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Fall League Theme Nights 2017 

Sept 26, 27, 28 - My First Karaoke Songs - sing the very first two karaoke songs that you ever did.  If they truly are your first two, then you should probably know them inside out!

Oct 3,4, 5 - Eighteen Again - easy enough.  Go back to when you were 18 years old.....what did you like to listen to? Give us two songs from around that time and you'll make me a happy man.

Oct 10, 11, 12 - Jesse Jane - on this night you're getting two theme nights thrown at you!  This is our tribute to country music, but I also want the fellows to sing country girl songs, while the ladies get to do cowboy tunes.  Definitely, dress the part!

Oct 17, 18, 19 - Comedy Club - We've done this theme before and it's always a hoot!  Simply pick a couple of the funniest songs that you know and perform them!  Remember, humour like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don't think you're going to get graded on "how funny" your song is, only how well it's sang.

Oct 24, 25, 26 - Dead Man Rocking - with all the entertainers we've lost over the past few years, this one should be easy!  Sing anything by a deceased performer.  Pretty basic.

Oct 31, Nov 1, 2 - NO LEAGUE - you've got a week off to prepare for the last few weeks of league.

Nov 7, 8, 9 - Duets - This is another theme night that we've done in the past with great success.  I want you to bring along a friend to sing duets with.  It can be someone from another league night, or it could be your little brother, it doesn't matter to me.  However, I'm limiting every "friend" to 2 songs per night.  So, if you're helping out on numerous nights, two songs per night is your limit.

Nov 14, 15, 16 - Party Time - Remember the bush parties when you were growing up?  Dig back into your memories and find those two songs that you enjoyed hearing the most back then.  

Nov 21, 22, 23 - Peacock Feathers - It's time to show off!  What songs do you know that you absolutely NAIL!?  I want to hear them loud and proud!

Nov 28, 30 - Semi Finals and Finals - Sing your best song.  This league I'm going to allow you to repeat a song that you've previously done.  So, it will indeed be your best song!  
Wednesday Fall League Participants

Stacy Sigfusson
Brigit Willfong
Brittney Fulton
Jay Lutz
Bex Murphy
Joel Murphy
Brianna Stirton
Jordan Bean
Jeremy Kuin
Matthew Kuin
Jacynthe Seguin
Lauren May
Andrew Lessmeister
Mark Lopez
Brett Abdai
Melissa De Roo
Tara Enns
Jill Borrowman
Fall League Sponsors

Cam Zoller
Erica King Stylist
Lynnette Bates and Watkins Products
Kim Wall
Carla Enquist with Value Village
Stacy Sigfusson with Synergy Strength and Conditioning
Brianna Stirton with Life Leadership
Veronica Swirsky
Brigit Willfong with Head to Tail Pet Spa
Heidi Hurley with Sensy
Ramona Logan
Maurice Hilderman with Sentinel Financial
The Standup Diaries (Trevor Dean)_
Hilary Hlagy
Marcie Wallman
Brittney Fulton Photography
What is a Karaoke League? Crackers Karaoke League is a fun social gathering that implements the idea that just standing in one spot singing, isn't enough. It is designed to provide an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance to the singer, in which they can expand their performance skills and basically become a well rounded entertainer, with other like-minded individuals. Singers are encouraged to dress up in costume or stage clothes, sing with passion and expression.

Once a week, (depending on what night you're in our league) you'll sing two songs in front of two judges (who are from a previous karaoke league night). Sticking with the theme of the evening, you'll give them/us your best version of the songs you are attempting. You'll be judged, rated, ranked and applauded. Singers are marked on vocal abilities as well as expression, with a couple extra points per song for props and costumes. Depending on how many people are singing on your night will determine how many points you get. If you end up in 3rd place on your evening, you'll get three points. If you wind up in 17th place, you'll get 17 points. The scoring is like golf in which the smaller the number the better the result. While all league nights are first and foremost about fun, we do have a few evenings scattered throughout the league that are ONLY about fun, no competitive aspect at all. On these nights, you'll simply have to attend to receive first place points. Singers are allowed two absences over the course of the league which are to be used in case something else comes up such as illness and you simply can't attend. Any more than two nights and you are disqualified from the semi final/final (however, you may continue coming to league nights and participate). Singing begins at 9pm and continues until the last singer has sang two songs. Although it is not required that you stay until the end of the evening, it is really the respectful thing to do. Let's face it, they stayed to listen to you, why not do the same? The Top 3 finishers on their respective nights will get a bye into the final. The remaining singers will sing in the semi finals and which the top 11 will also get an invite into the final. Only 1 song will be needed if you make it to the semi finals, or finals.
Judges Schedule

September 26 Micheal Wade & Veronica Swirsky
September 27 Gary McKinlay & Ramona Logan
September 28 Stacy Sigfusson & Jay Lutz
October 3 Debbie Gibbons & Erica King
October 4 Kim Wall & Lori Kennedy
October 5 Brigit Willfong & Brittney Fulton
October 10 Rea Gareau & Peter Poorman
October 11 Shirley Lennox & Fred Weeks
October 12 Bex Murphy & Joel Murphy
October 17 Joel Leathem & Tia Boddy
October 18 Tammy Berger & Becky Bousquet
October 19 Brianna Stirton & Jordan Bean
October 24 Danyal Gibson & Tena Slind
October 25 Denis McBain & Christine King
October 26 Jeremy Kuin & Matthew Kuin
November 7
November 8 Carla Enquist
November 9
November 14 Bruce Brodie & Jessica Struck
November 15 Travis Abbott & Amanda Holder
November 16 Lauren May & Tara Enns
November 21 Tim Grummett & Sylvia Charles
November 22 Scott Trimble & Jocelyne Braun
November 23 Andrew Lessmeister & Brett Abdai
November 28
November 30
Winter League Waiting List

Erin Lozowchuk
Megan Isbister
Melissa Thomas