Chaos Encouraged Productions
Sneakky Klean
Tuesday Across the Pond
Wednesday Across The Pond
Thursday Across the Pond

Feb. 27, 28, 29 - Across The Pond
Sing 2 songs from a European band or artist. 

March 5, 6, 7 - Not Safe For Work
Sing 2 songs about sex and/or drugs. Something with a lot of profanity, or something provocative. Basically anything that might get you sent to HR if you showed it around the office.
March 12, 13, 14 - Comedy Night
Sing 2 songs that you find funny. Everyone's taste in what is funny is very different so just find what you find funny and show it off.
March 19, 20, 21 - Sports Night
Sing 2 songs about sports. It could be about a specific sport, or a sports team. It could be a song that you would hear at a sporting event. You could even pick that one song that you listen to to pump you up before you play.
March 26, 27, 28 - Showcase and Awards
The end is here. Plan your nights amongst yourselves and put on a show no one will forget. Followed by the awards for your night.

Mar 5 - Jambery Bruin & Marcie Wyatt
Mar 6 - Melody Wolfe & Danica Tempel
Mar 7 - Bruce Brodie & Claire Nelson
Mar 12 - Chris Shmigelski & Shauna Lehmann
Mar 13 - Melody Wolfe & Kasey Johnston
Mar 14 - Bruce Brodie & Claire Nelson
Mar 19 - David Van Der Ploeg & Donna Van Der Pleog
Mar 20 - Christine King & Chris Simister
Mar 21 - 
​Tara Enns
Melody Wolfe
Denis McBain
Emery Flaterud
Chantelle Fedosoff
Tia Boddy
Lenore Cooke
Jasper Campbell
Christine King
Avalon Ruiz Vidal
Bruce Brodie
Kim Fehr
Chris Simister
James Miller
Jordyn Rosvold
Tara Enns 8 pts
Melody Wolfe 10 pts
Chantelle Fedosoff 22 pts
Denis McBain 31 pts
Tia Boddy 37 pts
Emery Flaterud 42 pts
Avalon Ruiz Vidal 47 pts
Jasper Campbell 61 pts
Bruce Brodie 65 pts
Christine King 68 pts
Lenore Cooke 76 pts
Kim Fehr 109 pts
Chris Simister 112 pts
James Miller 125 pts
Jordyn Rosvold 125 pts
​Well we had a small turnout due to illnesses and weather, everyone who showed up did pretty well. Tara- Space Man was entertaining visually and vocally. Props and costume on point. Out of this world overall! Great performance! Props- amazing, vocally perfect. pitch, volume, enthusiasm, all of it! Such a complete performance- thank you! Call Your Girlfriend, well you brought toys for the boys. Way to read the judges with an arsenal of old phones and shiny lights, lol. Love the retro phones! Great performance, costumes, props! You made it fun! Did not disappoint! Colorful theme! Great vocals- don't be afraid to let er rip! Love all the props! Melody- Out Out was fun and sounded good. I've never seen you in heels or shaking it like that! Great job! Great job! Fun song and in English! The song was great. I WAS WATCHING!! I am watching! Lol. Great matching the vibe of the song! MIC CONTROL IS PERFECT! LOL! Pitch is good- hold that breath support!Nice butt, LOL. Madness, i guess the one song in heels had to you opting for no shoes! lol. Pitch was great and Muse is an odd band to hit! You nailed it! Great song great job! Great emotion- your expressions entice me. Pitch and breathiness are spot on, thanks for the brushes, LOL Mic control perfect! Denis- Burn I haven't heard before but I definitely felt the Cult sound in your voice. Fun makeup tutorial too! Great song choice! The performance was good. You had great tone and I felt involved in your song! You got ready and pretty faster than anyone I know!! Very well sung- love the concept. Expressions are great- matches the intensity of lyrics. Great way to kill