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#1-227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan
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Fall League Theme Nights 2017 

Nov 21, 22, 23 - Peacock Feathers - It's time to show off!  What songs do you know that you absolutely NAIL!?  I want to hear them loud and proud!

Nov 28, 30 - Semi Finals and Finals - Sing your best song.  This league I'm going to allow you to repeat a song that you've previously done.  So, it will indeed be your best song!  
Wednesday Fall League Party Time Results

Tara Enns
Brianna Stirton
Brigit Willfong
Melissa De Roo
Bex Murphy
Jordan Bean
Jay Lutz
Matt Kuin
Brittney Fulton
Jill Borrowman
Mark Lopez
Jacynthe Seguin
Andrew Lessmeister tied with
Stacy Sigfusson
Brett Abdai
Joel Murphy
Jeremy Kuin tied with
Lauren May​
Fall League Sponsors

Cam Zoller
Erica King Stylist
Lynnette Bates and Watkins Products
Kim Wall with Tupperware
Carla Enquist with Value Village
Stacy Sigfusson with Synergy Strength and Conditioning
Brianna Stirton with Life Leadership
Veronica Swirsky
Brigit Willfong with Head to Tail Pet Spa
Heidi Hurley with Sensy
Ramona Logan
Maurice Hilderman with Sentinel Financial
The Standup Diaries (Trevor Dean)_
Hilary Hlagy
Marcie Wallman
Brittney Fulton and BB Photography
Joel Murphy Enterprises
Kent Harris
James and Tasha Cooper with Presto's Treasures
What is a Karaoke League? Crackers Karaoke League is a fun social gathering that implements the idea that just standing in one spot singing, isn't enough. It is designed to provide an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance to the singer, in which they can expand their performance skills and basically become a well rounded entertainer, with other like-minded individuals. Singers are encouraged to dress up in costume or stage clothes, sing with passion and expression.

Once a week, (depending on what night you're in our league) you'll sing two songs in front of two judges (who are from a previous karaoke league night). Sticking with the theme of the evening, you'll give them/us your best version of the songs you are attempting. You'll be judged, rated, ranked and applauded. Singers are marked on vocal abilities as well as expression, with a couple extra points per song for props and costumes. Depending on how many people are singing on your night will determine how many points you get. If you end up in 3rd place on your evening, you'll get three points. If you wind up in 17th place, you'll get 17 points. The scoring is like golf in which the smaller the number the better the result. While all league nights are first and foremost about fun, we do have a few evenings scattered throughout the league that are ONLY about fun, no competitive aspect at all. On these nights, you'll simply have to attend to receive first place points. Singers are allowed two absences over the course of the league which are to be used in case something else comes up such as illness and you simply can't attend. Any more than two nights and you are disqualified from the semi final/final (however, you may continue coming to league nights and participate). Singing begins at 9pm and continues until the last singer has sang two songs. Although it is not required that you stay until the end of the evening, it is really the respectful thing to do. Let's face it, they stayed to listen to you, why not do the same? The Top 3 finishers on their respective nights will get a bye into the final. The remaining singers will sing in the semi finals and which the top 11 will also get an invite into the final. Only 1 song will be needed if you make it to the semi finals, or finals.
Judges Schedule

November 21 Tim Grummett & Sylvia Charles
November 22 Scott Trimble & Jocelyne Braun
November 23 Andrew Lessmeister & Brett Abdai
November 28
November 30
Winter League Waiting List

Erin Lozowchuk
Megan Isbister
Melissa Thomas
Blair Grylls
Jeremy Kuin
Kristin Brezinsky
Angel Wall
Nicholas Fudger
Overall League Results

