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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan
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Spring League Begins May 1st

Gary McKinlay
Amanda Holder
Lori Kennedy
Shirley Lennox
Fred Weeks
Marcie Wallman
Kyle Sevigny
Denis McBain *
Tammy Berger *
Darren Berger *
Becky Bousquet *
Curt Bousquet *
Darren Zimmer *
Kim Wall
Jay Lutz
Christine King *


Aaron Hertes
Mark Lopez
Mayce Achtemichuk
Owen Wisner *
Bex Murphy
Angel Wall
Kim Irvine *
Tim Hawryluk *
Andrew Lessmeister
Jordan Bean *
Bruce Brodie *
Tara Enns
Kaitlyn Gibson
Travis Abbott

Scott Trimble **
Jocelyne Braun **
Matt Kuin
Jeremy Kuin *
Megan Shmigelski
Chris Shmigelski
Jacynthe Seguin
Debbie Gibbons *
Tia Boddy
Danyal Gibson
Erica King
Micheal Wade
Brad Davies *
Tim Grummett
Ramona Logan
Tracey Abbott *
Erica Hartman *
Spring Fun League Themes

May 29,30,31 - Country Headbangers - "What's that?"...you ask. Well, it's going to be about extremes. You either can sing a really rocking headbanger tune, or you can save your hat and choose a country song. You decide! Costumes are never mandatory but always fun!

June 5,6,7 - SOB - This will be like our Roulette night that we've had in the past, but there will be a distinct difference to it. I'm going to write up a list of songs from Rolling Stone magazine's top 500 songs of all time list. Then, I'm going to choose the first singer of the night and pick a song off of that list for him/her to sing (just to get things started). Then, after that person has finished singing that song, he or she will then pick the next singer and the next song.....and down the line we go. You can be as nice or as cruel as you like however, I'm going to be making the song list relatively easy. Plus, there's always karma to contend with, right?

June 12,13,14 - Let's Dance - simply put, you sing your favorite dance party tunes whether it's Beyoncé, Spice Girls, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, Sweet, Rolling Stones......whatever you like! Let's just keep the night bopping!
Spring League Guidelines

-singing will begin at 9pm or whenever you arrive.  
-there will be no order as to whom sings first, so whomever wants to sing first can. After everyone has sang one song, we will continue that rotation until the end of the night.
-I will have personalized request slips for all of you and I will bring at least 4 per person/night.
-there is no limit to the amount of songs that you may sing on any given night. Whatever you have time for.
-for every song that you sing, your request slips will be entered into a draw drum.  
-the theme night will continue right up until closing time. (those sticking around will definitely get their names in the draw drum more than a couple of times).
-the themes are there for you to have fun with. If you'd rather not participate and instead sing whatever you want , you may do so and still have your slips entered into the draw drum.
-draws for small prizes will be made beginning week #2. (just so everyone has their names in for at least one).
-you do not have to be in attendance to win a prize.  
-if others who aren't in the spring fun league want to sing, we will accommodate them by placing them in the rotation. (they are not eligible for any draws, only people signed up for this.)
-there will be no finals or semi finals, just fun!

-I'm now accepting sponsors to donate all sorts of small gift cards such as movie passes, Tim's, Starbucks, etc. Nothing too big.

-attendance isn't really an issue unless you've got expectations of joining the Fall League. Miss more than two, and you're on the waiting list for fall. Those who abide by this one small rule are automatically in the Fall League.

-no need to let me know if you're not going to attend. I'm trying to keep this as loose and fun as possible.
Spring League Sponsors
​Bex Murphy
Cam Zoller
Judy & Gary Karpinka
Veronica Swirsky & Spa Academy
​Cecil McCutcheon
James and Tasha Cooper (Presto's Treasures)
Tim Hawryluk and WINMAR
Ramona Logan & AVON
Tara Enns
Kent Harris
Kim Wall & Tupperware
Lori Kennedy
Great Western Brewing Co
Molson's Brewery

Kaitlyn Gibson - 5 Unique Restaurants gift Card $25 value (claimed)
Fred Weeks - NBA shirt (claimed)
Gary McKinlay - Pilsner Wrestlemania T-shirt (claimed)
Tara Enns - Coors Hat (claimed)
Darren Zimmer - Genuine Draft Beer Glass
Fred Weeks - $25 gift card Home Depot (claimed)
Tara Enns - Kokanee T-shirt (claimed)
Mark Lopez - Original 16 Can Glass (claimed)
Tim Hawryluk - $15 LBS gift card (claimed)
Fred Weeks - Labatt's Lite shirt (claimed)
Marco Zikic - $25 Tims Gift Card
Denis McBain - Shower Gel Bubble Bath (claimed)
Owen Wisner - NBA shirt (claimed)
Kim Wall - Corona Lime Slicer (claimed)
Jocelyne Braun - Shock Top Glass
Bex Murphy - pedicure from Spa Academy (claimed)
Chris Shmigelski - $10 Subway Gift Card (claimed)
Bruce Brodie - Pilsner Wrestlemania T shirt (claimed)
Tim Hawryluk - Kokanee T shirt (claimed)
Angel Wall - Original 16 Can Glass (claimed)
Micheal Wade - $15 LBS Gift Card (claimed)
Amanda Holder - Body Wash & Hand Cream (claimed)
Kim Irvine - $40 Tupperware gift certificate
Denis McBain - Great West Radler T-shirt
Ramona Logan - $34 Facial at Spa Academy (claimed)
Megan Shmigelski - Coors Banquet Hat (claimed)
Kim Wall - $25 PetroCan gift card (claimed)
Tim Grummett - Ultimate Movie pass (claimed)
Fred Weeks - Coors Hat (claimed)
Chris Shmigelski - NBA T-shirt (claimed)
Marco Zivic - Coors Beach Towel
Tammy Berger - $25 Moxie's gift card (claimed)
 Andrew Lessmeister - Guinness Golf shirt (claimed)
Marcie Wallman - $10 Presto's Treasures card (claimed)
Erica Hartman - Rare Pearls perfume (claimed)
Tara Enns - NBA t-shirt (claimed)
Jocelyne Braun - Coors Guitar Belt Buckle
Blair Grylls - Great West Radler t-shirt
Kim Irvine - Vanier Cup t-shirt 2006
Owen Wisner - Genuine Draft glass (claimed)
Erica King - Original 16 can glass (claimed)
Mayce Achtemichuk - Ihome clock radio (claimed)
Shirley Lennox - Spa Academy Facial
Tim Grummett - $25 Hudson's gift card (claimed)
Danyal Gibson - $10 Subway gift card (claimed)
Mark Lopez - Coors Belt Buckle
Christine King - Coors Hat
Aaron Hertes - Pilsner Wrestlemania T-shirt