time with doing your makeup while singing! Hard Rock Halelujah looked and sounded great! Your mask hair may have needed a hairband or some pretty butterfly clips so you could see through it (why don't I have laughing emojis for this?) LOVED IT!! Not many could do Mr Lordi but Denis you did it! Great tribute! Love the costume! Vocals are spot on! Emery- Ace Of Spades was a good song for your voice and you impressed our judges! There were some tiny timing issues but still a Good job! I have seen AND MET LEMMY! He would approve. You hit his high notes! I feel like you needed the Jack Daniels! Great job! Little fast at times but nailed in my opinion. WOW! Lemmy woould be proud- vocals perfect! Don't rely on screen. Feel it like Lem. Not easy to do. Timing was almost perfect too! Lucky Man I don't really know that well, but it again sounded good for your voice. I personally do not know the song but performance felt right! Love the dancing! Love the shimmies, LOL. Very nice approach- energetic yet soulful. Nice touch with the fire. I can tell you love this song. Don't be scared to sink into your notes! Lovely finish, my friend! Chantelle- Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien looked and sounded fantastic, and although you don't speak french, pronunciation was nearly perfect! Chef's kiss! French song! For "not speaking" French "TRES BIEN" Great Job! Thanks for a mouthful. Great pitch- IDK French! Well done. Good emotion- Eyes off the screen! Show Me Love I could see really bothered you because the backup vocals threw you off. Too bad we didn't have the better version before karaoke league. Good job not showing the things that irked you in your face! That's huge! Great song choices! Good voice control/pitch! Would have liked more of a show! Great singing! Sing to me! Fun! Happy & inviting! Simple, very warm & welcoming. Vocally- harmonies were a bit of a search, you know it, don't let us know you're searching! Still good, though. Don't look at the ceiling. Tia- 99 Luft Ballons was impressive, it gave the illusion that you speak so many languages.Well done and fun. There was NOT 99 balloons... Pitch and key were good as you sang in German! Great job! Kept it fun! Hey! That was only 9 balloons! Lol. Great filling of instruments. Pitch was good for you tonight. Enunciation is always hard. German was good- from what I can tell. Space Oddity had great visuals! The sound was pretty good too. I loved the chaos of the floating feeling. You were right in saying it was like an acid trip (although I only know from TV cause I don't like to try new things, lol) Feel like you were a touch behind, but vocal control and pitch were good. I loved the space trip! Overall awesome!! Great props! Simple song- you did it justice. Emotion was very artistic. Cool concept! Great group project! Lenore-Careless Whisper sounded good, so smooth and velvety. But now it seems I need to explore Seethers version of this song. I am biased! I feel the original WHAM version would have been a better fit. Very consistent! Still a good song choice for you. Pitch is great for you tonight! This is YOUR band- you shouldn't need lyrics. Try for more breath support on the low notes. Fine Again was another good one for you tonight. Seether is just a good choice on your voice. I love Seether! They are one of my longest most fave bands! Personally hard to (something illegible) Seether is gritty and I would like more of that, it'd be great to be that gritty raspy vocal.