Tara Enns 12 pts
Brianna Stirton 16 pts
Melissa De Roo 23 pts
Bex Murphy 25 pts
*Brigit Willfong 40pts
Jacynthe Seguin 53pts
Jordan Bean 55 pts
Jay Lutz 65 pts
**Lauren May 66 pts
**Brittney Fulton 69 pts
Andrew Lessmeister 70 pts
Matthew Kuin 70 pts
Mark Lopez 81 pts
****Jeremy Kuin 83 pts
*Brett Abdai 90 pts
*Jill Borrowman 90 pts
**Stacy Sigfusson 95 pts
***Joel Murphy 104 pts

*** signifies disqualification
Who would you like to judge league finals?Former Karaoke Participants
People from outside the league
With so many great voices on Wednesday, it usually always comes down to those little extras that push a person over the top.  Last night, that script played out perfectly.  Tara, you're always very entertaining and when you know that you don't have to worry about your voice, it gives you that much more time to think about what you're going to do for a show.  Great visuals from you with the added whip light effect, got you first place!  Brianna, you always have great hand and facial expressions when you sing.  And, like Tara, you don't have to worry about your voice letting you down, so you can just go up there and entertain.  Nice performances, especially on Last Friday Night.  Brigit, bringing your friend along to be your Slash was a great visual effect.  The fact that she played the role throughout the song was even better!  Nice vocals from you and two really solid performances.  Melissa, when you hit the high power notes in Titanium, I swear the paint from the ceiling was starting to come off!  You really didn't need much more than that for that song.  Vocals were a perfect 10.  Sexy and I know it was absolutely terrific.  Bex, you had the unfavorable "pole position" but that really didn't hinder you in any way from what I can see.  Perfect ten's on vocals for both of your songs.  Joel, nice to see you back from the road!  You had some pretty decent vocal marks, but the expression ones were what kept you down.  Brett, I think that it was purely song choice that likely had you end up where you did.  It's not that the songs were not done well, it was the fact that they didn't have as much energy as everyone else's song.  But, hey!  You yourself said that is what you listened to when you went out to bush parties.  Stacy, Little Bones was a great Hip tune, but unfortunately you were all over the map when it came to control last night.  Mississippi Squirrel was a song that I'd never in my life heard before, so good on you for finding something that was totally alien to me.  Andrew, I thought that your vocal marks were a little low, but I'm not the judge.  I think they (judges) wanted more of a show from you as well.  Nice work to implement Bex into Teenage Dirtbag.  That sounded cool.  Jacynthe, you were worried about Brand New Key and how it might have been a little too high for you, it was just slightly.  You could have probably brought that song down atleast a semi tone.  Born on the Bayou was done very well, but the song itself is long and filled with tons of instrumental breaks.  That is likely the reason for the lower "expression" marks that you received.  Mark, great get-up for Is She Really Goin Out With Him!  The judges really liked that one.  Drive was done well, but again it would have a hard time competing with all the great upbeat songs that other people were doing.  Jill, glad that you showed up! Boom Boom Boom and Call Me were nicely done but it was your great stage movements and expression that had you higher up in the standings, so good on you!  Brittney, Since You've Been Gone was at about 99% until you hit the last thirty seconds of the song and it was then that you kind of lost the edge to your voice.  Life is a Highway, you nailed it.  Matt, great showing from you this week.  You're becoming more animated with every song that you sing.  You've been getting into the whole "performance" aspect of this a little more and it's starting to pay off for you.  Your voice sounds so similar to John Fogerty that if you ever decide to form a CCR cover band, you'll do fantastic at it!  Jordan, Mr Jones is a very tough song to sing just because of the weird phrasing throughout that song.  You got perfect marks vocally, as you should have.  Son of a Bitch, same story, perfect vocals.  Good idea to get the boys to help you out on that tune.  It was fun to watch and listen to.  Jay, it appears that the judges were entertained by you greatly, on your first tune.  However, the vocal marks weren't that great just because you missed a third of the song while you were dancing, lol.  Inside Out was better vocally, most definitely.  You certainly are a showman, I'll give you that!  Good work.  And, great work to everyone last night!  Thank you to Amanda and Travis for sitting in judgement!