Love this song! Get a lil anger behind these verses. Good emotion- try to have a little variety in your volume- Loved the ending. 

Well we didn't have a huge turnout, but it seems you all brought it. I'd be proud of any placement tonight. Kudos! 

Thank you to Brady and Dawson for judging tonight!
​Donna Van Der Ploeg
Marcie Wyatt
Dawson Keller
Lin Brown
Chris Shmigelski
Bruce Brodie
Sarah Wensley
Claire Nelson
David Van Der Ploeg
Riana Back
Diane Hanson
Samantha Hanson-Wiebe
Justin Salt

Marcie Wyatt 8 pts
Dawson Keller 12 pts
Chris Shmigelski 20 pts
Lin Brown 27 pts
Bruce Brodie 41 pts
Claire Nelson 43 pts
Donna Van Der Ploeg 47 pts
Sarah Wensley 57 pts
Diane Hanson 63 pts
Samantha Hanson-Wiebe 65 pts
David Van Der Ploeg 66 pts
Riana Back 75 pts
Justin Salt 125 pts
Jambery Bruin
Melody Wolfe
Darla Boese
Kody Norton Byers
Kasey Johnston
Dawson Keller
Sara Kjelshus
Melissa Agarand
Shauna Lehmann
Fola Akinmolayan
Danyal Gibson
Chris Shmigelski
Kealy Heeg
Ambrose Metsikassus
Cat Muir
Lin Brown
Brady Dishko
Danica Tempel
Sara Kjelshus 15 pts
Melody Wolfe 17 pts
Kody Norton Byers 24 pts
Melissa Agarand 28 pts
Kasey Johnston 35 pts
Dawson Keller 37 pts
Danyal Gibson 38 pts
Chris Shmigelski 42 pts
Fola Akinmolayan 45 pts
Shauna Lehmann 45 pts
Cat Muir 63 pts
Darla Boese 63 pts
Lin Brown 69 pts
Kealy Heeg 75 pts
Jambery Bruin 86 pts
Ambrose Metsikassus 89 pts
Brady Dishko 93 pts
Danica Tempel 114 pts
More illnesses made for a small turn out and a short night. No judge comments tonight so it's all going to be white text. Donna- Warwick Avenue sounded fantastic AND you engaged the judges in some story telling! Your Song was started in an uncomfortable octave but you quickly found the right one for you. This song ended up being so lovely. A little different phrasing timing, but it worked very well for you and you owned the song by the end. Even had the walk in patrons cheering for you! Marcie- Whole Again brought me back to a song I had forgotten about, but thoroughly enjoyed. Does Your Mother Know you sing and perform so well? Sorry for the runaway Shimmy invading your song. You played him up very well, though. Dawson- Bring It On Home and Do I Wanna Know were both songs I'm not overly familiar with. Your mic control is improving a lot. It was weird seeing you with a long intro and nothing going on for it. Lin- Rasputin was fun and pretty well done. Money Money Money same story. It would be nice to see you engaging the judges a little more instead of relying on prop humans to dance for you. Still, I was impressed. Your confidence keeps growing and it's great to see you having more fun! Chris- I Only Wanna Be With You and Sad Man's Tongue were good for you vocally. Unfortunately there wasn't as much going on visually for these judges tonight. Maybe bring your prop power (the stuff you do for everyone else) to keep your own performances engaging and interesting. Bruce- Air That I Breathe and Unchain My Heart sounded better for timing, but you have this habit of turning most songs into Bob Dylan style tunes. I guess it's working for you, so get it, bud! Sarah- Human, starting in a higher key suited your voice, but it threw you off for the first chorus. Once you found the key it went much better. Live is Life is one of those songs I didn't know I knew, because I had never discussed the title, lol It was fun and pretty well done. Claire- Thank You was pretty quiet, so hard to comment on. Make You Feel My Love got people up dancing and that was really sweet. David- Thanks for helping me find a mis-labelled song. Another Brick In The Wall is a fun song, as was We Like To Party. Not bad for a guy who wrecked his shit on a mechanical bull in mexico last week. Riana- Valerie sounded pretty good, it was cute seeing you change it up a little. Love Me Like You Do was just not a song you knew as well. That's ok it happens sometimes. The verses were still good though. 

It was a fun little night. Thanks to everyone who came out and poured your talent on the floor for our judges.

Thanks again to Sara and Melissa for judging tonight.
​Well I felt like a proud mom tonight. I even cried. You all did so well that it felt like finals. I didn't write notes because the judges were writing chapter books for you all. They had a suuuuper tough job but I feel like any of you tonight would have been top 5 on any other night. You all came to PLAY! 
Jambery- When We Were Young, you are so confident up there and it shows. Absolutely amazing vocals! And I loved your outfit. My only note: I'll very rarely say this but I think you could have done with less movement. This song is one where occasionally just planting your feet and addressing the audience would help. 99 Luftballons honestly this is my favourite song of yours and I don't know what to add. You set the bar for this song, honestly. Amazing energy and so much fun! Melody- Slow Hands, I even knew there would be tiny hands, but that was the funniest piece of round 1, good all around. Do you take those things everywhere? Like before you leave the house you check for wallet, keys, tiny hands, phone, smokes? Anyway, great work. Physical you are always so consistent up there. The duet partner was a... choice. Lol. Good job keeping your composure. Honestly, I feel like when your prop is Shimmy in booty shorts, you've chosen your fate as far as being able to look at what's happening. I liked this song better than slow hands. I think it made better use of your vocal skills. Darla- Yellow, good choice in song and use of props. I loved that you sang that in your own real voice. Sometimes there's an impulse to try to imitate the original singer, and I don't think that's always a good impulse. Your voice is stronger than Chris Martin's, and I love it. Don't Start Now better performance and vocals in 2nd round, plus we got a dance party! It's always tough to sing a song that has such a heavy production, honestly. Again, I appreciated you doing it in your own voice. Kody- Dragostea Din Tei what is this song... OMG! Wow! Very unexpected! Appreciated. So much fun. Definitely a tough song to keep up with, and you did a great job. I Wanna Be Your Slave continuing the weird. Lots going on in that song. Good stage whispering technique. Much more impressive both vocally and performance-wise. It gave you more to sink your teeth into. Kasey- Bom Bom Bom had amazing energy! What is this song! You got a little lost in the "show" but recovered. I've never heard that song, it was delightful and insane. I don't think I've ever trusted anything as much as you were trusting that chair. War Pigs you always bring the show, and promised yelling! Try not to lose your vocals in the performance. Perfect. No notes. Dawson- R U Mine, You've got a really consistent stage presence & style, and you know what works for your voice. Great job as always. Sara- Work Song, I don't know this one, but it sounded right and you're always vocally expressive. One of my all time favourite songs. You have an excellent voice for Hozier, not everyone can dig into the really soulful stuff he does. Mama I'm Coming Home, Ozzy song i know. Good work balancing the vocals while maintaining the energy. Again, vocally brilliant. More mobile than modern day Ozzy, which is definitely great. Melissa- Rolling In The Deep, strong vocals, but the mic stand is a pet peeve of mine. It limits your movement & mic control. Solid performance otherwise. Gorgeous work, you took advantage of the thing I mentioned in Amber's comments where sometimes planting your feet and addressing the audience is effective. I think you could have done it without the mic stand, but still excellent. Royals strong consistent, and it is wonderful to see you performing & engaging up there. Honestly, just amazing. No other notes, it was really fun. Shauna- You Know I'm No Good Great costuming. Solid performance but I feel there were a couple of spots where you hesitated instead of leaning in. Just go for "it"! A few timing issues. I love your little dancey dancing. The only suggestion I would make with that one would be to slow down and be a bit more deliberate with your movement. Runaway You seemed more comfortable in round 2. It is good to see the performance work coming through. Much better song for your little dancey dancing. Everything by The Corrs is vocally challenging, honestly, but you did great! Fola- Another Day In Paradise different style than I'm used to hearing from you. Interesting performance. You've got such a beautiful voice and I love how comfortable you seem on stage! You could add a theatrical element if you really wanted to kick it up a bit, but the chill confidence & singing right to the judges works for you. Sweat Definitely the stronger performance. Sweat has more energy & you make it your own. One of your go-tos, and perfect for you. You really got into it and this was so much fun! Danyal- Butter you had so much fun! There were some challenges in the vocals that I assume were supposed to be different singers. Great moves up there! So high energy and I loved it! I don't know this song, but you were great! Ice Cream Similar to first round. So much fun with some challenging vocal shifts. Also lots of fun. I'm a little more familiar with this one, and it's definitely pretty tough to keep up vocally. Good work. Chris- Rebel Yell, Always challenging to go first. Great "yell" but it was a little hard to understand the verses. Billy Idol is great for you vocally. You were downright sedate on stage though. I expect way more pelvic thrusting from you (Megan I apologize for encouraging him!) Still Counting A much stronger performance in round 2. You know that song and are very comfortable there in style & range. Honestly just disappointed that you changed out of your blue outfit. (Again, Megan, I apologize for encouraging him.) Kealy- Dance Monkey Strong start, but you lost yourself in the middle then good recovery. You're an excellent performer. Trust yourself more. I love seeing you do more upbeat songs and get into it! Also, amazing outfit. Please do more like this! Love Fool Similar comment to round 1, trust yourself, you know the song but then get lost in the screen & lose your timing. I'd love to hype you up before you sing & turn you loose. A few issues with timing. It felt like you were relying on the words on the screen more than your actual knowledge of the song, and with some tracks that can put you a few beats off. Trust yourself that you know the song, you got this! Kealy, I heard multiple compliments about your performances tonight. Thursdays are just harder than the other nights when you're looking at the placement systems. There were literally 7 or 13 points between you and first place (on their scorecards) so that speaks volumes about what you really did tonight! I just had to add that in.

Thank you again Denis and Jasper for judging this talented collection of zoo animals tonight.
SPRING LEAGUE 2024 - April 23- June 20
Week 1 - Country night
Week 2 - 90's
Week 3 - Dance Party
Week 4 - What's in the box (you can                        only use whats in the prop                        bucket)
Week 5 - Every Trick In The Book
Week 6 - Canadian Night
Week 7 - Beyond The Grave
Week 8 - Semi Finals
Week 9 - Finals
​Dates and themes subject to change!
1. Emery Flaterud
2. Tia Boddy
3. Melody Wolfe
4. Chantelle Fedosoff
5. Lenore Cooke
6. Jasper Campbell
7. Denis McBain
1. Chris Shmigelski
2. Marcie Wyatt
3. Sarah Wensley
4. Dawson Keller
5. Claire Nelson
6. Bruce Brodie
1. Chris Shmigelski
2. Sara Kjelshus
3. Darla Boese
4. Melody Wolfe
5. Melissa Agarand
6. Shauna Lehmann
7. Danyal Gibson
8. Kasey Johnston
9. Cat Muir
10. Kealy Heeg
11. Kody Norton-Byers
12. Jamid Echepare